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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Most of the businesses these days are running on online platforms. The market strewn business has now found a way through the doorway into our homes and everything is available as you open your computer. And for small and growing businesses, we are talking of making a mark in the online and social network.

For running a successful business via a business website, the first thing you should be looking for should be a good hosting service provider. That will decide how long and efficiently your website is going to run. The worst mistake that you can do for your business would be to take a random hosting company and not get what you are looking for.

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This article on “Reckontalk” underlines the importance of web hosting companies, so here is our guide to the best web hosting providers.

Technical Specifications of Web Hosting Service Providers

  • Evaluating Bandwidth and disk space is a priority. If your business demands that you need a lot of graphics, pages and graphic material on the website, it is necessary to have a decent amount of bandwidth and disk space. You get unlimited plans for them because you don’t want your potential customers having to wait forever when they are logging on to your website.
  • Reliability and availability are the most important characteristics. Most of the hosting service providers do mention availability of 98 or 99 percent most of the time. This is also referred to as the “uptime”. Availability determines that your website is not crashing most of the times and that you can rely on it always.
  • Security is foremost and important. When you choose your service provider, ensure that the basic security is available like firewalls, back-ups, and user authentication. It will be good to know that there are alerts and notifications so that you are aware of any suspicious or malicious activity being done on your system.

Value for Money

  • Don’t stick to selecting a hosting provider strictly based on the price. You might need to leave a little room in that department because if you are planning on expanding your business then there are chances you might need to upgrade the plans. Not to mention, if you decide to switch your service provider for another service provider, it is a real-time hassle.
  • It is always good to go for plans that are scalable or can be easily upgraded. At least, when you want to expand, you are not in a dilemma or lose the service quality because of the pricing fundamentals.

Customer Service

  • Always go for those service providers in the market who have a good track for providing online and customer support. Most reliable ones provide support online through chat, over phone and email.
  • Review policies should also include that there is clear money-back if you are not happy with the service they have provided. Check on online forums regarding the service providers who have an active Customer Service Center and other businesses have benefitted or got their issues sorted with their help.

11 Best Web Hosting Service Providers

1. Bluehost – Best Uptime


  • Great review with 16-month uptime and speed is strong with 99.99% availability and 0.41ms respectively
  • Three-year introductory price includes domain name, website builder, and one-click WordPress, Joomla, Drupal installation
  • 30-Day money back guarantee
  • Built-in admin panel (cPanel) for easy setup and website management
  • SSL certificate is included free on all plans

2. HostGator – Unlimited Hosting


  • Offers unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and email accounts
  • Free site migration from another host
  • 16-month uptime and 432 ms load
  • Fastest hosting and good for WordPress based sites
  • Fast and efficient customer service

3. Hostinger – Lowest Pricing


  • Lowest pricing with 0.50$ per month for 48 months
  • Data centers across all 7 continents
  • Have an uptime of 99.91% which is fairly okay
  • Average load time is 0.37 ms
  • Bandwidth and databases are unlimited for all plans except Single Web Hosting
  • Additional charge for Support and SSL Certificate is there
  • 30-Day Moneyback guarantee

4. SiteGround – Best for WordPress


  • Introductory rate of 3.95 $/month and renewal of 11.95 $/month
  • Free SSL Certificates, site migration, CDN, email accounts and daily back-ups
  • Most Impressive WordPress features and cPanel
  • Not fast enough speed of 713 ms
  • The good part – Have data centers across Europe, US, and Asia

5. GoDaddy – Top in popularity


  • Well-known domain registrar and hosting provider
  • Page loading is 500ms however, uptime is only 99.97%
  • Their offer – 99.99% uptime, 100 GB Web storage, unmetered bandwidth
  • Free Trial for a website builder
  • Extra Charge for site backups, SSL, email accounts
  • Not great Customer Service team or extra features

6. WebHostingBuzz – Small and Reliable


  • Specialized in UK Web hosting market
  • More than 250+ server locations worldwide, site load is 474 ms and 99.98% uptime
  • Best Customer Service Provider with least waiting time
  • 45-Day Moneyback guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth, 20 GB disk space, free site migrations
  • Domain at 4.99 $/mo

7. A2 – Fastest Shared Web Host


  • Fastest web host in the market
  • Have an average load time of 336 ms over 16 months
  • All plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage, responsive customer support, SSL certificate, site migration, and domain name
  • Lower uptime with only 99.92% availability
  • Few restrictions like one-website limit, five database limit, excluding add on domains and WordPress cache limitations

8. iPage – Best for small business


  • The affordable pricing of 1.99 $/mo for the first three years and then 7.99 $/mo
  • Speed of only 787 ms
  • Uptime of 99.97% 
  • Free chat and support of 24-hours, unlimited bandwidth, storage and domain names, free SSL certificate and email address
  • Extra charges of 17 $/year for a domain name, 150 $/year for every site transfer
  • No cPanel is offered and, bandwidth and storage are not very impressive

9. Dreamhost – Developer Friendly


  • Has active 400,000 customers and 1.5 million websites
  • Prices start with 2.59 $/mo
  • 99.96% uptime and load time of 719 ms
  • 97-Day Moneyback guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No Customer Support or cPanel (they do have their custom-made cPanel though)

10. GreenGeeks – Eco-Friendly Web Hosting


  • Fast and reliable with 99.95 %uptime and 493 ms load time
  • Quality Customer Support, environmentally friendly practices – are making GreenGeeks personal favourites
  • Eco-Starter prices include unlimited bandwidth, storage and email accounts, free SSL certificate, the domain name (13.95 $/year after 1st year) and free website migration 
  • Support is available through live chat, email, and phone
  • 9.95 $/mo renewal rates, limited data centres, and refund policy glitches are points to be thought of

11. CloudwaysManaged Cloud Hosting


  • Choice of 5 IaaS providers
  • Support for all PHP apps
  • Innovative, streamlined control panel
  • Pricing starting from $10/mo
  • Tailored for online stores
  • Global CDN service
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