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An organization comprises of employers and employee productivity. To meet the organizational goals and achieve success, everyone in the organization should work up to the mark. Obviously, employers will work hard as it is their dream to hold the organization high. However, all the employees may not feel the same and may not work properly. In other cases, employees may face difficulties in reaching some goals. Whatever the reason may be, the employer should make sure every employee is giving his/her best!!

Employee Productivity:

The output of an employee in a period of time is called the productivity of that employee. The productivity of an employee is measured with respect to the same work done by other employees. Employee productivity is the assessment of an employee or a team and their efficiency.

Employee Productivity

There are several reasons for why an employee’s productivity decreases. Financial problems, job security or even illness can be the barriers to employee productivity. When a person is facing any problem, they cannot concentrate on their work and cannot give 100% of their productivity. In such cases, a strong motivation is needed for the employee.

However, in the above cases, the employer may not do much to get a solution for the problem. So, the productivity remains affected. Besides these reasons, there is one other factor dominating the above-mentioned factors and impacting the productivity badly. And this factor is termed as “Cyber-Slacking”.


This is the term used to describe the use of office computers or internet facility for personal work by an employee. In this case, the employees use the facilities in search of games, browsing the social media or shopping online, and thus avoid their actual work.

Cyber Slacking

The growth of an organization is badly affected as cyberslacking downs the employee productivity to a great level. Just for a better idea on this, here I’m giving you some statistics of cyberslacking:

  • The traffic is driven to the pornographic websites during the working hours i.e 9 am – 5 pm is 70%…pretty high, right?
  • In a survey, 64% of employees admitted that they use office internet for their personal work
  • 37% of workers surf the internet continuously, even though they don’t need it
  • Cyberslacking counts for (30-40)% of productivity loss
  • (21-31)% of 800 employees surveyed admitted to sending confidential information of the organization like financial or product data, to other people by email. This is the most terrible thing in a competitive business world

With all these stats, you might have understood the need to prevent the cyberslacking.

How To Use Technology In Preventing Cyberslacking?

Simply by watching from your cabin, you cannot tell who is working and who are pretending. Being a busy boss, you cannot make rounds again and again around all the employees and monitor their work. Then, what is the solution to this problem?

How To Use Technology In Preventing Cyberslacking
Well, we can use cyber solutions to prevent this cyberslacking. In this advanced technological world, every problem has at least one solution if not more. Monitoring your employees using an “Employee Management Software”  to improve their productivity is a good solution. There are various Employee Monitoring Software like temp monitor, iMonitor, the Office Software etc. available easily online.

What Are The Things You Can Do With An Employee Monitoring Software?What Are The Things You Can Do With An Employee Monitoring Software


  • Prevent Data Leakage:

The main problem with cyberslacking is the leakage of confidential data of your business. As we said earlier, unauthenticated email access is the main cause of this problem. Using the software, you can limit your employees accessing the emails.

  • Block Unwanted Websites:

You can block the unnecessary websites like e-commerce and pornographic websites on your network. This will make the employees concentrate on their work more and will also increase their productivity. If you use a software like iMonitor EAM, you can easily block and unblock the websites you want to. Just check out the below image to understand more:Flexible Blocking Features

  • Create A Virtual Witness:

The best feature of the software is that you can save the screenshots of the desktop of each employee. In some advanced software, you can record in video format as well. Further, you can even record the keystrokes of the keyboard of the system. Thus, you can easily get to know who are the actual “performers” and who are the “pretenders”.

In the below figure, it is shown how you can get the screenshots of your employee PC activities using the ActivTrak Employee Monitoring System. With this, you can check and maintain a virtual witness of every employee’s PC activities.


  • Reward The Deserved Ones:

With this monitoring software, you could get to know what an employee is doing. So, you can correctly estimate the productivity of each employee. There are some hardworking employees who are giving their best. They deserve rewards. So, you can easily identify the deserved ones and give them appraisals and other performance-based perks.

Using EmpMonitor Software, you can get the complete report of your employees’ PC activities. With this, you can get to know who are working and who are pretending. With this, you can also reward the deserving employees. Here is an image that shows you a sample of this:

EmpMonitor Software

By preventing cyberslacking, technology helps the employers a lot in increasing the employee productivity. But, there are some other areas where employees are facing problems. Let us see what they are and how we can solve them too using technology:

Save Time With Online Communication Services:

Communication between people in an organization is an important aspect. But, when people are far away from each other, you cannot call your employees again and again to your cabin. This wastes a lot of time. As a solution for this, you can use the instant messaging services like Telegram and Skype.Save Time With Online Communication Services

We all know that with Skype, we can make video calling as well. So, you or your employees can make interactive communication with your clients located in other places.

Use Cloud Computing Services:

Cloud computing is the best way to save time. Your team members can easily share data with each other using the cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive etc. Even when people are out of town or on the way to the office, they can work. This really saves a lot of time and increases the productivity of the organization as a whole. Also, you can track the progress of the work and accordingly give guidelines to your team. Thus, you can reach your targets quickly.

The below image shows the statistics related to the use of the cloud computing services by some organizations in the year 2015. We can get to know how business organizations are using Cloud Computing as service for improving their employee productivity.

Use Cloud Computing Services

Improve Contacts And Network:

Making new contacts and improving knowledge helps your employees a lot to give their best. When they attend a conference, they may have a chance to meet new clients and prospects. Using the professional networks like LinkedIn, they can easily make a connection with them and get to know everything about them. Thus, your employees can improve the network of your business. So, make sure all your employees are maintaining such Social Media profiles.


The competition is too high for any business. Technology has solutions to all difficulties in a business, thus improving the overall productivity. On the other hand, technology is also the reason for reduced employee productivity. Social Media and E-commerce etc.are destructing the employees’ attention. But then again, technology itself gives solution for this problem,  in the form of some Monitoring Software. Also, Information Technology is also making it easier for the employees to stay updated with the latest happenings related to their field of work.

With globalization, businesses are trading with other countries. Here, technology builds a bridge of communication between clients and your employees. Thus, it is abundantly clear that technology is playing a key role in improving the employee productivity of your business.

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