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Whether businesses should invest in vanity phone numbers has been wrangling ever since such numbers were invented to boost customer engagement. These numbers are specific premium toll-free numbers that are easy to remember by customers. Such toll-free numbers ensure that customers can call you instantly if they need any product or want any issue fixed from you regarding your product. 

Having an easy to remember vanity number will guarantee you more conversions. A recent study shows that nearly 72% of the people correctly remembered a particular vanity number after watching an advertisement of 30 seconds. Also, almost 58% of the consumers feel safe to dial a vanity number instead of a toll-free numeric number. So, this is for sure that a vanity number will improve calling rates for your business. 

7 Vanity Phone Number Stats
Source: callsource

In this article, we will walk you through the steps you need to follow to get a vanity number and how such numbers work.

What is Vanity Phone Number?

Vanity phone numbers also called toll-free local numbers that are easy to remember for prospects to contact the companies for their products or services.

They are not only easy to remember, but they also stand amongst other regular telephone numbers. Brands can also match their vanity phone number with their website domains or business name.

Consumers won’t forget the brand whose branding techniques and numbers match over all the platforms. This easily memorable vanity number will help your customers to call you quickly without any hassles. 

Examples of vanity numbers – 1-800-123-4567, 1-800-222-3333 etc. 

How do Vanity Phone Numbers Work?

Vanity numbers are like any other toll numbers; they are the premium toll-free numbers that you acquire for your business. Vanity numbers do not charge for the call to the customers, but the owners of the number or the company are charged on a per-minute basis.

When a company opts for a vanity number, the service provider will ask for an alternate number where all their calls will be forwarded. Companies generally give the office’s contact number or personal phone number of a business owner as an alternate number. 

Whenever a call is made on your vanity phone numbers, it gets forwarded to the contact number that you have provided. This call forwarding process is straightforward and takes less than a minute to configure. 

Once configured, all your calls will be forwarded promptly.

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Steps to Buy A Vanity Phone Number

The process of obtaining a custom vanity phone number is straightforward. Follow these simple steps to arrange the process of getting a number in an instant:

1. Find A Perfect Custom Vanity Phone Number for Your Business

The first step that you will need to take is to brainstorm the number of vanity options that you want. You may choose a specific word or phrase, or a repeater number, depending on your business name and website domain. It is advisable to decide beforehand the kind of number that you want so that there is no confusion.

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2. Make Sure That Your Vanity Number has Right Number of Digits

Keep a count of numbers or alphabets that you would like to have in your custom vanity phone number. You need a minimum of 7 digits after the prefix in your vanity number. Choose a word or phrase that is seven characters long. If not, you can also choose an alphanumeric combination.

E.g., If you choose to use the word “FLOWERS,” it would fit perfectly because 888-FLOWERS has 7-digits, so you will not need any extra numbers. However, if you want the phrase TOOTH, you will need to choose more numbers like 888-55-TOOTH.

Vanity phone numbers of up to 7 digits work best. However, we recommend that you not exceed the number by ten digits because a short number is easy to remember. 

3. Check Coverage Options

Once you decide the type of vanity phone number, it is essential to think about the coverage that will be required by your brand. 

Coverage is based on a phone numbers area code. If a person who used to stay in your locality has now shifted to some different location will not be able to access your number if you have opted for limited coverage. Therefore it is essential to choose coverage of vanity numbers wisely.

There are various options available –

  • Statewide Coverage

If your business has majorly local customers, then statewide coverage will be excellent. It will give your business a local identity.

  • Multi-State and Regional Coverage

Regional or multi-state coverage is an ideal option for businesses that operate in multiple states. They have customers that are mostly local. The combination of Multi-state and regional coverage will help you to gain access to all the surrounding areas. 

  • Nationwide Coverage

A business with multiple locations across the country can benefit hugely with this option. It is also suitable if your company has many transplants or branches. Nationwide coverage ensures that no other business will have the same vanity number as yours.

4. Check Number Availability in Vanity Phone Number Tool

Once you have decided on all the crucial aspects like the type of phone number and coverage, the next thing is to search for a number that suits your expectations. There are various tools available to help you find a perfect vanity number.

Simply search for a number with keywords and apply filters that you want. After searching for the number, you can also view their coverage availability. 

Make a list of available numbers and request a quote for those interested in renting or buying.

5. Lease Your Chosen Vanity Phone Number

Determine which number is best for you and choose one perfect number for your organization. Once you decide which one fits the best with your business or brand, contact the service provider to get more details on the number’s pricing and availability.

6. Publish The Vanity Phone Number Chosen by You

After acquiring your personalized vanity number, you need to make sure that everyone knows it. It would be best if you simply published it on all your social media channels to get calls on that number.

Vanity phone numbers are a great source of getting leads as they are super easy to remember. You can run some marketing campaigns like a radio ad, television ad, or a podcast to spread the information to many users. 

Decided on A Vanity Phone Number Yet?

It is effortless to buy vanity phone numbers. All you need to do is some research about the numbers and service providers. All types of businesses benefit from a vanity number. Big companies that run their very own call center can also look for service providers who go a step ahead to provide additional features like CRM integration with the vanity phone numbers.

Vanity phone numbers are easy to remember and encourage prompt buying behavior. Having a good number will make you look professional and, at the same time, give you some good leads. 

So have you bought your vanity number yet? Let us know your requirements on vanity numbers and their importance in the comments below.

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