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Last updated: September 13, 2019

Trackier, a Smart Performance Marketing Software, works towards solving marketer’s most critical problems. With two offices in India and a global office in the US, Trackier is serving its customers in more than 25 countries. 200+ top-notch performance networks leverage Trackier to create their own ad-network.

In conversation with Faizan Ayubi, CEO and co-founder of Trackier

What motivated you to develop Trackier?

While closely working with many of our colleagues from Ad Network, I saw that there were many technical challenges which companies were facing while starting and scaling their performance marketing campaigns. Some of these were Conversion Fraud, Correct Source Attribution, and Managing Partners efficiently. While there existed platforms for solving the problem, but we thought tackling those problems differently, and thus Trackier came into existence with a vision to be the best performance marketing software in the world.

The Management of Trackier consists of me (Faizan Ayubi CEO), Udit Verma (CMO), and Hemant  Mann (CTO).

What is the most crucial thing you are working on right now, and how do you plan on achieving it?

We are working on Machine Learning Algorithm to split traffic based on user behavior, interests, and semantic relatedness to achieve higher conversion rates for performance marketing campaigns while also enabling our customers to optimize and distribute campaigns among various sources pragmatically. We plan to study 40 billion visitor clicks on various campaigns and derive an algorithm for optimizing campaigns and automating performance marketing. Apart from this, we are also working on expansion in the global market. Expanding business overseas takes a lot of pain in reaching new clients or customers and potentially boosting profits, but at the same time, there are a lot of challenges and investment that you need to put in along with the right strategy. If your goal is to compete globally, you must have a team that is up to the task. A fundamental consideration is the structure of the organization and the location of the teams, therefore, we are working on expanding the team globally in Europe and Russia right now.

How do you drive innovation and new product cycles?

Innovation is a critical source of competitive advantage for businesses in virtually every industry and environment. We follow the lean model, and we have built our product around it. Before developing any customization or feature in our product, we ask a question to ourselves whether this will add value to our customers and help us be the best performance marketing software in the world. If the answer is yes, then we build it. Any support ticket generated is deeply studied on what caused the customer to ask that particular question and how can we fix that problem for them permanently, of course, that has to be related to performance marketing. For us here at Trackier, being a growing SaaS company – Innovation and Product modification is an engine that is driving us. And for us, the goal of Technology is to help you get the most ROI out of your campaigns. Studies said that 60% of marketers suffer from tracking the ROI’s. With Trackier, we helped Marketers with Demonstrating ROI for their online marketing activities. 

What does the work culture mean to you? How do you ensure this culture is maintained with everyone at the company?

At CloudStuff, everyone is committed to our vision of making Trackier the best performance marketing software in the world and creating impressive products for the Indian IT sector (AdTech). At CloudStuff, we only recruit people who believe in our vision. We trust our employees to make every effort at work Unlike most companies, CloudStuff does not measure employees’ efforts based on the number of hours worked or when they started working, but rather depending on the final product they deliver. In turn, employees like this feeling of trust and flexibility. We keep the culture alive because people know where their business is going and want to understand their role. This is where transparency comes in. In my opinion, the workplace should not be something that people fear every day. Employees should be eager to go to work. Jobs should not cause stress to employees. Although the work can be difficult at times, as we are a group of young people who have the vision to make Trackier the best performance marketing software in the world, we make sure we do everything we need to meet the deadlines and for the work to be done.

What’s the hardest decision you’ve made so far?

The hardest decision we’ve made so far would be the rebranding of our product from vNative to Trackier. The process of finding a new name and building a new identity is long, complicated, and uncertain. We did this rebranding in February 2019. Our name was confusing for quite a few of our first-time visitors. When they first arrive on our website, a lot of the users I meet during our test sessions think that we are a Native ads network. Our name really makes it hard for us to explain that we are Tech company and our product provide performance tracking for their CPA, CPI, CPS campaigns and smoothly manage their affiliates.

What is your vision for Trackier?

To build the best performance marketing software in the World and develop long-term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Tell us about the highs and lows you experienced at Trackier

In the initial days of the Trackier, scaling was always a problem since it was a completely new industry that we entered and it was a challenge to build and scale an entirely new product. We were just three guys with a vision to solve problems faced by Ad Networks, Agencies, and Advertisers for Performance-based campaigns, being a small team we always had the vision, but the path that we had to take was somewhat not very clear. Therefore, we consulted a lot of seniors and mentors, and all the credit goes to those mentors who stood by our side at that time and helped us show the right path. And, it feels good now for whatever we have achieved till now, and we are growing every day keeping the focus in our mind.

How would you describe your approach to leadership and management?

I try to make sure everyone on the team knows what they need to know to make sure the room is right for them. I also put the task and the results before doing things my way so that everyone is comfortable presenting their ideas in their own style – and I encourage people to discuss until an agreement or a decision is simply necessary. Timeliness is the most important factor that I think should be respected regardless of your profession, as it maintains discipline among team members.

Any words of wisdom you would give to an entrepreneur who is just starting?

For a young budding entrepreneur, my only advice would be to stick to your goals no matter what roadblocks come to your path. To reach your mark, you have to struggle in life but one shouldn’t lose its focus and should be consistent enough with the hard work and success will be yours.

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