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Last updated: August 5, 2021

In the present scenario, where everyone is groping for more technology trends, it becomes essential for your business to gear up and tweak with the latest technology trends. To start up with, one can go for an up gradation of your old age or installed base ERP solutions or Accounting software to cloud-based software.

SaaS and Cloud Technology based ERP solution and Invoicing software are gaining popularity day by day. These software provide the flexibility of accessing them while on the move like when you are travelling. Moreover, they can be set up quickly and are very cost effective.

Best Cloud Based Accounting and ERP Solution

One such cloud-based accounting and ERP software which successfully competes with the bests in the category is AcTouch.com.  The application is designed with a single focus on Business owners who want to manage and grow their business. AcTouch.com is available at fraction of cost of a full-fledged ERP solution. Only monthly fees and no hidden costs at all.

AcTouch.com provides best-in-class inventory, Sales and Invoicing, Purchasing, Accounting and Manufacturing capabilities. It is diligently designed for working professions & SMBs that process significant volumes of transactions.

Once you are inside the software, it gives you a simple but effective interface. The icons on the dashboard are comparatively large which makes it easy to use. Also, the software has more than 250 functionalities and the menu has been so designed that you can easily navigate to the feature you would like to use. The simple design of AcTouch.com eliminates the need for you to spend time learning the software or a need to hire any trained persons. The software is also fast to load the multiple screens and you will not feel any delay (we tested on 2 MBPS internet connection).

AcTouch.com includes the following modules: Sales, Inventory, Receivables, Purchase, Payables, Multi-Currency, General Ledger, Taxes, Reports, and Manufacturing & Sales Quotation etc.ERP solution

The settings option is effective and makes AcTouch.com a DIY software. You will be able to make multiple settings as per your business requirements and will be able to start working in it within minutes.

ERP solution

Apart from the features highlighted so far, what impresses most is “AIO feature” – which means “All In One”. This one module provides us with Sales, Purchases & Expense and Income entry in one screen, so you don’t have to keep switching between menu options. This is an important feature for those business users, who are not computer savvy.

AcTouch.com has an impressive Excise module that’s designed for Manufacturing and Trading businesses and can save you from the hassle of calculating the excise for your products.

ERP solutions

Summing up, on the whole, AcTouch simplifies the creation and management of accounting essentials like invoices, statements and checks, thus providing its users with a paperless Business and ERP solution & environment. It provides many high-value features that are found in large enterprise software and not in the installed based software.

Lastly, it is priced and packaged for cost-conscious businesses with a focus on Customer Delight

Key Features of AcTouch.com

  • Easy to Use and no need for a Trained person to use this application.
  • Easily incorporates the multiple features of your business needs by small configuration changes are available and is effective.
  • Help to build your full business plan that starts with Purchase Order, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Sales, Payments, Invoice, and optionally batch and lot tracking.
  • The software assures data security as there is an option for auto backup.
  • The integration of Excise module and lot tracking system is an add-on. The simple set of operations allows the user to be more comfortable.
  • Multi-currency enable is a feasible feature which increases the efficiency of the software
  • There is a full-fledged set of inventory and manufacturing documents and beautiful features
  • “All in One” features are for those people who are focused more on Selling / Retail business.
  • Single Sign-on – This is a beautiful feature for those SMBs with multiple businesses or distributed across multiple cities.
  • Multi-Users and User Access Controls – You can give an access to controls to users for each menu. For example Purchase person only gets purchase menus, while Sales will have their menu access.
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