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Last updated: March 8, 2021

Technology is moving so fast that it’s sometimes hard to believe we’re only in 2018. Photogrammetry is a prime example of a technology today that reaches across all industries and offers numerous advantages. The name photogrammetry comes from three words you already know. “Photo” means light, “gram” means drawing, and “metry” means measurement.

As you can probably guess from that definition, photogrammetry is the drawing of light and measurement. Today, it’s mostly used to measure areas from above-using drones or airplanes. These photos are then inserted through photogrammetry software to create illustrations, designs, and realistic models. 

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5 Real-World Ways You Can Use Photogrammetry Software

1. Large-Scale Measurements

In the past, creating accurate, large-scale measurements of things like buildings, land area, and more would be time-consuming and costly. Because photogrammetry software can produce 3D models on your computer, it’s easy to calculate accurate measurements without the same effort. That’s why you see photogrammetry software alive and well in many large-scale industries like aerospace, automotive manufacturing, architecture and these are only some example applications for photogrammetric measure.

2. Historical Preservation

One unexpected way to use this technology is in the preservation of historical buildings. Cultural heritage sites and artifacts around the world are slowly deteriorating, and it’s hard to measure these changes over time. By measuring and recording these sights using high levels of detail, these areas are able to be remembered as they were. They can also be used for the protection of these buildings or relics over time since it’s more reasonable to measure the effect of things like harsh climates or tourism.

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3. Aerial Surveying

One of the biggest industries of today is surveying. These professionals work closely with engineers and architects to create new buildings or industrial projects. In these situations, there’s a need for detailed, accurate topographic maps. These need to be both realistic and presence. With 3D modeling applications, it’s easier than ever to create easy to understand blueprints.

4. Crime Scene Analysis

Photogrammetry is crossing all kinds of boundaries to make its way into the law enforcement sector. When a crime is committed, it’s important to measure all important parts of the scene perfectly. While police recounts and witnesses are able to give their account of events, having accurate measurements is invaluable.

3D modeling software can create diagrams of crime scenes and extract measurements from things like surveillance video or photos. Because of this technology, law enforcement officials are able to access the exact crime scene again and again, as needed.

5. Marketing

Finally, photogrammetry is helping people across industries market themselves. Instead of having to market an unfinished prototype or an idea, it’s easier than ever to create easy to understand models of products, architecture designs, and more. This is big news when it comes to securing capital, building a marketing campaign, and creating a better design. It’s much easier to sell a product that investors and consumers can experience in 3D form than a 2D design or print.

There are many different photogrammetry software available today. Are you ready to use this technology for yourself to strengthen your own projects? No matter what you’re working on, there’s no doubt that photogrammetry can make it better. Though this software is relatively new, it’ll likely become the new normal in just a few years.

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