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Last updated: August 9, 2021

Did you know that customers spend over 80% of mobile device time on apps? Mobile marketing is the new future!

A mobile marketing tool that can help you surge ahead of business rivals and gain an instant headstart! It is the best way for marketers to get actionable information by studying customer attribution across various platforms. 

Wondering what’s the main idea behind mobile marketing software? Well, it’s an integrated platform used to monitor and analyze a campaign’s data touchpoints – number of leads, clicks, conversions, and bounce rates.

If your business is looking to measure marketing performance, nothing better than focusing on mobile apps. With mobile application usage on the rise, investing in all-inclusive mobile marketing platforms can help you analyze real-time data to give deep insights into customer behavior. 

There are tons of software available in the market, and it does get overwhelming to make an informed decision. Today we get the spotlight on Trackier MMP- an all-inclusive mobile marketing platform that has top-notch analytical capabilities and functionality. Let’s find out more about this revolutionary mobile marketing solution.

Introduction To Trackier

Trackier was conceptualized to empower performance networks to boost return on investment and solve critical marketing challenges. The company partners with business leaders worldwide to help them make quality data-driven decisions. It is an integrated tool that enables users to create, automate, measure, and optimize marketing campaigns, publishers, creatives, advertisers, and conversions in one place.

A trusted and credible service provider, Trackier has partnered with 700+ brands across 45 countries. The company’s main vision is to empower mobile marketers with useful affiliate features, advanced reports, and happier performance networks. It delivers a quick partner integration, easy cost management, and hardly takes fifteen minutes to make any campaign live!

With Trackier, you get all that you need to handle mobile marketing in one unified platform. A user-friendly interface and fast learning curve make it a must-have business tool to improve revenues. Trackier provides comprehensive support for all partners, agencies, and clients to provide an excellent user experience. Let’s dive deeper and have a look at some of the key features of this one-stop mobile marketing platform.

Main Features Of Trackier MMP

Trackier MMP is a robust system with a plethora of features that facilitate mobile attribution. Simply put, attribution is how marketers analyze the journey undertaken by a user to reach their mobile app and what actions they take on it. 

Tracking more than 5 billion clicks daily, Trackier MMP specializes in usage analytics for hand-held devices. With Trackier’s well orchestrated mobile attribution software development kit (SDK), you can easily:

  • Track mobile application installations so that users get real-time data on non-organic app installs from all marketing channels or affiliates.
  • Attribute credit values and spends to various sources accurately.
  • Track data on unique devices and non organic app installs from various marketing channels.
  • Monitor the uninstall and retention rate of all sources.
  • Ensure seamless fraud detection through in-house tools.

A highly scalable platform, Trackier mobile marketing software is used by ad networks, agencies, and advertisers to manage marketing communication optimization. Here are some of its major advantageous features:

1. Fraud Detection Report

Do you know that different types of fraudulent activities are responsible for wasting billions of dollars in marketing budgets worldwide?

Marketers need to have a stringent fraud prevention strategy to cut down losses and secure data in their mobile app. With Trackier’s fraud detection module, you can identify sophisticated types of mobile fraud instantly. It uses a powerful combination of big data, real-time machine learning, and artificial intelligence-enabled technologies to spot any vulnerabilities that will allow frauds.

A common type of fraud, click redirection, is a process where publishers run a script that causes the first click on their site to load a third-party page. With Trackier MMP, users can avoid all types of click frauds that include forced clicks, click flooding, and click hijacking.

Trackier MMP utilizes unique fraud detection technology to get fraud clicks and conversion rates directly into your daily reports. This gives complete operational visibility to organizational stakeholders to ensure compliance and take proactive action. Trackier’s fraud detection capabilities include monitoring:

  • SDK Spoofing
  • Click Redirection
  • Forced Clicks
  • Click Flooding
  • Click Hijacking
  • Install Hijacking
  • Install Fraud From New Devices

2. Smart Optimization

Undoubtedly, optimizing marketing campaigns is crucial to evaluate the click-to-conversion ratio. This enables marketers to block sources that are not justifying the budgetary spend and bringing the desired traffic. With Trackier MMP, users can customize their optimization rules according to market requirements and strategies. 

