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Possible Work : No. 1 In Performance Management Software

Talented and skilled employees are the lifeline of every organization. It would be a little heartbreaking when one of your employees leaves in a very short time.The major reason behind shorter employee retention period is the majority of times the employees don’t feel they are appreciated enough, aren’t getting proper feedbacks on their work, their work rating is not satisfactory which ultimately affects their salaries. Overcome this type of difficulties via performance management software.

It is rightly said “Hiring is still easy but retaining is difficult”, as it requires cooperation from both the employee and employer.

According to a study by CEB, performance in organizations drop by around 10% when ratings are removed, but ongoing performance feedback improves employee performance by up to 12%. To achieve such results, it is advisable for companies to use performance management system.

How can employee performance management be vital for employee and employer?

For many years we were living under a delusion that performance management is something that can be done once or maximum twice a year and that too by your immediate supervisors and HR, but it’s much more than that. With Online Performance Management, Employee and Employer communication can be tracked and documented on a daily basis.This can be done by automating the performance processes through email, document routing, or dedicated workflow capabilities etc.This is not done with an intention to spy on the employees, but instead, doing this will make performance tracking more agile and responsive.

In a working environment, things keep changing on a daily basis. As a result, goals, and requirements change accordingly. These are not like seasons that change quarterly. Tools and dashboards make it easy for managers and HR through HR software to evaluate the employees based on their skills knowledge, intelligence, needs. It also makes it easy for them to spot areas of improvement and sections of the workforce where fresh recruitment is required.

Evaluating employees on a daily basis is vital for employees themselves. They can identify their weaknesses, track where they are lacking, what needs to be improved etc.

Benefits of using Performance Management System

  • Transparent Goal Assignment

Many times the employees are not even aware of what is expected out of them. If they don’t know what their goals are, it will be difficult for them to accomplish those goals. Performance Management Software helps build this transparency by making goals visible to the employees from the beginning itself. Employees get a chance to understand how they are evaluated and where they need to improve so that maximum productivity can be obtained. Even managers can immediately look out for gaps and provide valuable feedback to their employees which can help them work better.

  • Access to real-time information

Evaluating employee performance using traditional paper-based document is cumbersome and time-consuming and above all, it doesn’t even provide real-time data.

However modern performance management tools are equipped with recent technologies to provide real-time information. They also provide historical data which is compared to see if performance levels have increased, decreased or remained consistent.

Real-time tracking of data also helps you know which employees are proving to be most and least productive.

  • Increased efficiency with reduced efforts

When the organization is huge, paper-based systems don’t really work. As the business keeps on expanding, keeping paper-based records becomes cumbersome. A large number of forms have to be filled manually. Adopting Payroll Management Software can help maintain consistency in the organization with increased efficiency and reduced efforts.

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Basic Features of Performance Management software

When you are looking for a Performance Management software, there are certain features that the software should offer irrespective of the size and number of employees in the organization.

  • Goal setting

The tool should be equipped with systems that should be able to set long and short-term goals for employees, track those goals, provide a way to track managers feedback and document any training sessions conducted or attended. This way your employees will be motivated and will gain a sense of responsibility when there is someone above them who is keeping a track of what they are doing and what not.

  • Dashboard

The Performance Management System should be equipped with Dashboards which will help managers get the employee performance details at a glance. They should provide the complete data about the employee’s performance in the past as well as in real-time.

employee performance

  • Reviews

The review feature allows rating an employee’s performance on the basis of factors like business etiquettes, attitude, attendance, leadership, etc. You can also create customized questions relevant to your company profile.

Factors you should consider before buying a Software Management Software

Buying a performance management software is not as simple as you might think. It is not something you will buy and return if it doesn’t fit your needs. There should be the following things on your checklist when you have decided to get yourself a performance Management tool.

  • Identify the goals

You will have to figure out what was not working for you in the past and how buying a particular performance management tool in your final list will do to overcome that problem. You have to be very sure about the functionalities you are expecting from your new software

  • Check the vendor and software

Ask your vendor to give you a demo of the performance management software. This is very important as the majority of people from your team are going to use it. It should be less confusing and more user-friendly. Ask for testimonials provided by its previous clients. Also, make sure they have a customer support team to help you out whenever required because it is possible that your team may get flooded with queries while using it. Also, check it for browser compatibility.

  • Make sure you convince Top management officials of the company

Top management people are the ones who will finance the software. It is very important that you organize a demo for them. You can also tell them about the ROI after implementation of the software.

Bottom Line

The organization should take a look at their performance Management system and fill the gaps in the system for a longer retention period of their employees. Better late than never! It is time to ask questions, get answers, give reviews and take actions.

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