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Last updated: August 25, 2021

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As per research, the construction industry is expected to reach a CAGR of 15.7% to reach $ 738.5 billion by 2022. Despite the ongoing effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, the technology construction business is witnessing a humongous boom across the world.

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But the one thing that that lockdown has imposed is a shortage of labor force that helped with the construction tasks. Despite the demand, a shortage of labor is something that has thoroughly vexed the industry. Here are the reason why your construction bidding process is failing and turning towards technology to get things going and finish the work. Using the right technology not only does simplifies work but also gives constriction companies an edge over their competitors.

Stats suggest that prefab and modular construction may be a $135 billion industry by 2023.

Unfortunately, technology can be very intimidating, especially when it is employed in an area like construction. If workers and managers are used to the traditional, old-fashioned ways of construction, then they would naturally wonder if using a drone will simplify or aggravate their work.

How to Employ Technology in the Construction Business

It is obvious to be very careful when it comes to trying out new technologies and figuring out whether they are right or wrong for the construction business. But it is important to start somewhere. Therefore in this blog, we have elaborated Major Steps to Manage Risks in Construction Supply Chain for construction managers who have started introducing themselves to technology.

1. Start with a Research

When you are delving into something new, researching the subject inside out is inescapable. You cannot adopt something so modern for your construction business without understanding technology inside out. In fact, there is no concrete substitute to shorten or eliminate the process of research. Before making any decisions, it is important to understand how technology will fit into your project planning before considering rolling out a pilot plan for it.

Try to focus on what entity you will be using and how it will simplify or shorten the processes or tasks. Depending on the type of work the construction business has taken up, the application of the technology will differ. For instance, if your company is into remodeling buildings, then here us the way How to Estimate Construction Cost in a Software? this will help your construction business that is purely into demolishing buildings.

Before selecting any technology for the business, it is important to read reviews enlisted by similar companies and figure out if there’s any way to test the technology before applying it. If the technology is complex and time-consuming, it is better not to waste money on it and continue the traditional approach toward construction.

2. Let it Happen Naturally

When it comes to technology, experts especially suggest that forcing it on existing business models will only do more harm than good. Unlike certain construction businesses, not all companies require the latest gizmos and gadgets to make work easier. For instance, if your company is only into repairing floors in a building, you might not require technology tools that are required to remodel the whole building. Therefore, spending a lot of money on buy the latest technology does not translate into a good investment.

The first and foremost thing a company should do is only use the tools and technology that are required to get the work done. If things are shaping up well without any modern technology, it is okay to follow the same approach until any problem crops up. And if a close partner suggests that a certain technology will simplify a task, that’s the only time you should think of investing in it.

3. Be on the lookout for a Software

The software system has gained its position as one of the most important tools in the business world because it allows a construction manager to run a project more efficiently. Additionally, the right software can also gather vital insights and data that can further plan up future projects. Experts suggest that construction managers should specifically look for a software system that can help them track the details of an ongoing project. Software the gives information on equipment usage or the number of man-hours spent on certain tasks is deemed useful and worth the investment.

The software allows managers to accurately and quickly outline prospective projects. Compare to a full-fledged human task force, software applications cost less and easier to manage. They can be easily programmed to perform tasks smoothly and present details about critical construction in detail.

For instance, with proper software in place, the on-field task force can pass photographs and videos on the job site with the entire project team by simply using cloud storage platforms. By using these pictures and videos, managers can assist better in employee monitoring progress. Construction businesses can use these cloud folders for sharing subcontractor and vendor project estimates.

4. Begin with Easy Tech Tools

Just because you are adopting technology, does not mean you have to redo your construction site to resemble a hyper-futuristic site that is secured by drones and robots. You should always begin with simple and straightforward tools that have gracefully matured over years.

Technology can be utilized in several different ways on a job site. At some places, it can be used primarily with a GPS-enabled laser for Vehicles tracking in real-time. Some companies may choose to use drone surveillance or wireless security video management as well. With these tools, businesses can ensure tight security measures and improved efficiency for overall work patterns.

Another good place to start is with construction software that helps you organize meetings and payments.

CRMs (customer relationship management software) can go a long way to simplify business workflows. They can help with estimating project costs or sending automated replies to clients or. In short, they help save a lot of time and money for the business.

5. Use Drones

In 2021, drones are not some futuristic concept that small businesses can imagine using for work. In fact, the percentage of drone usage has surged to a whopping 239% just in the previous year. They have become mature technology over the previous years that can reduce the time spent on certain tasks.

Drones can conduct surveys from the air and keep an eye out for the workers. They can help companies spot unsafe situations or areas on the job site and provide accurate measurements in a lesser amount of time. Drones can also help improve security at your worksite by preventing cases of theft.

Drones are very useful in modern-day job sites. Using them, managers can quickly gain a perspective that was previously unavailable without deploying substantial equipment, time, funds, and risk. Drones can be used to show progress as well as perform assessments.


As per stats, the drone services market is expected to reach USD 63.6 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 55.9% from 2019 to 2025.

To begin incorporating technology into your construction business, start by holding a meeting with your key stakeholders. Then start designing a quarter-year pilot program. And lastly, ensure you are carefully explaining all the details to every person involved in using technology at the job site.

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