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Last updated: March 2, 2021

You’ve put in the long hours and hard work to develop your business idea into practice, and now you want to grow your business. Whereas previously you will have taken a hands-on approach, to grow your business you need to take a more hands-off approach. It feels counter-intuitive, but by automating as much of your business as you can, such as marketing automation, you can let technology take the strain.

Here are 3 ways you can streamline and grow your business:

1. Website

Your website is the storefront for your business, and whereas in years gone by they were a digital brochure of the products and services that you offer your clients and customers, now they are a marketing platform that can do the hard work for you. Your website design needs to be optimized to attract visitors via the search engines ranking pages. Everything displayed on your website needs to be there because it adds real value to the visitor journey: from the initial click to the home page through to the checkout. The website will require your time with regard to the content that you display and the platforms that you use to promote it, but take advantage of managed cloud hosting to guarantee updates, security and backups.  

2. Emails

Although the digital landscape evolves quickly, email remains one of the most successful marketing tools for businesses, and you can personalize emails to the recipient’s likes and interests to further engage them to the buying process. Have a subscriber option on your website that allows you to harvest data from your site’s visitors. The information that you collate can be used to personalize emails and add tailored points of interest to the emails that you send.

Perhaps you have a subscriber to your website who regularly views cameras but has not yet purchased one from you. Email automation allows you to send an email that has dynamic content within it that outlines the benefits of a type of camera that you sell – you could even include a discount code to further entice the subscriber to become a consumer. Take this one step further, and after an order has been placed, email the customer with shipping information but also recommended products that complement their purchase.

3. Customer support

No matter how much attention you pay to get orders right, there will always be room for errors to occur. Dealing with customers is a time-consuming process and it is essential to get right to build your brand’s reputation and following. Good customer service is what separates you from your competitors; even if your prices are higher, if you provide great customer support, your clients will remain loyal to you.

You can use cloud-based customer support systems so that your customer support agents know the customer’s details immediately and have access to all relevant documents to work collaboratively between departments to deal with issues quickly and in real time. However, to reduce the number of incidents of direct customer contact, have very clear information on your website: concise product descriptions, FAQ pages, a blog detailing how to use your products and an easy to find contact us page.

Bottom Line

Streamlining your business is only possible by using innovative ways to complete tasks that are central to your business success. Your website should fulfill many of the tasks that have previously taken your time. Use it to promote your products and services, to harvest information from your consumers, and to provide informative articles that satisfy common questions.

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