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Last updated: February 22, 2021

Video conferencing tools make internet communication and collaboration practical and dependable. Online meetings and seminars are an appealing option for individuals and companies that want convenient and affordable ways to get their message across. The right video conferencing tools also add value to businesses by facilitating webinars, training programs, and technical support sessions. Learn about the top video conferencing software solutions that you can use to get better results in both your work and personal life.

1. MeetingBurner


Ideal for screen sharing and hosting online meetings and webinars, MeetingBurner works from within a Web browser, making it simple to use from anywhere you can connect your computer or device to the Internet.

The service includes conference lines, Skype integration, and options to record and share your meetings, so you can extend and repurpose the content produced using the site. Built-in analytics features help you monitor the effectiveness of your sessions.

MeetingBurner has several price levels available, including Free, Pro, and Premier, so you can find the perfect way to fit it into your business. The free version of this video conferencing software lets you host meetings with as many as ten attendees, but it doesn’t let you record your events. With MeetingBurner Pro, you can record your meetings and have as many as fifty participants. With Premier, you can record your presentations in advance and play them later, letting viewers see them as though they were watching a live event.



With you can conduct teleconferences, online conferences, lunch meetings, and business meetings. The service integrates calls from Skype, Lync, and Google Hangouts, provides full calendar support and lets you choose between public or private events. With this video conferencing tool, you can edit documents in real time without relying on emailed or downloaded files. also connects to your address book, speeding the process of inviting participants. You can hold meetings using either the browser-based version or native apps. The basic version is free and the Pro version permits an unlimited number of participants.

3. WebEx


When you host a meeting on WebEx using a free account, you can have as many as three participants.

The account includes a host license, desktop and document tools and VoIP audio connections. Within the application, you can share a whiteboard and 250 megabytes of storage using standard video quality.

You can opt to buy paid plans starting at $24 per month that allow as many as 100 participants in each meeting. You can also try a free two-week trial of the Premium 25 plan to see what else WebEx can do for you. After your trial, you can choose to continue using a different plan or revert to the free version. The paid plans let you conference with as many as seven video feeds, share applications and screens, and record audio and video feeds from meetings.

4. GoToMeeting


GoToMeeting boost your meetings with drawings, screen sharing, and many other tools. It supports Mac, PC, Linux, Chromebooks, and mobile devices. The service also provides email, instant messaging tools, and integration with Microsoft Office.

You can meet with employees, teams, clients and anyone else as often as you need, reducing travel expenses and increasing the quality of your communications. Just as all the tools mentioned, GoToMeeting is a perfect solution to stay connected with remote workers.

GoToMeeting has four pricing plans that range from free to $49 per month. One of the most attractive subscription options for small business costs $29 per month.

5. Click Meeting

Click Meeting

You can use any browser to connect to Click Meeting via telephone or VoIP for instant voice or “face-to-face” online meetings. The app gives you tools to customize your meeting room by adding your logo, graphics, and colors. You can use a drawing tool to facilitate your presentations and share either all or part of your computer desktop with participants.

Click Meeting also offers a moderated chat capability for question-and-answer sessions and private discussions with attendees. With a single click, you can instantly translate your chat conversations with Google Translate. The ClickMeeting API can connect your apps, CRM, and CMS to optimize the results from your meetings.

Pricing for Click Meeting starts at $26.50 monthly for a plan that supports as many as 25 users and two hours of recording. Other options include subscriptions that support 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 users. The most expensive plan, the 1,000-attendees package, costs $238 monthly and supports ten hours of recording and four presenters.

Final Word

Video conferencing solutions increase your ability to bring people from different locations together for collaboration, training, support, and other purposes. Although services seem to offer many similarities, they provide some different features, including various audience sizes, that appeal to different user types.

Try one or more of the above video conferencing software to discover how better communication and collaboration can improve your life and career.

Jill Phillips is a freelance writer and content manager at assignyourwriter from Buffalo, NY. She is an aspiring entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, who loves to share her insight on various topics. Connect with Jill via Twitter @jillphlps.

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