The smart optimization feature is highly advanced in Trackier MMP. It allows you to automate alerting a specific publisher and blocking them if there is no traffic generation according to the set rules. Users can easily view key performance indicators to know various metrics and analyze them effectively. 

3. Marketing Analytics

With Trackier MMP’s advanced marketing analytics capabilities, you can study key metrics to get to know the exact return on investment of marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing analytics will help you optimize campaigns through real-time data and improve performance for higher conversions. As a result, you get to view the big picture and can identify the latest trends easily.

4. DashBoard

Trackier MMP has an advanced visual dashboard that displays the overall clicks to installs, touchpoints, installs, and revenue generated by a mobile application. Users can view a daily breakdown of media sources both organic and demo partners, along with the detailed geographical distribution. This helps marketing managers get a bird’s eye view of important parameters so that they can understand the mobile attribution better and take informed business decisions.

Trackier Dashboard

5. Reporting

There is no doubt that reporting is one of the most well-developed features of Trackier MMP. Users can measure critical performance parameters with its advanced reporting capabilities. 

Custom reporting options with integration with all major data analytics platforms make it easy for marketers to understand campaign figures effectively and gain insights. Some of the main types of reports that you can create with Trackier MMP include:

  • Daily Reports

With the daily reports, users can view the number of clicks, installs, and revenues generated per session. This helps to get all the accurate cross spend ad data in one place so that users can access it without any hassles.         

Trackier Activity Reports

  • Partner Reports

When an app owner is working with various partners such as FaceBook or any advertising agency, they can view the partner report to drill down and get details. Users can view the number of installs, events, and clicks to know the parner performance over a period of time.

  • Event Reports

Mobile app owners can create various events with Trackier MMP such as number of app installs or when someone adds money in the app wallet. The event report allows you to view the event ID, name, and how much revenue has been generated through a specific event. It gives an overview of the different events that are actually happening in the mobile application.

Trackier Event Reports

  • Activity Reports

Users can get an overview of all the mobile app activity through activity reports. They can view the trends such as average active users, total sessions, and installs through a detailed activity table. 

  • Cost Reporting

The cost reporting displays the revenues on a partner or event basis for better visibility.Hence, each and every activity that is created and all the funnels that generate revenue reflect in cost reporting.

6. App Settings

Trackier MMP allows users to customize app settings for Android or iOS devices. You can set up various validation rules based on in-app events, traffic sources and other variable conditions. These can be customized to easily manage the conversions occurring in your app.

7. Integrations

To integrate with Trackier MMP, a partner needs to sign up on the platform and then it will be visible on the integrations tab. Integrated agencies are for partners (For example: Myntra) that want to outsource their entire mobile attribution tracking to Trackier MMP.

Users can add agencies and search them easily on the integrations module. SDK integration allows you to enter a code to download it from the playstore and track the performance metrics. The best part is that Trackier MMP gets integrations live in fifteen minutes, making the entire process speedy and convenient.

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for robust mobile marketing management software to monitor mobile attribution performance metrics, end your search at Trackier MMP. It tracks more than 5 billion clicks daily and is an established leader in mobile marketing.

Don’t think twice and go ahead with Trackier MMP – here’s why this is the best mobile marketing platform:

  • Get updated marketing performance metrics from all channels.
  • Top privacy and security features for client data.
  • User-friendly interface to track mobile attribution metrics easily.
  • Comprehensive customer support to ease out the implementation process.
  • Reporting on the panel for quick optimization.
  • Best support for all clients, agencies, and partners.

High scalability and complete customization make Trackier MMP a perfect choice to manage advertisers, publishers, and campaigns effectively. It has an intuitive user interface that is highly navigable and easy to understand. Customer support is never a problem with Trackier MMP – they provide round-the-clock support to resolve user issues and provide a stellar experience.  

Increase the return on investment of your mobile marketing with Trackier MMP. It empowers you to track mobile attribution metrics for effective conversions to improve performance. A must-have business tool for marketers, Trackier MMP can help organizations improve bottom-line results and achieve strategic goals much faster!

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