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Last updated: March 10, 2021

Marketing has always stood out to be a thriving factor for business. Without marketing, it will be arduous for the companies to maintain their stature. In the recent past, multi-level marketing (MLM) has blazed a trend in the marketing world. It has evolved the modern marketing techniques to a miraculous extent.

Businesses can leverageMLM in all aspects. Smart companies today are venturing into multi-level marketing to drive profitable revenue stream. It has facilitated the market to trade with on-premise real-time evaluation of the business operation, chance to earn extra cash, and above all opportunity to live a rewarding life.

Ventaforce, a comprehensive MLM software, ensures that you get the best software for your MLM business at economical pricing.

Ventaforce – A Proficient Tool

Ventaforce is leading network marketing software, successfully employed, and operated in 40+ countries. It has been in the business since 2001 and is serving the requirements of numerous clients till date. The reason behind its global reach and widespread acclaim is its versatility and expertise in the multi-level marketing business. 

The software accolades as the most trusted software as it equips the advanced high-end features to attain business needs and cater to all the concerns of MLM. It exhibits 151+ characteristics with extensive coverage of all types of MLM plans. It has accorded the ‘Customer Choice Award 2019’, ‘Rising Star 2019’, and many more recognitions.

Salient Features of Ventaforce

  • Multi-linguistic

The multi-language provision offered by Ventaforce aids you to outreach the international markets. You don’t need a translator application or hire a separate workforce. In lieu, communicate globally via Ventaforce.

  • Multi-Currency

With its multi-currency option, you can manage your global monetary actions seamlessly.

  • Compatibility with the latest technology

Ventaforce is proficient to be integrated with third-party software. Further, you can incorporate with the Social Networking System. It is highly flexible to adapt to future changes. It is compatible with most of the popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and more. Additionally, it comes integrated with real-time Inventory and Franchise Management System and also proffers Online Shopping Portal, and payment gateways such as Paypal, EBS, CCavenue, etc. for seamless purchasing.

  • Dynamic Interface

The user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to choose from different templates with quick menus & filters and responsive design.

  • Adaptability

The cross-device accessibility makes the software operable for the number of users across multiple devices. This software is accessible on any device in spite of the operating system.

  • Faster Processing

It handles thousands of simultaneous users, maintains a database comprising of more than 100 million users, processes the payment, and calculates commission quickly.

  • Real-time Analytics

Impressive dashboards with live notification alerts, continuous monitoring to provide actionable insights, and report generation for every module helps you evaluate the business instantly. Furthermore, it offers functionalities like real-time calculations based on joining and purchase in the system.

  • Customization

It offers pluggable and layered architecture with CMS based page design and customizable user forms. This dynamic software provides complete software customization as per the client’s necessity. Moreover, it even enables you to customize the SMS and email matter and many more customization options.

  • Impregnable Security

This software offers seven-level security with inbuilt data encryption that protects the system from unauthorized access and other cyber attacks. It thus retains the confidentiality of the data.

  • Online Support

It delivers 24/7 online support and auto-reporting feature that provides a solution to all customer queries.

Detailed Analysis of Different Modules of Ventaforce

1. Distributor Dashboard Panel

A secure, user-friendly, and striking distributor’s back office is a paramount aspect in the MLM business. Direct selling software, Ventaforce, entails you with a convenient member panel with all the leading-edge features.

member dashboard

  • Sign Up Facility

Sign Up or Registration is a primary and predominant step to avail any software. While Registration, it is the function of the software to sustain a high-security measure to safeguard all its user data.

  • Log in Feature

Ventaforce is a robust platform that provides a sturdy, secured login wall accompanied by an encrypted password feature. It also facilitates to capture the login IP address.

  • Payment Module

Ventaforce supports different payment modes like prepaid voucher (E PIN), cash, DD, cheque payment, Bank Transfer and various payment gateways. It streamlines the transaction process by making payment option easily operable by its users.

  • Payout Summary

Ventaforce software provides the members with the facility to get updates about their earnings (net or gross income), and deductions (Tax, Auto shipping, Admin charge). It allows the distributors to preview the detailed reports in an income statement. Along with integrated cheque printing facility in the payouts and payment processes, Ventaforce ensures all aspects of your business payment are automated.

  • Utilities

Distributors can procure benefit from services like profile management, internal communication, raising a support ticket for queries, notification module, and refer a friend.

2. Admin Dashboard Panel

Admin dashboard panel has a considerable contribution to chain marketing software. It ensures the completion of major tasks. There are different management facilities categorized under admin module.

Admin Dashboard

  • Business Management

You receive an insightful view of the whole business, along with updates about an individual member. The admin has the authority to accept or reject any membership, update & renew membership, block & unblock any id, and do much more. The filter feature qualifies you to track the product and package sales.

