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Be it the workplace or home, setting goals for ourselves is one of the most common things that we do on a daily basis. Yet, goals do not always give expected results to everyone. It is to be understood that different people set goals differently and that the accomplishment of their goals depends on how SMART their goals are.

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Goal setting is important for every business. It is to be kept in mind that different businesses require different types of goals depending on various factors like size of the organization, industry, individual employee goals etc. Workplace goals promote individual development as well as workplace productivity.

Workplace goals are important because

  • They give us clear targets to focus on
  • They let us determine our priorities
  • They measure our progress
  • They motivate us
  • They act as a roadmap for success

Having a manual goal tracking system might seem effective for smaller organizations, but the fact is that every organization needs a concrete system for setting employee goals and tracking their progress.

A goal-setting software not only helps you keep track of your progress but also eases the performance review process. There are many goal-setting software available online; you can choose one of them based on your organization’s requirement. But how do you choose the software that best suits your organization?

To get you started, we have created this checklist for choosing the best goal-setting software for your organization. Be sure to answer these questions before you choose a goal-setting software.

Is the software flexible with your tracking needs?

A goal-setting software works differently for different people based on their job roles. There are different kinds of goals, necessarily not based on the job role but based on the task itself. Sometimes, you might need to measure a goal based on quantity and sometimes by the completion of a goal before deadlines. A software should provide scope for tracking different kinds of goals.

Can your employees easily adapt with the new software?

The adaptability of a goal-setting software is very important factor to consider. Your employees should be able to adapt to it as soon as possible; it should not be a painful task to shift from traditional paper-based goal setting to a software.

Does it follow the S.M.A.R.T goals approach?

Setting good goals is very important no matter which goal-setting software you choose. One way to set good and efficient goals is to follow the S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals approach. A software should follow the S.M.A.R.T goals approach for setting goals.

Is it real-time?

Managers should be able to access the details of employee performance, when employees check-in their goals and record their progress. Real-time functionality helps managers give instant feedback on their employees’ goals and increase overall productivity.

Does the software support 2 way alignments of goals?

When you implement a goal-setting software in your organization, the primary goal behind it is to drive organizational productivity. The software that you choose for goal-setting should support the alignment of individual goals with organizational goals. This not only motivates employees to work towards a target, but also helps you recognize their contribution to the organization.

How secure is your information on the software?

One of the most important concerns for any organization before choosing a software for any purpose is their information security. Any details that you input on a software is private information and should be secured. Before you select a goal-setting software, discuss and find out how secure your in-app information is with their information security team.

Does it promote in-app collaboration?

A goal setting software works best when it promotes employee engagement, teamwork, and collaboration. Check to see if the software supports in-app collaboration (a software that makes commenting and asking questions easy).

Does the software support multiple platforms?

It is very usual for people to use various platforms these days. It is not always possible to use a desktop to set goals, check-in and keep track of them. The software should also be easily available on different platforms like mobile, desktop etc.

Can you sign up for a free trial with the software?

Many software out there give you an option to get a free trial for 15 or 30 days. You can try different software on a trial basis and decide which one to choose for your organization.

Does the software have a responsive customer service?

A responsive customer service is a must for a software. When you buy a product, you expect their customer service team to help you with onboarding the product as well as resolving your technical issues. It is important to check if the software has pre-written help FAQ’s and how quickly they can resolve your problems.

Guest Post by Rohia Munavar, Associate Content Writer at Engagedly

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