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Last updated: September 17, 2020

The reason why you are reading this is that you are in the market looking for a simple and easy to use accounting software. Maybe you don’t know anything about accounting and need a software program that is easy to operate. Or because you are using some extremely advanced accounting software and are tired of the confusing accounting lingo.

Fear Not, we are here to help you. We have recently reviewed a software which will help you ease your pain and is an easy fix to your bookkeeping woes.

Vyapar, as the name signifies is specially designed for Vyaparis to solve their small business needs. It is one of the simplest business accounting and inventory management software app available in the market today.

It is for people who run their own business and have to keep records but are not very well -versed with technology and accounting.

The software offers an intuitive and seamless experience so that users can start invoicing as soon as they sign up. All tasks will be done in the blink of an eye such as online invoicing, billing, reconciling bank accounts, reports extraction etc.

The software also offers automation tools to make accounting as easy as possible. Automatic Payment reminders can be set so that users can sit back and relax without worrying about the invoice getting paid on time.

Vyapar’s beautiful dashboard optimizes the way software is used. Users can get a quick glimpse of their finances as soon as they login into their accounts.

What we discussed is just a drop in the ocean.

Some of the other outstanding features of Vyapar are:

1. Professional invoices

Create and send customized invoices according to your customer’s needs. These are entirely professional and will reflect your brand identity. They have 8 different types of templates like the traditional ones that businesses are using from a very long time, GST, and Tally standard theme.

They also have the option to choose the color that your printer support which makes the invoice look more attractive and more professional. There are multiple options you can go with the one that best supports your client needs.

2. Stock and Inventory Management

If you are using Vyapar then trust me you will never go out of stock again. Their robust stock and inventory management module helps you categorize products, know low stock inventory items and help you invest in the right inventory to increase your business revenue.

3. Customization

Vyapar is completely customizable. Just go to settings review each and every functionality provided by them and enable it based on your business needs. It will help you see the things which are applicable to your business only.

4. Auto Backup

If you are using offline version all you need to do is enable the auto-backup feature and you can get a back up on your registered email id. They provide different backup options- local drive, Google drive and of course the email option. You can also restore these backups back into Vyapar.

5. An intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard is Vyapar Showstopper feature as this will help you know the overall status of your business. It will give you details about your current cash-in-hand, stock value, expenses, bank account balances, etc all in one place.

Vyapar dashboard

6. Receivable and Payable

With Vyapar keep complete track of the money you have to collect from the market (Accounts Receivable) and money that you have to pay to the market (Accounts Payable) at all times and have a crystal clear visibility on who owes you how much and vice versa.

7. Sale Invoice

Select the name, item, the quantity, discounts if applicable, and everything will be calculated automatically and an invoice will be generated.

Vyapar sale page
Sale Invoice

8. Bank Accounts

Keep a track of all your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets used in the business. This will help you maintain the right cash flow as well as liquidity.

9. Help and Support

For Vyapar team their customers are everything. Providing them with the best customer service is their topmost priority. Hence they have provided a help section, from where you can check for new updates. You can also check which updates came in the previous release using the release note options. They are video tutorials to guide the users in case of any difficulty.

10. Item Import

You can import items and parties from your local P.C directly into Vyapar. Just go the import option and select the excel file where all the information is stored. Your excel sheet with thousands of rows will be in into Vyapar in one shot. No manual entries anymore.

11. Transaction Message

The transaction message is a special setting whereas a new user you get 200 messages free. Whenever a transaction is performed you as well the customer will get a text message stating the amount being debited or credited. You can customize the messages as per your need.

Vyapar Transaction Message
Transaction Message

12. Detailed Reports

Keep track of minute to minute transaction you perform using Vyapar-. It can be a Sale, purchase, cash flow, GST, expense and a lot more. You can extract these reports for a particular period of time and in different formats using the filter option.

Vyapar reports

Bottom Line

Vyapar will allow you to manage your business finances and cash flow without any hurdles, no matter what level of accounting experience you bring to the table. It is the place where simplicity meets powerful features. Their only aim is to make accounting accessible to everyone. So if you are the one who is not interested in wasting time in learning complex and highly advanced software then this is definitely the right place for you.

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