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Starting a new business is never easy. Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to handle a million things all at the same time. Hence they need to be smart about leveraging the power of technology, especially when it comes to communication. Investing in a business phone system is a decision that will surely never go wrong.

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A survey by Gallup revealed that over 77% of startup owners depend on personal savings for initial funding. Money is always tight in the startup world, and communication expenses can burn a heavy hole in a new venture’s budget.


A VoIP phone system is a comprehensive solution to any money problems of a startup as it offers an economical mode of making international calls. New businesses can expect to witness a mammoth cost saving of between 50-75% by implementing VoIP.

With the startup culture catching up fast, you need to think quickly and act smart to differentiate your venture from the crowd. The way your company communicates with stakeholders, clients, vendors, and suppliers can play a major role in long-term success.

Selecting a VoIP phone system for a small business will be an intelligent move as it comes packed with novel features and can be customized to suit specific corporate requirements.

VoIP phone numbers use sophisticated technology to ensure that users benefit from apex audio quality at just a fraction of the cost of traditional copper-wired systems. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) converts voice signals into digital data and then transfers it through Internet connection.

So in layman’s terms, a virtual phone system uses the Internet as a potent tool to make or receive calls. It has changed the face of modern telecommunication and brought about a transformation in the field.

New startups need to move beyond outdated telephone systems and embrace new technological innovations. The first impression is often the last – getting a virtual phone number will give your new venture a touch of professionalism and create a lasting impact on clients.

Let’s take a deeper look and examine how virtual phone systems can revolutionize a new organization’s communication structure:

Top 5 Benefits of VoIP Phone System

1. Builds A Positive Brand Image

Startups need to work on building a good brand name in the market. They generally compete with established players that are well known, hence new organizations have to take extra steps to connect and forge a genuine rapport with clients. 

Getting a VoIP phone solution makes sure that your support representatives are always ready to receive calls from customers. It opens multiple channels of communication and creates an aura of trust and transparency in business operations.

There are additional features in virtual phone platforms that enable businesses to play customized pre-recorded greeting messages and even wish clients for special occasions such as birthdays.

This shows customers that your organization values their patronage, and creates an unbreakable bond that ensures that they don’t switch to rivals.

2. Cost Savings

There is no doubt about this – startups are always tight on cash and cannot afford to waste money or precious resources.

A virtual phone platform is a one –time investment that can yield great returns for any kind of organization, but is even more crucial for startups as it gives them economical calling rates. New businesses usually need to make a high volume of cold calls and network with people to increase their target base. 

VoIP phone service providers go out of the way to customize pricing plans for new businesses and provide them the best rates.

This makes corporate communication affordable and gives startups access to apex HD audio quality along with novel features. Another great aspect of VoIP service vendors is that they can personalize a package based on the requirement.

For example: If your startup has an outbound call center that needs to make a high number of outgoing calls daily, your service provider will be able to fix up a pricing plan that provides outgoing calls at the minimum possible price.

3. Holistic Customer Experience

Customer is king – startups need to acknowledge the fact and strive towards providing an excellent customer experience.

The modern customer is well versed in digital technology and expects premium service without any significant delays. Clients do not want to wait for endless periods in telephone queues, as this leads to dropped calls and built-up frustration. 

A VoIP phone system redirects callers to available support representatives in a structured manner and reduces the average call wait time. It prioritizes urgent calls and ensures that VIP clients receive quick service.

Most business phone system also has interactive voice response technology, thus they empower customers by allowing self-direction to the required department or extension number.

All in all, a virtual phone solution is a must-have asset for startups as it can lead to a profound positive impact on customers and increase satisfaction levels to a large extent!

4. Advanced Business Features

Technology is moving at an alarmingly fast pace- new organizations need to harness the power of new tools to gain an edge.

Virtual telephony gives access to a plethora of intelligent features that aid in team collaboration and data sharing. Features such as call recording can enable new businesses to keep an electronic log of all conversations that can be accessed to provide better staff training.

Other features such as call forwarding ensure that customer calls can be forwarded at any other mobile phone or landline number, so that not even a single business opportunity is missed. Call planner can help executives’ organization business communication with overseas clients so that it occurs at a time of mutual convenience to both parties. 

Another feature that is heavily in demand by all kinds of business is call analytics as it measures all important parameters such as call duration; average wait time, and location of the caller.

Managers can analyze all key performance metrics, and proactively solve any issues that may hamper profitability. Startups need to invest in a virtual phone system at the earliest, as they may miss out on all these exciting business features that can help them increase operational efficiency and lead to a dramatic increase in business revenues.

5. Better Accessibility

The 21st century is a digital era, and it is important to remain connected at all times. Since business phone systems just need a strong Internet connection to function, they can greatly help in increasing accessibility to clients. Startup owners and team members can attend important business calls even while they are on the move – attending conferences, conducting client visits or traveling out of the country.

Remote work is not a distant dream anymore, rather completely possible with virtual phone numbers. Startups need not compromise on market talent due to geographical location; rather they can employ workers in any corner of the world and stay connected through VoIP platforms.

Virtual phone solutions are the perfect way to boost accessibility and gain a strong presence – so new organizations need to get this revolutionary tool at the earliest to ensure that they don’t remain stuck within the office premises!

Being part of the startup culture is definitely challenging – long hours, tight resources, stiff competition, and an evolving dynamic environment prone to unexpected surprises.

However, if your startup can invest in a virtual phone system, at least you can be rest assured that communication will not be a problem. It ensures seamless business communication in a cost-effective manner, and also provides numerous advanced features for better productivity.

VoIP phone systems are built to grow with your organization; hence they are indeed ideal for startups as additional modules can be purchased anytime.

Business phone systems also integrate with any existing platforms such as CRM software or sales force automation solutions, thus ensuring the seamless transfer of data without any hassles.

Ditch the traditional systems, take a leap of faith, and jump on-board the virtual telephone bandwagon. It will definitely be a strategic decision for any startup and yield great returns for a growing organization!

Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at Appitsimple. She has experience in digital marketing, social media, content strategy, and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & Boston sports.

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