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The phone systems used in business today are much more than merely about receiving and making calls. They are now regarded as a comprehensive communication solution and are called unified communications. A business phone system has multiple tools on a single platform that makes communication both within and outside the organization very effective.

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Unified Communication systems completely change the way the employees of a company communicate with their clients, customers, or co-workers. It is not just the regular calling, but there is a lot that is taken care of with the right business phone number.

A good business phone system generally exhibits these few capabilities,

  1. Phone calls
  2. Conference calls
  3. Video conferencing
  4. Instant messaging
  5. Text messaging
  6. Faxing

Different Types of Phone Systems

Though you may find dozens of options in the market to choose from, there are broadly four different types of phone systems:

1. Virtual Phone Systems

In the virtual phone system, when a client makes a call to the main business phone number, their calls are transferred to the mobile phones or home phones of the workers in place of a desk phone. The system works as a call forwarding solution.

2. Landlines (Traditional Landline Systems)

The traditional landline systems are conventional phone systems that are supported by a local phone company. Their work also depends upon on the traditional copper wiring of a telephone company.

3. VoIP

One of the most popular phone systems, VoIP, makes use of internet connection to make calls. Using a VoIP phone system, the workers of the company get access to the business phone number via their mobile phones.

4. Cloud-Based VoIP Systems

The biggest advantage of the cloud-based VoIP phone systems is that there is no hardware and its maintenance except the phone itself. The service provider is completely responsible for maintaining and updating the technology for the client. It is a great choice for a growing business since scalability is easier. 

Advantages of using a phone system for the business

1. Automation

A great advantage of using the modern phone system for business is its feature of automation. There are three different kinds of automation,

  • Inbound

As the name suggests, the inbound call system is for incoming calls. The receiver of the call can choose to answer the call or perform functions such as replying to the call with a pre-recorded message.

  • Outbound

The outbound automation feature functions very similarly to the inbound one. However, this feature works for the outgoing calls instead of incoming calls. 

  • Hybrid

The hybrid automation is for both incoming and outgoing calls. It has automation features of Inbound as well as Outbound systems.

2. Conference Call

Another common feature of the phone systems is the call conferencing. It makes talking to two or more people at the same time much easier and uncomplicated. It is quite simple to use. The caller just needs to dial the number that add it to the current call. Some of the phone systems also allow joining the ongoing conference calls subsequently, by displaying it on the screen for users.

Conference calls are a great way to save money since the employees do not have to travel around for important meetings, and much can happen on a conference call. This is definitely a great way of improving communication.

3. Voicemail

Most of the businesses do not operate 24×7, but this does not mean that they have to lose their valuable customers. The voicemail feature of the phone systems helps customers in reaching out to you, even when they call out of the working hours of an organization. Voicemails are also a great way of communicating directly to the customers and giving them important information. Besides, they are the most professional way of communicating to the customer how important they are.

4. An improvised ‘on-hold’ experience

One of the trickiest times is when a customer’s call is on hold. And, this can become really exasperating for a customer if the wait gets long. This often happens in small business organizations that do not have enough customer support agents to answer the calls. The voicemail feature in a phone system is the best solution for this issue. The time to hold a call can be effectively used to communicate with the customer and educate them about the running offers, discounts offered, and tips on how to use the products and promote them.

With too many choices on the offer, it can be an overwhelming experience to find the perfect phone system for one’s business. Since different systems come with different features and tools, it is advisable to look into the personal requirements of your business and then choose a Virtual Phone System that fits your bill.

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