List of 12 Trending Web-Based School Management System in 2021

Jahnavi Vekaria

Jahnavi Vekaria

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Last updated: May 27, 2021

2021 is going to be the year of solutions to all of the challenges of 2020. Out of the best technology applications, the web-based school management system has been the handiest in post-pandemic times. Many institutes have already incorporated it into their facilities. The brilliance in communication, improvement in the education quality, and accessibility are some of its best advantages.

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Like Automate The Schools (ATS), these software types are in use for a long time in modern cities like New York, in their City Public Schools. Hence, the automated school management systems have proven their worth in a normal situation as well.

Here are some other popular facts proving that a web-based school management system is a basic necessity for the schools:

  • Artificial Intelligence-based software has the power to eliminate biased admissions to school up to 80%.
  • The issues of record-keeping and management at school are decreased by 75% by implementing technology in schools. 
  • More than 44 universities (public and private) outsource the data collection and analysis to different firms.

So if you are looking for an open-source, powerful web-based school management system, you can get the help of this list of the most popular and versatile open-source school management software below. Along with its best features, pros, cons, and most importantly, pricing, you can select the one that best matches your needs.

12 Best Web-Based School Management System for 2021

1. Vidyalaya

Vidyalaya dashboard

Vidyalaya has 18+ years of experience in the school ERP segment and has helped 1300+ premium educational institutes globally. It offers 50+ educational modules and lets students, parents, teachers, and administrators communicate with ease. 

Vidyalaya ERP also helps you reduce costs involved in school management by automating campus operations. Be it student admission or resource management, streamlining communication, or analyzing data, Vidyalaya does it all!


  • Bookstore Management
  • Cafeteria Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Facility Management
  • Financial Management
  • K-12
  • Library Management
  • Online Calendar
  • Online Payments
  • Parent/Student Portal
  • Reporting/Analytics


  • Feature-rich and easy to use
  • 24/7 chat support 
  • One-stop solution for school, college, and universities


  • Does not offer in-app messaging 



2. MyClassCampus


MyClassCampus is a unique school management system that enables the school to operate with better productivity. This school management system takes care of convenience in operations and efficient communication among various teams. It is trusted by more than 6,00,000 users across the nations and is used in 1000+ institutes.


  • Management Dashboard
  • Online Admission Form
  • Admission Payments and Reports
  • Merit Generation
  • Lead Marketing
  • Subject Selection
  • Complete Payroll Solution
  • Salary Slips and Analysis
  • E-Learning Platform
  • Hardware Integration


  • Option to choose from the 40+ modules available with logs and backup facility.
  • Online and Offline app working with push notifications for all updates.
  • Unique audio and video tools in pocket study along with live-class easies the e-learning platform.


  • No options for the update by students.
  • Less information about the developments.


MyClassCampus is available in the following price variants:


3. Chanakya ERP

Chanakya ERP is designed to fulfill the customized needs of schools. It is a simple yet powerful web-based school management system in India. It has numerous options for integration with different other functions. It is created by MeanWhile Softs company that is a well-known name in the school innovation sector. This inclusive platform has more than 500 customers associated with it.


  • Creates and Manages Classes
  • Assign Teachers to Classes
  • Manage Subjects
  • Reports Printing
  • Employee Data Management
  • Payroll Generation
  • Attendance Management
  • Examinations Management
  • Admissions Management
  • Create or Delete Notices
  • Hassle-free User Management


  • A web-based system with free upgrades in the core modules.
  • Easy to use and time-saving school management system.
  • It is easy to fetch the details of parents and students from the system.


  • Many features confuse users.


Chanakya ERP is available in the following three variants:

SmallMediumStudents above 1000
$250/ year$0.09/Student/Month$0.06/Student/Month


EDUMAAT Dashboard

EDUMAAT is a 100% customizable school management system hosted by Amazon Web Server (AWS). It has been awarded many certifications like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, etc. It is the best fit for the needs of any school as it is equipped with useful features.


  • Automated Time Table
  • Excel Data Upload
  • Tailor-made Reports
  • Free Staff Login
  • Customized Dashboard
  • In-built Accounts
  • Apps
  • Multi-Institution
  • Google Sign-In
  • Multiple Integrations


  • The customization of EDUMAAT ensures that each school enjoys the best out of it.
  • There are no extra charges for server maintenance, implementation, payment gateways, etc.


  • QR code is not easy to implement.


EDUMAAT is available in two plans:


5. Campus 365

Campus 365 Dashboard

Campus 365 is a simple and efficient interface to engage all teachers, students, and parents on one platform. This school ERP software has already proven its worth in many institutes like Higher-Ed, K12, Training Institutes, and Universities. Campus 365 has helped 1000+ schools worldwide with its presence in 200+ countries.


  • Custom Data Import
  • Graphical reports
  • Payroll
  • Online Payments
  • Language support
  • Free Mobile Apps
  • Admissions
  • Student Records
  • Class Chat
  • Live Classes
  • Group Exams
  • Timetable Management


  • The different modules and plug-ins match all of the customized needs of the schools.
  • Any person with a basic knowledge of computers and emails can use it.
  • Uses cloud servers, provides 50+ integrations with a wide range of features, and flexible pricing.


  • Unable to address the customization demands of a particular user.
  • Problems in free apps.