  • Product and Order Management

Ventaforce permits the admin to run product ordering and management autonomously. Admin has the full authority to add or remove products and packages, raise orders to suppliers, manage the stock level, and undertake logistics. It covers the entire detailed product tax management.

  • Keeps the Tab on Commission

It is essential to avail precise commission to the members to run MLM business at full-fledge. This module offers a powerful engine to calculate the right commission level, rewards, percentage, etc. It entails that you get a detailed report of every minute changes made in the commission plan in a jiff. Every report related to commission details, commission summary, and capping details are saved, which enables the admin to track the business. Automated calculations aid the commission process.

  • Payout Management

This module formulates report consisting of payout calculation, the grouping of payments, analysis of payouts, verification of payout, and income statement. The report generated provides an overview of the company’s growth and financial situation. This module also let the admin track business via stored commission and capping summary.

  • Administer Prepaid Voucher

The admin can create various vouchers based on packages/products, generate E-pins, block E-pins, and manage & report E-pins.

  • Web Manager

Ventaforce has a real-time web manager facility to manage the news and updates, events, upload images, and videos, FAQs, and Achievers list instantly.

  • Utilities and Settings

This software provides different services and settings to admin for seamless functioning of business operation. Some of these utilities are communication management, document management, Updating Company Information, Creating roles for the members, SMS and Email notification, and other dazzling features.

3. Add-On Modules

Add-On module is another prospect that goes hand in hand with the Admin and Member module. It makes your multi-level marketing business efficacious. Some of these modules are,

  • Inventory Management

The inventory management module expedites the admin to generate a PO to the suppliers. Further, the admin can add the suppliers, create billing & invoice, manage VATand stock return, etc. to have the absolute command over the product and stock management.

  • Franchisee Management

Franchisee management plays an imperative role to scale business in multiple locations. Ventaforce software engineered a well-suited franchise management module for product delivery, stock management, and billing. It aids MLM business professionals to deal effortlessly with suppliers, stockists, and franchisees. It renders a high-level of alignment to your business.

  • E-Wallet

The cloud-based wallet system has given an edge to the distributors. It entitles the members to transfer fund to other members, requests to encash the amount received via commission payout, generate various E-pins, purchase products, and join the system.

  • E-Commerce

E-commerce or online product order has been in the trend lately. Time optimization has been a significant motivation behind it.

Prominent Benefits of Ventaforce

  • Budget-Friendly

If you are pursuing a cost-effective solution to kick start your MLM business, then Ventaforce is beyond comparison. You can enjoy the range of particular facets at very competitive pricing. It is a unified platform for different services like digital marketing, hosting, and many more. It does not include the additional cost on value-added service like mentoring on compensation.

  • Quick and Qualitative Approach

The simplicity of handling the complex project makes it the ideal software in the market. Ventaforce has the most excellent tools and effectual methodology with the collaboration of a professional business analyst team to drive the desired results in the quickest time possible. The quality assurance team commits to audit every project on the quality check to eliminate the incidences of errors.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience and Future Insights

The 24/7 online support to your client will streamline business operation. Business analyst assigned to every project will uninterruptedly monitor, diagnose, and provide proper project development solution to the customers during the SDLC cycle.

Pluggable three-layer architecture will augment scalability, and its incorporation with different platforms like e-commerce and prospecting tools will foster to future needs.

  • Guarantees Uncompromised Security

Security is the chief matter of concern for any software regardless of its domain. With Ventaforce, you can rest assured as it comprises of a seven-level security provision to ensure data security. The deployment of IP authentication facility provides access to the authorized personnel with the designated IP address or range of addresses.

The integration of captcha with the signup process, password strength indicator, and encrypted passkeys make Ventaforceunbreachable. This software adapts to disaster management techniques with server security and backup management to discard the possibility of any potential crisis.

  • Propel Your Business to Higher Horizons

Ventaforce stands firm on the data sustainability platform. After extensively testing several data, the software is qualified to handle more than 100 million user data evenly. The payout calculation in a power cut situation and the generation of 25000 E-pins on a single click strike the right bells and whistles for the software.

The unwavering trust established by the global market doesn’t limit the software to a confined locale. This feature-rich and fully integrated technology solution comprehends the innovation and latest trend in the market. Its users have acknowledged Ventaforce as the best service provider owning to the fact of its insightful cognizance and experience. It can also activate international services for user’s comfort and affluence.

Summing it Up

In a nutshell, we can assert the fact that Ventaforce is state-of-the-art software. This software determines to provide you with astounding experience and enhance sales force engagement to acquire world-class profitability and productivity. In a fast pacing world, Ventaforce renders you with the solution to the complex problems in a fraction of seconds. This software offers a perfect mechanism that commits to extending your enterprise and maintaining a hassle-free workflow.

Gain complete insight into Ventaforce by visiting Ventaforce profile on SoftwareSuggest or its website.

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