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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Automation is the key to success these days for any sort for business. That is why almost every single retail business bank upon the POS system for performing tasks such as document sharing, report generation, and quick data analysis.

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When implemented diligently, enterprise-level POS software can optimize the payment process, make your business capable enough to accept multiple currencies and simplify the stock management process. However, some of the high-end POS for retail store are so complicated that users face a tough time to handle and operate them. Instead of making things better, they make them byzantine.

If you are also facing the same problem and looking for an easy-to-use pos for retail store then don’t lose hope. There are many options available that deliver at par performance without giving you headaches.

 List of Top POS for Retail Store

1. HDPOS smart

hdpos smart logoHDPOS smart is a leading online, on-premise POS platform that makes retail an easy job. It caters the need every retail business irrespective of the size and type. Its primary features can be stated as inventory management, invoicing and billing management, barcode printing, and tax management. It comes with customized billing facility that allows a user to alter, change, and delete any invoicing as per the need. It offers you well-integrated GST compliant solutions that help you function legally.

If you are a start-up then you can easily pick its cloud-based subscription which is cost-effective and easily accessible.

Major advantages

HDPOS smart is one such rare POS system that can handle multiple accounts books at different locations at the same time. Owing to this facility, it makes taxation and accounts of your retail business easy to handle. Another major benefit of HDPOS smart is that its pricing has been set per terminal. So, you can customize this Alternative POS System as per your business needs. No need to pay for features that you are not at all using.

2. Shopify POS

shopify logoShopify POS is a leading POS software that has been trusted by many small scale businesses. If you are an e-commerce business then Shopify POS is the best choice for you. Any user can build its very own online retail store by using this AI-driven POS software.

It makes running an online retail business a hassle-free task by doing automatic online discount codes, pricing change, and create secure payment gateways. One of the crucial factors that integrate the success of an online business is its credit-card friendly payment system. With Shopify, you can do it over a drop of the hat. The minimum learning curve of Shopify POS makes it a ready-to-use Pos system.

Online businesses need to market well and Shopify makes in-person, online and social media selling a hassle-free and productive process. You can market your products on Amazon and Pinterest sorts of social media platform at the same time. Its real-time browsing history lets you know the popularity of your products create customer discounts and disperse relevant discount coupons accordingly.

Major advantages

This Alternative POS System comes with mobile support that helps you to run your online retail business from your mobile phone only. In addition to this, one can avail its free trial facility to know its actual viability. In addition, it comes in multiple plans that are designed to suit all sorts of businesses.

3. Marg ERP9+

marg erp9+ logoMarg ERP9+ is an ideal POS platform for small business as it is easy-to-use and cost-effective. Its automatic GST portal transactions pushing facility make sure that you meet all your GST compliance. With its high-end and responsive an e-retail app, you can do an instant price comparison between multiple distributors and hire the best and cost-effective one.

As POS system comes in three different plans, one can pick as per its needs and requirements. You can easily vouch for its copy protection facility as it totally eliminates the possibility of data theft and identity stealing.

Major advantages

This POS software is a great help to generate post-dated cheques and advance check. In addition, the Alternative POS System offers you multiple location data-sync facility that brings all your business resources over a single platform.

4. UniCenta

unicenta logoWhat could be more blissful than having free POS for retail store? Yes, you heard it right. You can get high-end POS assistance totally on-the-house as well. UniCenta is one such open POS software that can assist you in everything and anything that falls in between stock management to billing management. You will get two sorts of retail screens: standard and specialist.

Major advantages

It is absolutely free of cost. Plus, it has a dedicated user community as well wherein you get real-time user reviews and help on various topics. For your further astonishment, it comes with 13 language support. So, no matter to which part of the world you belong, uniCenta has got your back.

5. Lightspeed

lightspeed logoLightspeed is an Online POS Software that comes with a pack of a well-integrated suite of retail POS features. By using it, you can easily take control over your multi-location store, do centralized reporting and can get inventory report in CSV or Excel file format. Catalogue integration to mail facility that Lightspeed offers helps a retailer to track the stock at any point of time. It makes creating a single purchase order for all your store location possible.

Major advantage

By using Lightspeed, you can build an EMV compatible payment system for your business.

Final words

There is no second opinion that POS systems have become the spine of any successful retail business. By reducing the human intrusion and bringing the power of POS system automation, they can save time, effort, and money. However, you can only weave the success if you can make the most out of your POS software. Buying one which is way more than complicated will only increase your burden.

All these POS for retail store can be handled very easily and help you perform your front desk and back-end POS operations excellently. So, choose your POS software wisely and don’t forget to avail the free-trial facility before making the final payments.

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