Campus 365 is available in the following two options:

$7.99/Year/StudentCustom Pricing

6. SchoolKnot


SchoolKnot is the best-integrated platform for school faculty, parents, and students. It uses automation and analytics as its best tools to cater to the management needs of different schools. This school management system is loaded with tons of features and is easy to use. It is one of the top-rated school management tools and is enjoyed by more than 500 schools worldwide.


  • E-Learning management
  • Admission management
  • Fees Optimization
  • Attendance
  • Exams Management
  • Digital Report Cards
  • Transport Management
  • Event Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Assignments
  • Admin Panel
  • Library Management


  • Highly active and reliable customer support for quick redressal of the issues.
  • Helps in efficient finance management using the smart fee collector and in-depth analytics on staff productivity tools.


  • Require third-party permissions for apps.
  • Weak functioning of hostel management
  • Expense management shows flaws at times. 


SchoolKnot is available in a single plan starting at $0.14 per student per month.

7. eConnect-K12


eConnect-K12 is an advanced ERP solution for school management. It can efficiently handle the infrastructure, administration, and logistics of the schools. More than 300+ educational institutes use it.



  • It is easy to use and offers multiple integrations for collective working.
  • It offers various options in modules to fit the different needs of schools.


  • The system keeps on updating.


eConnect-K12 offers a single option in pricing, which is $0.20 per user per month.

8. Digital School

digital school dashbaord

Digital School is an ISO 9001 certified school management system that is loaded with the best features. This software web school runs on the school’s personal server and facilitates efficient school management with an automated reporting system alert system. More than 500 educational institutes trust Digital School. It is a convenient school management system.


  • Renewal Free Software
  • Advance Dashboard Control
  • Free Dynamic Website
  • Video/ Image Gallery with Sharing
  • Fee Receipt with Photo and QR Code
  • Pending Fee Management
  • Admit Cards
  • Advance Result System
  • Staff Payroll Management


  • Fast setup with unlimited student support.
  • It comes with an interactive tutorial for quick learning and the best use of the features.
  • Advanced printing promotes the brand to attract maximum students.


  • Slow response time
  • No 24*7 live active support 


Digital School has a single pricing plan that charges $250 for a lifetime purchase.

9. Parentsalarm


Parentsalarm automates all of the works like attendance, exams, results, etc., efficiently. It is designed to work as a 360-degree IT solution to the schools. A team of trained professionals manages it. 


  • Instant Attendance Report
  • Performance Updates
  • Important Circular Updates
  • School Notifications
  • Homework Notifications
  • Mobile Apps
  • GPS Tracking of Vehicles
  • Access to Study Materials
  • Projects and Assignments
  • CCE Implementation
  • Permission-based Setup
  • Cloud-based system


  • Constant notifications about the kid to the parents.
  • Acts as a bridge to facilitate communication and the overall performance of the students.
  • Better school management with multiple modules for teachers and admin.


  • The app creates issues at times.
  • No transparent feature-wise pricing.


Pricing of Parentsalarm is set on a request basis

10. Entab


Entab is a comprehensive school management system that is available in different versions. This award-winning ERP software works on the principle of innovation, automation, and empowerment. Entab is trusted by more than 1500 schools and is in the industry for the last 20 years.


  • Online Registration
  • Student Attendance Tracking System
  • Student Information System
  • Fee Management
  • Exam and Result Management
  • Staff Payroll Management
  • Transport Management and GPS
  • Pre-School Management
  • Areas: Administrative, Academic, Finance, Communication
  • Portals- Principal, Management, Teachers, Parents
  • Mobile Apps- Principal, Management, Teachers, Parents


  • The different versions, i.eCampusCare, CampusSoft, CampusSoftLite, and CampusKidz, best match any school’s needs.
  • It facilitates the communication between the Principal, Management, Teachers, and parents.
  • It ensures the safety of data with extraction efficiency.


  • Multiple functions make it difficult to understand sometimes.


The pricing of the Entab is available on a request basis.

11. NLET School

NLET School

NLET School is designed to streamline the paperless administration of schools. It is available in 35+ modules at fixed costs. NLET School is trusted by more than 150 institutes worldwide and is currently serving more than 1,00,000 students.


  • Institute Management
  • Teacher Management
  • School Information Management
  • Student Management
  • Exam Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Fee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Time table Management
  • Library Management


  • It is easy to retrieve the information for easy and fast communication.
  • It is user-friendly school management software with information tracking.
  • It provides transparency in the working of schools and ensures complaints/query management.


  • Not easy to use apps.


The pricing of NLET School is available on a request basis.



CLOBAS is a cloud-based academy system that works as the one-stop solution provider to all of the schools. It is equipped with more than 60 online features that make school management easy and effective. CLOBAS is trusted by more than 100 educational institutes across the globe.


  • Innovative Dashboard
  • Integrated system
  • Attendance Records
  • Student Records
  • Fee Management
  • Transport Management
  • Parent Feedback Module
  • Report Generator
  • Certificate Generation
  • Course Management
  • Time Table Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Dedicated Tech Support


  • It provides instant communication that improves the productivity of the schools.
  • It reduces manual work and provides an e-learning platform at no additional costs.
  • It provides the option to choose from the school, college, and university modules to fit the education sector’s requirements.


  • You have to download the app from third-party websites.


The pricing of CLOBAS is available on a request basis.

Parting Note – 

The web-based school erp software aims to ensure the best use of technology with affordability and higher productivity. The list as mentioned above provides a quick insight into the top players in the field. You can choose any of them according to your needs and budgets to manage your school efficiently and quickly in 2021.

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