5 Tricks of E-commerce CRM to Grow Sales of Your Online Business

Jahnavi Vekaria

Jahnavi Vekaria

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Last updated: August 25, 2021

E-commerce system had already become a significant player in the mid-2010s. But the real boom in this sector came around two years ago – all because of COVID-19 and the resultant worldwide quarantines and lockdowns. It has driven us to look for online alternatives of buying goods that we usually brought from our local stores.

Vince Lombardi rightly said, ”It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one.” Something like this should tell you the importance of Customer Relationship Management or CRM. While it may seem like a foreign concept for e-commerce, however, in the present day, it is deeply integrated into the online business sector.

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CRM helps garner more clients, automate tasks, and act as a bridge between all business activities. It also enables you to get an insight into your business by drawing out insights from all your processes. Even better, it lets you conduct a SWOT analysis for your business by identifying the gaps in your processes and tools.

Besides these, there are five more ways an e-commerce CRM can help you grow your e-commerce business exponentially. What are they? Let’s check out:

5 Tricks for Growing Sales with E-commerce CRM

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Here the benefits of integrating CRM data with analytics platforms is essential and advocated judiciously, it is time to understand why exactly it’s the case. So, here are the five tricks that your e-commerce CRM can perform to help skyrocket the sales of your business:

1. Smart Marketing

The Key Features of CRM software helps you understand where most of your business is coming from and the product that is your bestseller. Marketing is imperative for any business, and for an online business, it becomes crucial. 

Using e-commerce CRM for business, the sales and marketing teams can figure out what kind of customer profile your business attracts. Furthermore, this gives room to create custom targeting campaigns that can hook the customer and retain them. 

You can retain customers via the e-commerce CRM by observing customer behavior, past patterns, browsing history. And then, give the customers benefits for repurchasing from you or for being loyal to you. Such a way of marketing will make your customer feel valued and give your business some room to trigger word-of-mouth marketing. 

2. Outsmart Your Competition

It is often said, don’t just beat your competition; blow them out of the water. Most of the time, businesses lose themselves in copying each other. In their rivalry of one-upping each other, they forget to chart new ways to garner more customers.

This is precisely where outsmarting works because if the customer is not coming to you, they are going to your competitors. The chances are that the first business is casting out a similar marketing message to a demographic based on its research and user behavior.

On the other hand, your business can actually do a better job with a minor tweak in your CRM approach. And that tweak is personalization. Instead of putting forth a similar standard message, offer your customers a well-drafted update or marketing campaign with a lucrative deal that caters to them specifically. Automatically, you will start driving business towards yourself. 

3. Make the CRM Software Easy to Use

One of the biggest problems why businesses lose customers is complications in the process. In today’s fast-paced world, no one wants to spend time going through tons of menus and options to get what they want. So, it gets frustrating and cumbersome. 

Design your CRM with the end-user in mind. Whether you are offering it as a product or as a service, you should figure out what the customer wants from it. Keep the UI simple and easy to use, with integrations from relevant APIs, third-party vendors, and internal queries for ease of access. 

Understand the difference for each customer, and make the experience cater to their particular interest area. This will automatically grasp their interest and keep them retained towards your business. In simple words, take it easy while designing your e-commerce CRM.

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4. Don’t Use CRM Just as a Sales Automation Tool

The most significant function of CRM is the automation of mundane tasks and sales-based insights. Hence, it is easy to consider it as a simple sales automation tool. However, modern-day CRM is a bridge across various facets of the business.

Integrating it with client-side services, sales services, marketing services, and even managerial tasks will make things a lot smoother and more manageable. Not only does it allow for seamless information sharing, but it also makes room for increased productivity of the staff.

Such integration also helps in clearing redundancies in the system that are otherwise caused due to verification and re-verification of specific tasks at hand. Integrating CRM will automatically enable all concerned departments to be aware of the priority tasks, the process to do them, and what can be put off until later.

5. Keep Data up to Date and Add Mobility

With the rise of the digital era, the most valuable resource is Data. The primary purpose of having a CRM is to process data faster and more efficiently for the business. Hence, it is imperative to keep that data in your database updated and squeaky clean (so to speak).

Keeping your data up to date has two significant advantages. First, the customer-facing or sales team does not need to enter new data repeatedly for an old customer. The second benefit is that it becomes easy to track down a customer and ask for feedback or send them a marketing offer when needed. 

Furthermore, not all teams operate from the office. Some are actual ground workers that include processes like logistics. For teams like these, mobility is vital since they are always on the move. Hence, adding the mobile CRM Strategy will add that extra layer of benefit into the whole picture. 

Verdict – Should You Get an E-commerce CRM or Not?

CRMs have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. That is mainly because it grants businesses the ability to understand the inner workings of their business and gain insights from their customers. While you may be using a CRM already, you can quickly grow your sales to the levels you want using these tweaks.

Do you know any other secrets on how to align e-commerce CRM with boosting sales? Boast about it in the comments below!

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