How vuGST ERP Can Save Pharma Industries’ Resources and Time?



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Last updated: May 7, 2021

The pharmaceutical sector is seeing a great surge in terms of growth and research operations on a broad level across the globe, ranked at 3rd in the world in terms of volume and 14th in terms of revenue. Pharmaceutical exports for 2016 – 2017 stand at 16.4 billion dollars which is contributing almost a quarter to the Indian revenue.

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Major technological problems faced by the Indian pharmaceuticals are:

  • Being accurate and precise while being cost-effective
  • Maintaining the quality and production right
  • Reducing the manufacturing costs
  • Planning & Storage because any little change could result in a different end-product
  • Data sharing across all the different departments across the companies
  • GST compliant taxation & accounting software

How vuGST ERP software giant can help you solve the complex problems:

  • Automation potentially does a lot of cost cutting and allows the organization to optimize its resources.
  • Quality management module helps the organization to stay compliant with the industry standards and helping them to cut the excessive production costs.
  • With proper inventory management, you can control the inward supply and outward supply without affecting the manufacturing processes, cost and delays.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is very susceptible to environment, any little change in storage could result in a different output. This is where planning is very important for the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Data sharing between different departments using centralized ERP software where data can be easily shared, helps the company to yield better results.
  • vuGST ERP software is backed by Udyog Software, a leader in taxation, users can automatically upload the returns to the GSTN portal.

Other vuGST ERP software features include:

  • Material tracking with Bar-coding
  • Production Automation
  • Basic & Advanced Accounting
  • HR Payroll & Management
  • Advanced dashboards & Analytics
  • Sales & Purchase Reports
  • Engineering operations
  • Purchase
  • Export documentation
  • Effective Cost Management

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