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Last updated: February 22, 2021

There are times that we just find ourselves going absolutely crazy trying to handle all the nuances of a modern business institution! However, we have to our rescue the revolutionary software called Vision Helpdesk which can help us manage a variety of channels such as E-mail, Twitter, Facebook and calls in an integrated manner. Simplicity, design, pricing, user-friendliness and automation – these key features help in differentiating this software and making it the number one choice for any business firm. Vision Helpdesk is leading customer support ticketing software that serves all small, medium and enterprise level business with its 3 different products.

  • Help Desk Software – This is the main ticketing software and it effectively manages multi-dimensional customer support over various channels like email, web portal, VOIP, live chat, API, Facebook, Twitter and more. It contains numerous user-friendly features like ticket billing, task management, online forums, help desk gamification and more.
  • Satellite Help Desk Software – This is a multi-company or multi-brand customer support management software. This will be best suitable to your organization if you are running multiple websites, brands or products and wanted to offer different branded web portals for each of them having a single back end to manage everything at one place.
  • ITIL / ITSM Service Desk Software – This customer service help desk software is a product that offers all the features from Helpdesk and Satellite helpdesk. This software is very useful for companies as it has beneficial features such as Asset Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Solution or Knowledge Management, Change Management and Release Management. 

Help desk software aims to cater to every requirement of an organization and serves as a data-rich reporting tool. Customer support teams often have to handle a multitude of tasks, which leaves them hard pressed for time. Vision Helpdesk is like a relief wizard with all solutions at hand and has incorporated a number of unique features which assist customer support teams to perform their daily tasks in an efficient manner. 

  • Centralized Ticketing System – Helpdesk acts like a virtual ticketing manager for your organization, reducing the burden of customer support teams! It has an automated robust ticketing system, which can convert every request to a ticket and even assigns them to the right staff agent. In order to help customer support team members to organize ticketing, there are a number of novel features such as custom filter, flags and labels, which aid in categorizing the tickets. The software also enables quick searches of the entire ticket database to give exact results as desired.

Vision Helpdesk:  Simplify Your Customer Support Services


  • Customer Management – One of the biggest challenges for customer support people is to gather, assess and disseminate information about clients in a methodical manner. Vision Helpdesk can help support teams to manage users, their organizations and sub-contracts in a uniform place. Customer support personnel can view chunks of information through a central data repository which contains client summary, contact details, invoices and ticket history. Users can be grouped according to their particular organization and client approval can also be managed through the portal.
  • Timely Responses – Helpdesk also has the function of adding staff members to resolve issues in a timely manner and adhere to following the service level agreement (SLA). The SLA rule states the response time and resolution to a ticket. It acts as a performance metric for the staff agents and guides them as to how much time they should take to resolve queries. Vision Helpdesk allows sales team members to create multiple work schedules based on time calculation of service level agreement. Reports can also be prepared to evaluate how sales staff is responding to customer’s ticket requests.


Vision Helpdesk:  Simplify Your Customer Support Services


  • Clock Tracking – Tracking time and charging customer’s billable time for ticketing is another unique feature of Vision Helpdesk. Customer support team members now have the perfect tool to capture time spent on the provision of time-based paid support. Each member can start and stop the clock to calculate the amount of time spent solving customer tickets. The software is also able to create a time tracking report per client per department.

Vision Helpdesk:  Simplify Your Customer Support Services


  • Self – Help Customer Portal – Present day customers need to be empowered enough to manage their business concerns themselves and have all information at their fingertips! Vision Helpdesk has a responsive customer portal where a customer has the power to administer their tickets, open new tickets, send feedback and manage sub-contacts. Customers have the option to customize their homepage by changing the logo, template and background to match their website design.

helpdesk self help

Vision Helpdesk also offers a fully flexible and customizable pricing plan, which means a separate plan for each business! There are a number of licensing options available for clients such as:

  • SaaS License – Here, Helpdesk will be hosted on cloud servers. The pricing is $7 per agent per month billed annually or $10 per agent billed month to month. This also includes free support and software lifetime updates.

Vision Helpdesk:  Simplify Your Customer Support Services


  • Recurring License – A recurring license can be downloaded which will host Helpdesk on a firm’s server. This pricing plan is $7 per agent per month billed annually or $10 per agent billed month to month.

Vision Helpdesk:  Simplify Your Customer Support Services

  • One Time License – A one-time license plan enables the client to directly download Helpdesk on to the main server. The price of a one-time license is $150 per agent as a one-time fee. This includes all features listed on tour pages and one-year free support and software updates.

Vision Helpdesk:  Simplify Your Customer Support Services

We can now understand that Helpdesk is an analytical reporting tool which largely simplifies the operations of support personnel of an organization. It provides an excellent holistic experience to customers and staff agents because it is easily customizable, provides round the clock support and cost effective to implement. Vision Helpdesk is the best multi-brand support management tool and its price, features and performance offer optimal solutions to customer support teams across geographical locations. It is no wonder that the software is the trusted choice of 8000 plus companies across the globe and is being rapidly adopted by many more. Some of the major clients using Vision Helpdesk include Transition Systems, Uptime Solutions, StratospherIQ Data Systems Inc., TNM Software and

A super minimalistic design, multi-lingual system, responsive portal and support functionality ensures that Vision Helpdesk is a sure shot winner for any business.

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