How to Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Magento eCommerce Website?


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Last updated: May 7, 2021

Today, most of the merchants, retailers, and big brands are developing eCommerce websites to promote and sell their products to their potential customers online. However, there are numbers of factors that you need to keep in mind while creating your Magento web store. Most of the Magento store owners are encountering a high bounce rate issues at some or the other point. This situation occurs when the web visitors leave your site directly from the landing page, without even browsing to any other page. There are many reasons for high bounce rate – be it poor user experience, slow loading speed, complex web design, etc.

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If you want to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of your online store, then here are seven ingenious ways that can help you reduce the bounce rate of your e-store for improved user engagement and higher conversion rates.

1. Improve Loading Speed


Speed is one of the key factors that can make or break the accessibility, usability, and visibility of your online store. Most of the web customers give up on the online store that takes ages to load a product’s image or description or a web page – this increases the bounce rate and reduces the conversion rate of a site. Even a 2-second delay in loading a web page can make a huge impact on your sales.

If you want to improve the loading speed of your site, make sure that you don’t add too many heavy features and functionality to your online store. Integrate only those extensions that are essential for your eCommerce site and disable all those that can badly affect the performance of your store. Last, but not least – inform yourself about alternative web hosting options (e.g. check this article by WhoIsHostingThis) and if you see that your needs are growing, do not hesitate to move to a new provider. This not only reduces bounce rate but also gives a soothing shopping experience to your customers.

2. High-Quality Web Design

The design of a Magento web store tells everything about your business. It reflects your identity, web presence and leaves a lasting impression on your customer’s mind. This means you can’t afford poor web design for your eCommerce store. With the help of a beautiful design, you can encourage people to visit your e-store and buy their desired products.

To generate quality leads, you need to focus on a unique, user-friendly, and quality Magento design. Also, make sure that you offer high-quality product images with different angles and zooming functionality. This will allow customers to buy your products quickly and easily, which in turn, improve the ROI and reduce the bounce rates of your online store.

3. An ‘Appropriate’ Color Theme

The selection of a color theme completely depends on the type of your Magento web store. Since there are selected range of color themes that can give rich user experience, you need to ensure that you opt for the most suitable option that can enhance the web design of your eCommerce site.

Never use too many color combinations – as this can look too gaudy!! Also, make a use of proper white space to improve the accessibility of your site. This ensures soothing browsing and shopping experience whenever they access your e-store.

4. Quick And Easy Navigation

Encourage web visitors to stay longer on your e-store by providing them quick and easy navigation experience. A navigation system of a website is designed to allow customers to access and navigate through the web pages, without any distraction – this maintains their interest, which in turn boosts the conversions of your online store.

By creating simple and clean navigation icons, texts, positions, you can let your visitors browse your web-store quickly and efficiently. And never create complications for your web visitors whenever they arrive on your site. You can use the same navigation model for all your web pages to let your visitors get the desired results in no time. Make sure you follow the standard navigation structure because a slight change can make a huge impact on the user experience of your online store.

5. Responsive Web Design


No matter what devices your customers are using, make sure that you provide them a quality user experience by creating a responsive Magento e-store. Today, most of the people use their smartphones or tablets to shop online to save both their time and effort.

To give them rich shopping experience, you need to create a mobile-optimized online store that can run on multiple devices and mobile platforms, without compromising its quality and UX design. With the help of responsive web templates, you can make your web store compatible with all web as well as mobile browsers. Such templates automatically adapt their size according to the screen resolution of a device on which your site is being viewed. A responsive e-store can help you enhance your sales and reduce the bounce rates.

6. Stop Using Pop-ups

Nobody wants to visit a website where they keep on poking the unwanted pop-ups and advertisements – this disturbs the browsing experience of a visitor which leads to higher bounce rates. Use of annoying pop-ups forces visitors to leave your site and look for a better alternative.

If you want to give your visitors a hassle-free experience, you should avoid using pop-ups and concentrate on genuine digital marketing techniques to drive quality web traffic.

7. Beautifully Designed Checkout Page

Running an eCommerce store without an impressive Checkout page won’t help you generate sales – the checkout page is the heart of an eCommerce site.

To convert your visitors into potential customers, you need to focus on creating visually appealing checkout page along with all the advanced features that would give your customers a top-notch shopping experience. Ensure that your shopping cart is visible on each of your product page– this makes it super easy for customers to add and delete items from the cart in a matter of few seconds. So, customize the design of your checkout page, and encourage customers to buy from your Magento web store over and over again.

Bottom Line

These are some simple ways that can help you reduce the bounce rates of your Magento eCommerce store and give you the opportunity to drive more quality traffic, and subsequently more sales. These tips can improve the user experience on your online store, and in-turn provide your eCommerce store with more sales and revenue!!

Linda Wester describes herself as a professional web developer who loves everything to do with web development and share her experience with others through her articles. Right now, she has been contributing her services to a leading custom Magento development firm for more than 4 years.

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