Ways Drones Are Revolutionizing the Building and Construction Industry



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Last updated: April 13, 2021

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Technology is gradually paving the path for automation, computerization, and artificial intelligence. The result of this technological revolution is an increase in work efficiency, higher productivity, and utmost quality standards. If we talk about the latest technological innovations, the drone would find a mention on the list.

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Until some years ago, drones were just being used for aerial photography. But now, drones have evolved into a utility that is being used in diverse sectors such as logistics, defense & security, media, manufacturing, and others. The construction industry is one of these industries that are utilizing drones most effectively.

According to the Business Insider’s report, real estate is the second largest industry in the USA that deploys drones in its operations. This depicts the importance of drones, and how its deployment is a boon for the personnel in the building and construction industry. Also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), drones have a wide range of application in the construction sector.

How Drones are Influencing the Building and Construction Industry operations?

Let’s discuss some of the effective ways.

  • Site Inspection and Surveillance

Construction projects can become too complicated to handle efficiently. And when you have to manually inspect everything, it can also become hectic. Site inspection deals with a lot of responsibilities. These include site inspection before surveying, during surveying, during the construction, and at the time of completion.

Basically, you need to maintain a 24/7 vigil to ensure the construction work is going on as per the plan. Drones have actually made to possible to conveniently inspect each and every aspect at any time of the day.

You can deploy drones to inspect that workforce is at the designated area. Based on the inspection, you can reshuffle the workforce to accomplish goals before the deadlines. Drones can be used to inspect the logistics operation, keeping a vigil on the vehicles coming in and going out.

The data collected with the assistance of drones can be managed in construction management software, thereby allowing you to maintain and share inspection records with the project team.

  • Marketing & Sales Purpose

The drones are extensively used for video recording and photography. The marketing and sales wing of your construction project management team can use drones to capture amazing visuals and use them for marketing purposes. The drones are capable of capturing a bird-eye view of the construction site.

If you showcase these images and videos in your marketing campaigns, the audience will be able to analyze in a better way. Moreover, these visuals ensure an immersive experience, thereby increasing audience engagement with the content.

Besides marketing, the captured images and videos are useful for sales purpose as well. For example, when a client visits your office, you can showcase real-time visuals without stepping out of the office. Deploy and maneuver drones by using controls to ensure a satisfying site visit for the clients.

The construction management software has inbuilt features that assist you with utilizing these images and videos for marketing campaigns. Further, you can also avail detailed analytic reports regarding the performance of these campaigns.

  • Improved Communication

Communication keeps the process going. This is applicable in the construction industry as well. Drones are immensely beneficial for communication purposes. Let us suppose that you are on a video conference call with the investors and the board of directors. To render a comprehensive view of the construction project, you can use drones to capture imagery and showcase these to everyone via video conference call.

As you can see, you don’t need to depend on satellite imagery to share information. The drone simplifies the job, making the complete process swift and efficient. Similarly, drones are useful for other communicative purposes like site inspection, human resource management, interaction with team members, and so on.

  • Conducting Surveys

A construction project begins with the surveying. While conducting the baseline survey, it is crucial to analyze every component of the project. The survey will determine future implementation, completion, and success of the project. Again, drones find application in the task of surveying, whether its site inspection, compliance with rules and regulations, mapping, or any other survey-related tasks.

Drones can be beneficial in building information modeling (BIM) process to ensure that actual site construction is being done following the 3D model, or to develop a 3D manifestation on the basis of the actual site report. The Project Management Software lays special emphasis on surveying. Therefore, while selecting construction management software, ensure that the software is capable of integrating with the drone operations.

  • Efficient Project Management

When you deployed drone in construction management, you can expect utmost efficiency in all operations. Whether its workforce management, supply chain management, site inspections, board meetings, surveying, security and surveillance, marketing, or anything; drones are required everywhere.

The task of multi-site management becomes a lot easier for project managers. Instead of visiting multiple sites, they can simply deploy drones to avail a comprehensive view of the sites.

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As a drone keeps a check on the raw material supply & usage, workforce engagement, and other parameters, it can be integrated with the Performance Management System. The drone will collect and transfer data, and the system will organize data and generate reports for in-depth analytics.

Haven’t Deployed a Drone Yet?

If you want to gain an edge over your competitors and want to increase the efficiency of building and construction industry projects drastically, you should invest in drone technology. It will not only reduce your expenses but will assist you in marketing and promotions as well, thereby facilitating higher sales and revenue.

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