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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Effective email marketing is a powerful tool for promoting your content or announcing a new product launch to your soft leads so that you can gradually convert them into your loyal customers. Email marketing requires email lists, which play a crucial role in the growth and success of your business.

If you want to survive amid cut-throat competition, you cannot afford to ignore the role of email lists. What’s more, you can also personalize your emails and newsletters to keep your email subscribers & newsletter subscribers engaged.

Email conversion is the process of accumulating sales leads by getting people to subscribe to your emails and newsletters.

Generally, businesses leverage some incentives or lead magnets such as a free ebook, discount code, free shipping offer, viral giveaways, etc. to entice their prospects and augment the number of email subscribers.

Since this post aims at shedding light on effective ways of getting more email subscribers & newsletter subscribers, let’s look at the seven best ways of getting more email subscriptions.

Top 7 Tips to Get More Email Subscribers

1. Add an Email subscription Pop-Up 

Make sure you add an email subscription pop-up form to grab the attention of your web page visitors. The pop-up window asks your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

What’s more, adding exclusive deals, discounts, or freebies with the pop-up is another excellent way to attract your target customers and enhance your sales.

You may choose between multiple pop-up types, such as slide-ins, dropdowns, timed pop-ups, entry pop-ups, exit pop-ups, and lots more.

2. Don’t Ask for too much Information

The tech-savvy millennial customers are quite impatient by nature and prefer doing everything as quickly as possible. Therefore, make sure you do not add too many fields to your web forms.

Asking for too much information from customers may prove disastrous to your campaign as you may end up losing your customers’ attention.

At the same time, make sure you add quick, easy, and intuitive web forms that your prospects will love to fill out.

Instead of asking for your prospects’ name and contact number, it is advisable to ask them to type in their email id. Once you manage to capture their email id, you can collect other relevant information by contacting them via email.

3. Content Locking

This is yet another effective way of getting more email subscribers & newsletter subscribers. A lot of businesses are leveraging this strategy to multiply the quantity of their email and newsletter subscriptions.

Content locking strategy is the process of denying access to a significant portion of your popular and informative blog posts until the readers take your desired course of action, i.e., subscribe to your emails and newsletters.

You can take the help of different content-blocking software solutions to implement this Effective Email Marketing strategy.

4. Create Fun Activities

This is another excellent way to increase the number of your email subscribers & newsletter subscribers. You can add fun activities to your websites, such as quiz or puzzle video games.

All you need to do is add a relevant game or fun quiz to your website and share the scores only if your site visitors subscribe to your emails and newsletters.

Add subscription checkbox to your contact form: Another effective way to derive more email newsletter subscribers is to incorporate a subscription checkbox to your contact form.

It is the most effortless way to enable your target audiences to subscribe to your emails and newsletters while submitting a contact form on your website.

5. Keep Mobile Users in Mind

Nowadays, the majority of internet traffic is generated by mobile/handheld devices. Thus, you should pay attention to mobile conversion strategies too. Lead generation strategies for mobile devices are different from desktop conversion strategies.

For example, to build your email list using mobile, you need to embrace responsive email design to get higher click rates from mobile phone users. In simple words, you should optimize your emails for smartphones, iPods, tabs, and laptops to make your emails mobile-friendly.

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6. Use Interesting Colors

Color combinations also play an essential role in building a good email list. The right combination of colors not only sparks interest but also compels your website visitors to take action.

Therefore, you should utilize different color variations for your text, images, pop-ups, and sign up button to catch the attention of users and gain new email subscribers & newsletter subscribers.

Parting Thoughts

Currently, building an email list is as important as promoting your business. It is an active and never-ending process that calls for careful thought and a smart email marketing strategy. In the digital era, it is important to list down your best options for your marketing campaigns to be successful and catch up with your competitors.

Thus, if you want to stand out in your industry, you should make the right use of email marketing to make your business a huge success.

We hope the seven simple tips cited above will help you grow your email list fast. Strict adherence to these tips will not only help you get more email subscribers & newsletter subscribers but also augment your sales and take your business to new levels of success.

Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at Appitsimple. She has experience in digital marketing, social media, content strategy, and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & Boston sports.

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