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Last updated: September 27, 2019

We use the internet for everything in our lives nowadays. However, there is a big issue with security. Web users need to remain vigilant by disclosing minimum information and protecting themselves from insecure elements.

You may not realize it, but innumerous threats are lurking about in the environment. Various websites and search engines track your online activities that are a serious breach of privacy. Government agencies also use data received from internet websites for statistics or investigational purposes. These days there is a rise in cyber-crime – leakage of personal information online can lead to loss of money and data theft.

A Complete Security System – Utopia

If you are on the lookout for an advanced technological tool to enhance the privacy of your communication through the internet, your search should end with Utopia. It is a holistic decentralized, encrypted platform that has rich features and smart functionality.

Utopia viewer

Developed by a team of fearless technological enthusiasts, the application Utopia was designed to facilitate complete freedom of private communication and lack of censorship. It was conceptualized in 2013, and mastermind developers keep on adding new innovative features regularly.

Utopia is based on a peer-to-peer network that allows users to communicate seamlessly through text or voice messages. It is a solution that caters to Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users. Moreover, Utopia is a self-enclosed and dynamic ecosystem that utilizes sophisticated cryptography to guarantee cybersecurity. A novel P2P network and elliptic curves make sure that third parties or any unauthorized persons cannot view data shared by Utopia users.

Utopia network

The decentralized structure of Utopia ensures that email, text messages, and data files are not stored on one single server. Hence, external third-party organizations are not involved in routine data transmission procedures.

What Features Make Utopia Unique?

Users can join the application as a tester, contributor, or promoter. Each of these categories has reward points for performing actions that improve Utopia’s overall functionality. The system is currently under beta, meaning that some features may be discontinued or advanced features may be added in the times to come.

Utopia has various innovative features that can help organizations accrue various strategic advantages. Here are some vital elements that make Utopia revolutionary communication security and privacy solution,

  • Responsive Messenger

Utopia makes it possible for users to send messages and communicate through its internal messenger that is known as uMessenger. All texts or voice messages that are sent through uMessenger are highly encrypted, and only the intended receiver can read the final communication through a secure public-key algorithm. This feature allows users to send text messages, videos, audio files, documents, etc. It facilitates instant sharing through a secured closed system; hence, there is no way that this data will reach the public domain.

Utopia dashboard

Messenger also has fun elements that make communication interactive and straightforward. Users can send stickers, create chats, join groups, and share emoticons for smarter communication and enjoy the process more.

Utopia chessUtopia stickers

  • Crypto Wallet

One beneficial feature of Utopia is that it allows a haven for the storage of Cryptons within its enclosed ecosystem. Users can safely store cryptocurrency in anuWallet, which only they can access. This currency can be used to make a variety of transactions – payments and purchase of essential goods/services. The transaction records remain anonymous; hence, they are not visible to anyone other than the recipient or sender.

Utopia wallet

uWallet provides users a crypto card, thus facilitating easy payments without the need to divulge the public key. Cryptocurrency is the future of technology. Therefore, it is a very useful feature by Utopia as it even enables the transfer of funds to other accounts along with the option of secure online purchases.

  • New Mining Bot

One of the best features about Utopia that keeps users hooked on is its mining bot. It gives exciting bonuses and rewards users for being online – in fact, Utopia actually pay out for every time you spend 15 minutes online at a stretch. Running the bot on Utopia allows users to earn massive amounts of cryptocurrency and enhance their internal workflow. You can run as many bots as you wish to, the only condition being that they should be operated from different devices. It is an entirely white and transparent procedure – encourages users to stay online for the maximum amount of time and reap the benefits of handsome rewards!

Utopia mining

  • Safe Online Performance

Utopia has a customized p2p architecture that allows users to surf any websites anonymously without censorship. It also facilitates website registration through uNS (nicknames manager) which is a user-friendly and secure tool. This eliminates the need to pay for VPNs, adjust proxies, and clear cookies each time you browse the internet. Utopia makes surfing the web faster, more convenient, and utterly safe by its end-to-end encryption technology.

Utopia performance

  • Secure Channels

Many encryption applications do not provide security for group chats and set imposed limitations on the number of group participants. Utopia, however, makes sure that all its channels are secure for group discussions, business dialogue, and creating personalized content. Users can develop safe blogs and click on the ‘read-only’ option to share the information, without leaving scope for interaction. Utopia has specific moderators to monitor online channel activity, thus assisting in seamless workflow and data safety.

The Final Verdict

A comprehensive security solution based on blockchain technology; Utopia indeed can revolutionize the peer-to-peer software industry. It places a tremendous responsibility on the users of the system and encourages them to steer Utopia’s growth in the right direction.

It has a simple visual and user-friendly interface. Each user is provided with a distinct key that facilitates peer-to-peer communication. Any mails, messages or files sent can only be decrypted by the recipient as Utopia ensures that no third-party has access to sensitive data.

Utopia filesend

Utopia leverages technology to give absolute freedom of speech to its loyal users. It endeavors to protect individual online privacy and facilitates free communication without any web censorship. Mining bot, crypto wallet, e-mail, and messenger – Utopia is the ultimate tool and is a must-have application. Download it and join the movement of change at the earliest!

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