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Last updated: August 28, 2019

The hype in digital marketing has transformed the advertising world to a striking extent. Most of the advertising representatives establish various objectives before initiating the campaign. These goals could be increasing website traffic, acquiring leads, and maximizing conversions. Performance marketing is imperative compared to traditional marketing where the marketers paid upfront campaign cost regardless of the output.

Unlike orthodox advertising, performance marketing enables you to run digital campaigns on social websites and pay only for clicks. As a marketer, leveraging performance marketing software will help you to ascertain your goals at the beginning and assign a standard rate per result.

Introduction to Trackier

Trackier is a thriving performance marketing software for advertising networks and agencies to track, analyze, and optimize several campaigns. It entitles the performance network to maximize the return on investment and resolve the complications encountered by the marketers. Numerous leaders and organizations around the globe have acclaimed Trackier as capable software because of its decisive essence, smarter affiliate features, and detailed reporting facet.

Trackier is proficient at tracking and processing 20+ billion events per month for the customers. It is even conferred with ‘Expert’s Choice 2019 award’, ‘Great User Experience 2019 award’, and ‘Supreme Software 2019 award’.

Having said that, this software, equipped with high-end features, caters to business needs, and attains advancement in the performance marketing sector. The scalability and efficacy proffered by the software have enticed countless big scale networks and new affiliates to monitor campaigns, and partners at an extensive scale. 200+ top performance networks have chosen Trackier because of its robust architecture. Its customer base extends to 25+ countries with global offices situated in India and the US. 

Let’s mull over the modules & various functionalities provided by Trackier.

In-Depth Analysis of Modules of Trackier

Trackier has an intuitive and insightful dashboard panel to track the performance of the ads running in the market. It enables you to conduct performance monitoring on various social platforms or traffic sources like Google, Facebook, Email Marketing, or Organic Traffic. The statistical data or graph presented by the software illustrates the daily performance of the live ads. 


There are different fields present on the dashboard, like clicks on the ads, conversions, impressions, payout to the publishers, profit produces, and revenue generated. Embedding these fields in the panel gives you an accurate preview of the daily activities carried out in the marketing sector. The hourly data feature entertained by the software creates a detailed report of the campaign on an hourly basis. 

  • Payout Tier and Template

Payout Tiers helps you to set up different payout strategy for your publisher. In this section, the performance of the publisher is the fundamental criteria to decide the payout. Significantly, it is an astute approach than setting a custom payout for every publisher, especially if a different publisher has an identical payout for the offers.

It is an ideal approach for organizations that believe in highly efficient data-driven results. Consequently, it will ensure that top-performing publishers get a higher payout per conversion than the standard rates established. 

Trackier helps you to group publisher payout template based on publisher’s geo and goal with which you can call in the offer directly to save time. 


  • Smart Link

With this feature, you can create a single link for multiple offers and divert traffic to these offers accordingly. It assures that every click gets monetized and none gets lost because of filtering. Creating a smart link is straightforward and quick.

In three simple steps, you can generate a smart link. You can even monitor smart link performance in the Report and check how much traffic generated on the offer due to the smart link. Another significance of this feature is that smart link redirects click to the potential target offer that comprises in the smart link, based on Geo, device, OS, city, etc.


  • Fraud tool

This tool helps you to create different rules that will negate the conversions coming as a fraud. There are various parameters that you can equip to check the fraudulent. These parameters are:

  • DataCenter Traffic Block: Maintains a database of data center IP addresses, as bot networks use this data centers to generate proxy traffic. It will render you with authority to track and block any undesired traffic.
  • Proxy Traffic Block: Maintains a list of proxy types and IP addresses associated with it. It will help you to detect web proxy sessions and ensure that no proxy gets converted.
  • Blacklist IP Block: It will blacklist all the IP and entails that no proxy server inflicts fraud on the network.
  • Unknown Device Block: It blocks all the crawler and emulator type devices to eliminate any unwelcome conversions.
  • CTIT Rules: Click To Install Time helps you to monitor if any bot is filling the form or installing the APK. This feature enables you to set a time, and if the conversion is less than that marked time, then goals and conversion associated with that click ID will get canceled. 

You can block a proxy in four elementary steps. It will assist you in administering the incoming traffic. It will safeguard your server from any unintended third-party breach and retain an enterprise-grade secure system.


  • Campaign Optimization Rule 

Optimizing campaign rule is vital to assess the click to conversion ratios and block if it is not bringing the desired traffic. You can create an optimization rule based on market requirements. Optimization rule will allow you to automate the task of alerting the publisher and blocking them if not creating traffic based on set rules. This feature aids the network to control the traffic and maximize profit margin.


  • Impression logs   

The chief purpose of using this log is to track the performance of email campaigns, banner campaigns, landing pages, etc. The impression pixels are available to all the publishers to monitor the behavior of the visitor. To activate impression pixel, you have to allow impressions and create an impression URL. 

You can generate impression pixels on campaign manager page and preview its detailed report on the impression log feature. This custom report displays data based on gross clicks, approved conversions, earnings per click (EPC), and click-through rate (CTR), etc.


  • Integrations

It offers integration with 110 + tracking software, mobile app tracking, ad networks, automation, fraud detection, and others. It qualifies different Ad networks to run their campaigns with Trackier directly. The integrations offered in various categories are:

  • Tracking software: HasOffers, CAKE, Affise, Orangear, and many more.
  • Mobile app tracking: AppsFlyer, Apsalar.
  • Network: Altamob, Mobrand, Adwork Media, MobVista, etc. 
  • Fraud Detection: Fraudefence, Fraudscore, Botman, etc.

Other categories: NPosting, Feedwise, Click2Commision,, and many more. Mentioned above is just a run-through of the integrations proposed. Trackier adds integrations every day based on the client’s request and convenience. 


  • Reports

This module lets the user perceive their logs based on different parameters. It is crucial as it allows you to regulate your offers & campaigns and run according to the intent of the marketing industry. It exhibits different metrics like conversion ID & IP, operating system, device brand, and many more.

It is a dynamic reporting module that helps the clients to check the report in any KPI possible like Sub ids, User agents, click IP, conversion IP geo, city, device brand, connection type even for an extended date range.

Based on it, you could devise marketing strategies to approach those sections and platforms which will convert more leads for you and procure maximum benefits. This metrics aids you to run the ads successfully.Trackier is a performance marketing software that gives you absolute control over your marketing campaigns.

You can create, automate, evaluate, and optimize every campaign within a single, unified platform. It monitors the engagement of various visitors with the ads over a wide range of social media platforms.

This pivotal platform is beneficial in making your campaigns effective and lucrative. The comprehensive information provided by this software could edge the networks in taking an informed decision. To know more about it, you can visit its Profile Page on SoftwareSuggest or visit Trackier’s website.

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