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Ceipal : No. 1 In Applicant Tracking Software

Recruitment is the key to a smart workforce in any organization. The overall process of inviting applications, selecting the most suitable candidate for the profile is known as recruitment. As the process requires much manual work and could be a tiring process, the jobs need to be automated. This not only saves time but also save resources and cost for the company. The recruitment tracker software does the screening of the applicants based on the pre-entered user criteria, keywords, and experience and shortlists the most suitable candidates for the listed profiles.

Following are a few of the top recruitment tracker software used to increase the efficiency of the organization, recruiters as well as job seekers.

List of Best Recruitment Tracker Software

1. Jobvite Hire

JobviteHire is a leading comprehensive recruiting platform, Jobvite applicant tracking software is well equipped with social recruiting capabilities and offers mobile-optimized sites that are easy to access and navigate over hand-held devices. The recruitment, sourcing, and onboarding of the candidate can be done over a single platform.

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  • Social recruiting
  • On-demand video screening
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Advanced analytics
  • Onboarding
  • Seamless integration with other apps


  • Browser glitches – does not support older versions of internet explorer
  • Less user-friendly interface


Jobvite has a different pricing model based on team size and company requirement. A demo can be requested by providing basic company details on the website and software can be bought further by analyzing the requirement.

2. Recruitment Tracker for HR

Recruitment Tracker is a template that can be used to update information on the recruitment process for each candidate under a differently listed job vacancy. It is an important tool for recruiters and is used frequently to update the information in real-time.


  • Multi-Functional
  • Daily task list maintenance
  • Ongoing Projects displayed on the dashboard
  • Real-time status
  • Flexibility in use
  • Keep in track important date records


  • Easy to implement in small teams but limitations for a large team size
  • Integration requires compatible applications


The requirements can be dropped via email or website and pricing details can be obtained on the basis of specific organization requirements.

3. Zoho Recruitment Tracker

Zoho provides an end-to-end solution even for the mass hirings, such as hiring from the campus. The app provides all the details about the candidate on the fingertips and engages potential employees with a user-friendly interface to keep them informed about the real-time status of the application. Also with differentiated functions, it accelerates the recruitment process.

Zoho Recruitment Tracker Software


  • Color-coded, calendar styled reports
  • Customized registration forms
  • Centralized database
  • Reminders and alerts setup
  • Configured to send personalized mailers
  • Can be integrated with other application


  • Poor search algorithm
  • Few Rigid functionalities


The prices vary from INR 400 to INR 1400 based on the available features in the package. INR 400 is the basic package that offers a database record space of 25,000 records.

Looking for Recruitment Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best recruitment software solutions.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a plug and play template designed to keep records and track the progress of your hiring process. It not only manages the budget and keeps candidate records but also facilitates communication with the team. Glassdoor recruitment tracker is a platform for professionals to showcase company culture and attract potential candidates to apply for the various profiles.


  • Easily respond to reviews
  • Access to brand and recruitment analytics
  • Remove competitors ads from your profile
  • Flexibility with the functionalities
  • Easy navigations to various tabs


  • HTML coded platform, which could be made look smoother
  • Picture picked from social media login cannot be changed


The free version is available for trial with limited functions being active. However, a full version can be bought contacting the sales team. A free demo will also be provided along with the paid version. The package can be customized as per the requirements. They have different sales segment for different size businesses, i.e., small business, medium business, and enterprise. This makes the buying process smooth and specific.

5. Tracker RMS

With immense database search speed, Tracker RMS is a recruitment software that ensures simultaneous searches against internal candidates without leaving the active window. It captures the full history of the applicant through a resume or the details provided by the user and maintains smooth job posting integration through a single interface. The availability of the mobile application makes it easier for the recruiter to access the information even remotely and ensures that the recruiter stays connected with the real-time information display.

Tracker RMS Recruitment Tracker Software


  • Easy Email Integration – To outlook and Gmail
  • Mobile Application availability
  • Candidate Management through a single dashboard
  • Real-time update
  • Centralized information storage
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Interview Management
  • Resume Parsing


  • Inability to integrate with LinkedIn
  • System Crashing
  • A bit sluggish system which makes it function slow


The tracker RMS is available starting from $59 per user/month for the base plan $89 per user/month for the premier plan. A customized plan can also be requested based on the particular requirements of the organization and the prices are calculated accordingly.

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet recruitment tracker shares a centralized HR resource for all the listed openings and tracks the associated applicants in a single sheet. Resume storage, interview records, feedbacks, and other details are all recorded and kept in a single place.

Smartsheet Recruitment Tracker Software


  • Automatic update requests
  • Secure permission controls
  • Mobile-friendly screen
  • Gantt view
  • Calendar View
  • Summary reports generation
  • Export, Email, and Print report


  • Complex Calendar sheet
  • Linking issues with lengthy sheets
  • Less robust conditional formatting as in excel


The standard package of smart sheet starts at $14 per month. More advanced version and customized packages can be created by contacting the support team and pricing is done accordingly.

7. The Applicant Manager

Streamline your applications and hiring process with the applicant manager. With the most friendly user interface, TAM integrates seamlessly with your brand and provides personalized support every time.


  • Mobile-Friendly interface
  • Customizable recruiting workflows
  • Easy report generation
  • Robust
  • Automatic posting on popular job platforms
  • Cloud-based applicant tracking software


  • Price is comparatively high
  • The color scheme of the workflow is a set gradient


With a high success rate among the users, TAM is available for the demo use before purchasing the full version. The full version can be bought with customized feature package and pricing is calculated accordingly.

With the above-listed features of the recruitment tracking software, it is important to analyze the organization’s requirements in detail before making the purchase decision.

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