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Last updated: May 26, 2020

The current business environment is heavily competitive, and you need to satisfy your clients to retain them. This means that your organization needs to remain accessible to customers, round the clock!

Now, how exactly is that possible?

Well, it’s simple. Just invest in an automated call center solution to empower your call agents with real-time data, and boost operational efficiency. It is a great way to manage customer information, improve client call handling, and build team collaboration. 

If your organization needs to make or receive a high volume of customer calls daily, make sure to leverage the power of technology. You can streamline routine tasks and engage customers easily by getting the best call center software in the market.

The market is flooded with various call center software options. How do you know which one will actually deliver results? It’s not rocket science – just assess your business requirements, read client reviews, and choose a reliable service provider to customize a call center software tool for your organization. While there are many great platforms available, today we review a leading solution in the field – Voiptime Contact Center Software.

Introduction To Voiptime Contact Center Software

A well-established company, Voiptime Cloud started operations in 2010 with the objective of making a significant contribution to enhancing the efficiency in the emerging contact center. The major markets of the organization are USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Highly popular across the globe, Voiptime Cloud provides a range of solutions to firms in the banking & financial services, logistics, BPO, insurance, e-commerce, and manufacturing industry. 

A cloud-based solution, Voiptime Contact Center enables organizations to handle their call center operations efficiently, and processes client requests across multiple communication channels. It helps small-medium businesses and enterprises remain accessible to customers through email, voice calls, web chats, and chatbots. 

Power-packed with a range of innovative features, Voiptime Contact Center is an ideal tool that provides cloud and on-premise implementations. The platform is backed by a highly professional team, and provides excellent user-support that even includes a free initial training for the client.

Salient Features of Voiptime Contact Center

1. Automatic Call Distribution and Universal Channel Queue

An immensely useful feature of Voiptime Contact Center is automatic call distribution that answers customer calls, and distributes them between groups of available agents. The callers are guided to agents based on certain preselected criteria such as their geographic location, preferred language, agent skill set, and customer requirements.

Voiptime Contact Center also ensures a universal queue for multiple channels; hence irrespective of whichever channel your clients use to contact your organization, they will get redirected at the earliest. The system allows to configure task distribution between all agent groups, and determine priorities for each of these tasks (inbound line or outbound call campaign, webchats, etc.) and each agent. 

VoIPTime Contact Center Review

Intelligent call routing identifies clients on the interactive voice response system, and forwards the call to the agent with the most suitable qualification. This significantly boosts customer loyalty, and increases the chances of effective first call resolution.

2. Interactive Voice Response System

Voiptime Contact Center software ensures that your agents will no longer have to entertain repetitive requests! It has an advanced interactive voice response solution that promotes self-service so that your customers receive quality support, even during non-working hours.

The interactive voice response system is useful for organizations as it allows them to conduct self-service for inbound calls and outbound agentless campaigns – mundane tasks such as order confirmation, surveys, and feedback collection that do not require the direct involvement of an agent.

VoIPTime Contact Center Review

3. Flexible Configuration of Outbound Call Campaigns

Definitely the most beneficial feature of Voiptime Contact Center, flexible configuration of outbound call campaigns helps in increasing agent efficiency, task flow management, and saves tons of time. Voiptime Contact Center can optimize your outbound calling and increase reach rate, as it has flexible redialing options and time-zone support. Users can use these three dialing modes:

  • Preview: In this, the agent can view the customer record before calling and will need to manually dial the number to establish contact.
  • Progressive: Also known as power dialer, progressive dialing is automated and connects calls to agents only once live customers pick them up.
  • Predictive: This is a completely automated mode, where the system dials from a list of telephone numbers and screens them for busy signals, dropped calls, wrong numbers, and voicemails. In this case only live calls are connected with the agent. It dials multiple numbers per agent, and decides the pace of dialing based on an intelligent algorithm. So the agent idle time stays low even if they make cold calls.

VoIPTime Contact Center Review

It is important to maximize  contact rate during cold calling campaigns. Utilizing a powerful tool such as predictive dialer can help agents process up to 100% of contacts from the database, and it also boosts agent occupancy to 70%. These are great figures for telemarketing organizations as it increases sales conversions, and ultimately business revenues.

4. Call Scripting

Voiptime Contact Center software enables agents to improve service during customer interactions by giving them access to real-time information, whenever required. It has a customizable script builder that makes it super easy to add questionnaires, construct knowledge bases, and configure complex scripts in a minimum amount of time.

VoIPTime Contact Center Review

Call agents can also view their CRM solution in a script iFrame block, and view customer information and past order details during an active client conversation. This enhances the overall customer experience, and reduces the waiting time, as agents are able to resolve problems quickly due to instant data access.

5. Online Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Voiptime Contact Center software ensures that companies can check the performance of individual agents, and build quality assurance in all processes. It is also possible to grade specific agent performance through customized scorecards, after listening to live customer calls.  Managers can choose their level of involvement through three specific modes –

VoIPTime Contact Center Review

  • Call Whispering: Providing guidance to agents through voice messages during a customer call.
  • Hidden Mode: Monitor agent interaction with the customer in an unseen mode.
  • Call Barging:  Join ongoing conversations with clients to resolve issues efficiently and provide better service.

Since managers cannot listen to all real-time calls, Voiptime Contact Center also facilitates call recording. This helps managers play out recorded calls at any time of their convenience to ensure quality service and compliance by teams. Online monitoring is a great feature as it can improve agent training and also boost agility and responsiveness in the support team.

VoIPTime Contact Center Review

6. Web chats

Voiptime Contact Center software can help your organization handle all customer chat requests, and bring together communication at a single unified portal. Users can easily set up customized web widgets for separate chat servers and websites. This maintains stringent data confidentiality as all customer conversation history is saved on these chat servers that can be located either internally or externally. 

VoIPTime Contact Center Review

Webchats feature allows operators to view history of past customer chats so that they can improve the quality of counseling and service. Agents can also initiate chats with clients, edit sent messages, send chat messages to customers, and forward chat sessions to other operators for professional guidance. It ensures that customers receive speedy service, without any delay or hassles!

7. Advanced Reporting Tools

Voiptime Contact Center has sophisticated reporting and analytical options that drive efficiency and boost the quality of customer service. Users can access a range of historical data to make informed decisions that help in achieving strategic goals. Here are some useful reporting templates that help Voiptime Contact Center users in analyzing real-time data and improving performance indicators

  • Agent Reports: Gives complete information about individual and group agent performance and workload.
  • Call Distribution Reports: Enables users to know about inbound calls of the day, and the current processing status.
  • ACD: Displays the number of inbound calls, time spent by each caller on the IVR system before being attended by an agent, and average call time.
  • Service Level Report: Measures the overall efficiency of the inbound call processing by comparing actual figures with the target response time.
  • Outbound Campaign Reports: Provides data on all calls made for outbound campaigns, and the status of each call attempt.

VoIPTime Contact Center Review

  • Work Schedules Reports: Gives information of the workload of each agent so that there are no conflicts in schedules. 

The Final Verdict

Voiptime Contact Center software is definitely a winner, as it has a comprehensive range of features, a user-friendly interface, and great customer support. The main advantage of this innovative solution is that it gives access to a unified agent desktop that contains all the information required to process client inquiries. 

If you need a holistic tool to enhance call center performance, boost agent efficiency, and deliver faster customer service, do give Voiptime Contact Center software a shot. It will surely pump up all vital bottom-line results and give your business a sharp competitive edge!

You can explore more about Voiptime Contact Center software on its website or its SoftwareSuggest Profile Page.

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