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Last updated: March 5, 2021

Asset management is the key to get good returns on investment for companies across verticals. A systematic approach to it not only boosts the productivity of a company but also elevates the efficiency of its business activities. 

The modern approach to capturing and reading information of objects from tags involves the utilization of radio waves. Known as radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, it uses RFID asset tracking software to perform this task.

Read on to know more about this technology in detail and the top software options that are compatible with it.

RFID Asset Tracking System: What is it and how it works?

RFID is an advanced and up-to-date technology to capture the information on labels and tags. It consists of a reader that emits radio signals to the tags and reads the incoming signals that return from them.

Tags can either be active or passive by nature. In some cases, a tag can also be the intermediate option between active and passive tags. The technical word for it is a semi-passive tag. Both active and semi-passive tags possess a battery, whereas a passive tag relies solely on the reader to get powered.

Active tags have the highest capacity for sending radio signals. On average, it can send a radio signal between a range of 300 feet and 1500 feet. On the other hand, passive tags are capable of sending a signal only within the range of 20 to 30 feet from the source. These tags constitute a cost-effective alternative to active tags.

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In the past, Wi-Fi was used in conjunction with RFID technology to read the information on the labels’ surface. However, companies can also employ RFID based on IEEE 802.11 standards as an alternative to the active tags that use both Wi-Fi and RFID technology.

Companies choose an option out of these two choices based on needs and budget. Other factors that play an essential role in selecting these options include the ability to integrate and the security of information.

RFID technology has the edge over the traditional barcode technology on not just one but several fronts. These include the following:

  • RFID has a reading range of up to about 100 feet from the source, whereas barcode readers can read information only within the range of 20 feet from the source.
  • Based on the sophisticated data encryption technology, RFID tags are tailor-made to deter even the expert hackers from capturing confidential data and information.
  • RFID tracking technology has the capability of reading about hundreds of tags per second.
  • You can program RFID tags with specific data linked to each item that you wish to read, enhancing its capacity to read or write data.

Thus, more companies are investing in RFID asset tracking software than ever before.

RFID Asset Tracking Software for Businesses

Now that you know what RFID asset tracking software is all about, how it works, and how it gives an edge over a barcode reader, you need to know the top software options for data or asset tracking. 

Here’s a list of some such options

#1. WiseTrack

WiseTrack is a popular name across several sectors. From shipping to government education, it empowers different industries. Its versatility, coupled with its smart way of performing the assigned tasks, puts it right on top of the best RFID asset tracking software solutions.

The MySQL technology on which it is built makes it versatile and eliminates the security risks. As such, it constitutes the best option for startups, SMEs, and enterprises. 

WiseTrack RFID asset Tracking software


  • It allows users to monitor equipment and inventory in a hassle-free and straightforward way
  • Acts as a central source of all asset lifecycle details
  • It supports both Windows and Android 


  • Deployed on the premises and also on the cloud
  • It comes with monthly and yearly payment options which fit in for long-term and short-term company plans
  • It possesses a wide range of features to cater to the needs of companies that belong to different industries


  • It is not meant for agencies or freelancers
  • It is neither compatible with iOS nor Mac/Web App desktop platforms


The quote of WiseTrack is based on the plan a client chooses.

#2. EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory RFID asset Tracking software


  • It facilitates the quick verification of product-based information
  • It also has a mobile app that lets you scan the asset labels or even use third-party integration


  • Helps to perform a wide range of tasks such as check-outs, item verification, and more
  • Allows quick scanning of items and integration of third-party software
  • Capable of scanning even in harsh environment


  • Necessitates uploading files with a minimum size


Essential Package: $35/month
Advanced Package: $45/month
Premium Package: $50/ month

#3. RedBeam

RedBeam is an RFID asset tracking software that enables you to streamline physical inventories and take control of your organization’s valuable property. It is best suited for industries like education, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, and state, local, and federal government agencies. 


RedBeam RFID asset Tracking software


  • It acts as a central database for the complete life cycle of an asset
  • Offers a highly secure and flexible solution for tracking assets
  • Has a quite easy-to-use and intuitive interface


  • It lets you access the data from any device – Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
  • It increases accountability and saves you from paying for the assets you don’t possess any
  • Quite affordable as compared to other RFID Asset Tracking Software


  • The initial setup is quite hard and technical 


For PC based Setup: $695

#4. IntelliTrack 

IntelliTrack is a cloud-based enterprise solution that is built to scale as you grow. This RFID asset tracking software can provide deep insights into your needs, which allows you to make informed and smart business decisions.

IntelliTrack RFID asset Tracking software


  • Enables assignees to reconcile asset counts right on the handheld computer
  • Has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that scans assets in no time
  • Provides a detailed report on your asset life cycle


  • It is suitable for all business types and sizes
  • Maintains the real-time schedules of assets with the exact location
  • Gives access to the data from any device having an internet connection
  • Can track multiple orders at a time
  • The search widget of the software does not provide accurate results every time



#5. Virtual Asset Tracker

Virtual Asset Tracker is an RFID asset tracking software system designed by Radiant RFID. It offers a highly-advanced system that enables accurate location tracking and fast reporting. 

Virtual Asset Tracker is best suited for public agencies, educational institutions, and large corporations. It can be used to solve complex organizational challenges related to emergency management, IT asset management, RFID mustering, and education.

