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A cell phone tracking app is a software application that can be used by employers to monitor their employees’ cell phones. This can be done by getting the app installed in the employees’ personal smartphones. Using a phone tracking app, it is easy for employers to track their employees’ activities. This is critical when, as an employer, you suspect an employee or employees leaking confidential information to unauthorized third parties.

In the United States, an employer may track their employees if they wish to. They can do this by tracking their cell phones with the help of GPS. The employer can do this if the phone used by the employee is owned by the company.

Here, we are going to discuss what you need to do to monitor your employees using Hoverwatch tracker for phones.

Features of Employee’s Cell Phone Tracking App

  • Tracking Employees Legally

As an employer, you can track your employees in a legal way. That is, as long as you do it for a legitimate purpose. However, you are not permitted by law to install tracking by GPS device or another device in the employees’ vehicle without their consent.

Tracking Employees Legally

  • Learn the general law

You are not going to violate the law when you track the vehicle given by you to your employee. However, you cannot deploy a GPS tracking device in employees’ own vehicles.

  • Obtain your employees’ consent

To enable tracking, you must get the employee’s consent in writing as per the law.

  • Draft a privacy policy

It is important to have a separate privacy policy for your company. This will help enhance transparency and reinforce trust between you and your employees. Having a privacy policy will also make everything clear without leaving any ambiguity with respect to employee or employer way of doing things.

  • Meet with your business lawyer

Dealing with all the sorts of laws is cumbersome for you unless you are a professional who is competent in dealing with business law. Yet, you may not be able to handle it. Instead, the sensible thing is to hire a business lawyer for the purpose. They will help you by drafting a suitable privacy policy and other legal documents that are required for monitoring your employees.

  • Buying Tracking Apps

Today, there are several cell phone tracking apps available in the market. Therefore, it makes sense do a little research with regard to your need. Though there are many popular tracking apps, we will focus on Hoverwatch in this article.

  • Buying an application Hoverwatch

An employer planning to track the employees can consider investing in Hoverwatch. Likewise, employees can also use the program to exactly how tracking apps are being used within and beyond the premises of the company.

  • Give your employees a phone with the application pre-installed. This is the best option you can opt for because there might be legal consequences otherwise.
  • On the other hand, if you get your employees’ phones downloaded with the app, they may bring up legal issues. To avoid such hassles, you can give the employee with the cell phone tracking app installed.
  • Log into the browser page

It’s important to know that the employer should be able to track employees from anywhere whether it is home or from office. To be able to do this, you have to log in to the browser page. This will make it easy for you to track the location of the cell phone. For each employee, it is possible to track them and create a report.

  • Monitoring Employee Communications

Communication is the most effective way to get an impression on any situation. Therefore, it is important to monitor employee communication which is an important function of the cell phone tracking app.

Monitoring Employee Communications

  • Monitor only equipment you own

While it is completely legal to track to track your employees’ communication, you are not authorized to open their emails etc. in the device. You just can monitor the location of the device.

On the other hand, if the employee uses the device wasting time instead of focusing on work, you can take punitive measures against the employee.

  • Learn your state law

State laws are more supportive for employees than Federal laws. It is, therefore, important that you be familiar with state laws with regard to monitoring employees. The best thing is to consult a professional business lawyer.

  • Avoid reading private emails on private accounts

You are not supposed to read emails on the private accounts on the device that you are monitoring.

You can just monitor the location of the device and not the content – emails and other things.
Significantly, while you are monitoring the conversation, users should be aware of it. It should be known to them via the device alerts.

  • Stop monitoring a call you know is personal

While you are monitoring an employee’s conversation on phone and you come to know that the conversation is private you should stop monitoring if it is as per the rules under federal law.

The best thing is to tell your employees to not to use the phone for personal phone calls. It should be used only for conversation related to work. This will prevent needless monitoring of private conversations.

Stop monitoring a call you know is personal

  • Make the terms and conditions clear to your employees

It is important to make it clear to your employees that they cannot be excluded from being monitored by the company. Thus, their emails or cell phones may be tracked as and when needed as per the rules of your company.

While this is general, it doesn’t mean that all employees’ emails and phones are monitored. However, you should make it clear that monitoring may happen at any time for any employee.

Further, if you assure your employees that you are not going to monitor their email or phone calls, you are required to keep the promises as you made in words and true spirit while using a Hoverwatch cell phone tracking app.

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