Use of IoT Devices in Parking Management of a Housing Society


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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Overcrowded parking lots in housing societies are a perennial challenge faced by the occupants. With the ever-increasing number of private cars, society parking problems are also increasing at an alarming rate, thus, causing frustration among the residents of apartment complexes. Since the total number of vehicles exceeds the allocated parking space, residents are often compelled to park their vehicles randomly.

For example, at times, one of the residents or their guests may end up parking in others’ parking slots without permission, thus causing inconvenience to others. That’s where parking management comes into play.

Parking-related issues can be greatly prevented by little parking management. Before delving deeper into the use of IoT devices in parking management, we would like to enlighten our readers about the importance of managing parking slots in housing societies.

What is parking management?

Parking management is the process of utilizing parking slots efficiently so as to keep conflicts between the residents of a housing society at bay. A well-planned parking space serves a spectrum of purposes. It not only minimizes the requirements of parking but also provides you with several socio-economic as well as environmental benefits.

A thoughtfully designed parking space adds immense value to your property. That’s why home developers put a lot of thought into the management of parking slots to provide residents with convenient parking experience. However, the increasing number of vehicle usage is driving the need for embracing automated parking management for controlling parking spaces digitally. Thus, many housing societies are upgrading their parking lots with advanced technologies and solutions to facilitate peaceful co-living and provide safe, efficient, and fast parking to the residents.

Role of IoT-Enabled Parking Solutions

IoT-enabled parking management solution enables you to utilize parking space in housing societies efficiently. Thus, modern housing societies are increasingly relying on IoT-enabled devices for efficient parking management. IoT-enabled parking lot management solutions are integrated with advanced technology and are suitable for residential as well as commercial parking slots. What’s more, a feature-packed parking management system can also be customized to suit the parking slot needs of different condos and apartments.

Here Are Some Benefits Offered by IoT Car Parking Solutions

  1. Detects the Availability of Parking Slots Accurately                   

IoT-enabled smart parking software comes with IR (infrared) sensors that can easily sense if parking slots are available.

2. Controls Opening/Closing of Automated Gates

The IR sensors of your parking software can also detect if your vehicle has arrived on the gate to control the opening and closing of your parking lot gate.

3. Proves Useful for Parking Lot Managers

Installing an IoT-based parking management system allows parking lot supervisors to control vehicle movement seamlessly besides helping residents make the best use of parking space.

4. Facilitates Problem Free Parking

The IoT-enabled parking system enables you to check the availability of parking slots online anytime, anywhere, via your smartphone or any other internet-enabled handheld device. A smart parking system is capable of reading the total number of available parking slots. On reading the number, it shares the data with you via a cloud-based server so that you can check the availability of parking space online. The software also allows you to report a violation online.

5. Versatility

An IoT-based parking lot management solution is known for its versatility, flexibility, and user-friendliness. Vehicle owners, as well as parking lot managers who are not technically savvy, can easily handle the software. Moreover, the settings of the software can also be modified depending on the traffic flow.

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6. Enhanced Protection

A high-quality property management system also comes with sophisticated security features to provide residential societies with enhanced security and privacy. The software not only prevents unauthorized parking in your lot but also protects your vehicle by preventing unauthorized people from entering your parking lot.

7. Easy to Maintain

IoT-enabled parking management systems can be easily regulated and controlled by users. Moreover, the best parking lot management system providers also offer 24/7 maintenance services to fix technical glitches or defects in the software.

  • Saves Time
    IoT-enabled parking management solutions provide you with real-time parking information. It allows vehicles to move at a faster speed, thus helping you save more time.
  • Cost-effective
    IoTbased parking lot solutions are a cost-efficient way of tracking and managing parking lots. It not only reduces manual labor but also requires minimum manpower, thus helping you save money.

How to pick the best parking management system?

In order to experience the advantages cited above, you need to invest in a high-quality parking management solution. Here are some factors you need to keep in mind before purchasing an IoT-enabled parking lot management system for your housing society:

  • Know Your Requirements
    Find a parking lot of software that offers all the features that you need. A good parking solution offers useful features such as third-party integration, mobile integration, security analysis, real-time vehicle counting, automated text alerts, allocating slots as per vehicle type (two-wheeler or four-wheeler), data analytics, and much more. You need to analyze your requirements and pick the software that perfectly suits your needs.
  • User-friendliness
    It is advisable to purchase a user-friendly software so that parking managers can handle it with ease. Therefore, make sure your parking management software is easy to monitor and manage.
  • Pick an integrated solution
    To ensure a smooth and hassle-free parking experience, use a parking management solution that can be integrated with other existing solutions, such as a display system or ANPR software.
  • Analytics
    An efficient parking management software comes with data analytics features to provide you with analytic data so that you can perk up your parking operations.
  • Budget
    The price of parking lot solutions depends on the different features they offer. Therefore, before purchasing a parking lot management system, make sure it is within your budget. At the same time, don’t get lured by reasonably priced parking software as they may not offer the features you are looking for.
  • Choose a Reputable Vendor
    Last but not least, make sure you purchase your park management system from a renowned vendor. The best way is to shortlist a few software vendors and ask them to demonstrate the features and deployment method of their parking management solution. You can shortlist vendors based on the reviews and ratings left by their clients on their website.
  • Technical Assistance
    Make sure the vendor has an efficient customer care team that offers round the clock technical assistance to customers for resolving technical issues.

The market is flooded with millions of IoT-enabled parking management systems. Therefore, you should carefully pick the right software for your parking lot as investing in the software of substandard quality may not serve your purpose. A bit of online research goes a long way towards helping you choose an efficient software for your parking lot.

The Bottom Line

Thus we see IoT-enabled parking management solutions play a crucial role in solving parking issues in modern housing societies besides adding to the comfort of the residents. We hope the tips shared by us in this post will help you make an informed purchase.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to bid adieu to your daily parking struggles and experience the advantages of a well-planned parking lot, consider investing in a high-performance parking management software right away.

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