Radiant Virtual Asset Tracker RFID asset Tracking software


  • Easily integrates with popular ERP system and provides robust reporting and analytics
  • Supports both passive and active RFID tags
  • Compatible with fixed and mobile handheld RFID scanners and smartphones


  • Easy to use and have a configurable interface for convenient asset overview
  • Provides “last seen” location data for assets that increase accountability and reduce loss


  • Expensive in comparison to other RFID Asset Tracking Software


It is not specified. You need to contact the Virtual Asset Tracker team for its pricing.

#6. A2B Tracking

A2B Tracking is a secure cloud-based asset management system that enables you to track all your items. It incorporates RFID and advanced barcode tracking, improving the visibility of assets and inventory. 

Enterprises of all sizes use this RFID asset tracking software — small, medium, and large. In short, the system is highly scalable and flexible. 

A2B Tracking RFID asset Tracking software


  • You can connect the system with your smartphone to enable tracking
  • Easily import your inventory data from your existing system 
  • Ensures secure, continuous 24×7 hands-free monitoring of assets


  • Detects the location and direction of moving assets
  • Works best for government agencies and commercial businesses.


  • Does not support operating platforms like Windows, iOS, or Android. Works only on the web or cloud deployments



#7. AssetTrac

AssetTrac comes with a wide range of features such as easy configuration, third-party integrations, and more. It supports advanced workflows that are difficult to analyze or work with. Due to its versatile nature, it comes in handy across several verticals.

Its features are one of the most significant plus factors that motivate most companies to invest in this solution compared to its other alternatives.

AssetTrac RFID asset Tracking software


  • It supports both RFID and Barcode Technologies
  • It provides a warehouse management system option
  • The latest equipment tracking feature ensures the visibility of equipment working from remote positions 
  • Easy integration and configuration with other applications
  • Comes with easy deployment options
  • Applicable to various sectors


  •  It is expensive as compared to other options


  It is not specified. You need to contact the AssetTrac team for its pricing.

#8. Zebra

Serving the world with classic enterprise solutions for over 4 decades, Zebra is the pioneer of the RFID Asset Tracking Software Industry. It offers all the analytics, software, services, and a considerable set of hardware to connect people, assets, and data.

With its tailored specifications and features, it works best for all industries, including logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. 


  • Creates an intelligent connection between your people, assets, and data
  • Offers excellent visibility and control over assets to simplify operations
  • Comes with support for both RFID and barcode technologies
  • Custom solutions
  • Supports multiple devices
  • It is expensive as compared to other alternatives


  It is not specified. You need to contact the Zebra team for its pricing.

#9. SimplyRFID

SimplyRFID is the savior of small entrepreneurs. It saves them the time and hassle involved in shipments. Moreover, it assures small business owners that they would not miss any shipment.

If you have been looking for a solution within your budget, and help you track your assets at a quick pace, then SimplyRFID has got you covered. It works in conjunction with Google Wave.


  • Quick scanning of multiple items in lesser time with minimum efforts
  • Offers a handheld inventory with its mobile application Wave


  • Simplifies inventory management with the use of RFID technology
  • Helps with complex asset management
  • Tracks stock with a high level of accuracy or precision
  • Affordable


  • It takes time to locate SKU



#10. RFID 4U

In this digital age, every company needs a medium to overcome the challenges linked to asset tracking and inventory management based on RFID technology. RFID 4U promises to be a reliable option to meet this requirement.

RFID 4U has a wide range of intelligence solutions for the creation, management, and deployment of designs based on RFID technology. 

RFID 4U RFID asset Tracking software


  • It uses NFC, Barcode, and GPS technologies in conjunction with RFID technologies
  • It provides a wide range of solutions for tracking and managing assets


  • It is available on all major platforms
  • It offers training and consulting solutions to its clients


  • The clarity of the mobile version of the app needs improvement
  • It is prone to producing inaccurate results in time due to a quick reading of data on packages


It is not specified. You need to contact the RFID 4U team for its pricing.


ORBCOMM is the ready-to-go solution for connecting multiple devices over an extensive network. The default software solution of ORBCOMM Inc has features that make it a valuable asset to companies in different industries. These include oil and gas, heavy equipment, distribution, and transportation.


  • It helps with the run-time environment and online development solutions
  • Use both active and passive RFIDs along with GPS to track movements of assets
  • Provides mobile RFID readers to perform cycle counts in large inventories
  • Provides a map view of floor plans to find and locate the assets


  • It offers a quick and easy solution to the creation of applications
  • It integrates with third-party applications
  • It serves as a single-source solution for meeting several requirements under a single package
  • It is flexible and cost-effective
  • It offers automated solutions on a real-time basis


  • It necessitates knowledge for proper operation


It is not specified. You need to contact the ORBCOMM.Inc team for its pricing.

Final thoughts

Asset management is one of the core objectives of most business organizations across the globe for a reason. As the effective management of assets is of vital importance for attaining business targets, companies leave no stone unturned to have the best RFID asset tracking software option in place. 

Choosing one of the options mentioned above for tracking the assets can set any company on the part of growth and success.

Himanshu Singh is a Marketing Specialist at SoftwareSuggest, He is well versed in software platforms like eCommerce, project management, document management. He is also interested in domains like Machine Learning and Semiconductors. In his spare time, he enjoys Guitar, Badminton, and Photography.

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