Webinar as a Marketing Tool for your SaaS Product

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Last updated: June 10, 2021

Today’s market is flooded with similar-caliber SaaS firms competing for a small pool of customers. People are bombarded with deals every day: on their social media feeds while simply browsing the internet. If you want to attract people’s attention, you must develop a special bond – a friendship.


Webinars will help you meet your potential customers face-to-face, have a pleasant, engaging session about problems, and understand each other. A webinar is an online seminar. It’s a tried-and-true sales and marketing strategy. It helps you to put a human face on your brand, which encourages consumers to choose your SaaS solution over others. It can be used to educate broad prospects or to sell trained leads.

Why Integrate Webinars into Marketing Strategy as SaaS?

Integrating Webinars

The founder or marketer of a business that provides SaaS (means that most of the majority of the services are digital); it’s only normal that most of your marketing would be done online. Webinars are one of the most effective ways to market SaaS online. Knowing some of the outcomes of webinars will help interact with the audience.

Why are webinars the only option? You can do the same thing with videos, and video marketing is a very effective marketing tool. A webinar, on the other hand, allows us to have a conversation with attendees. When it comes to building trust and authority, the webinar format is perfect for conveying nuanced information and providing people with a forum where they can interact.


Anyone can reach out to hundreds of people in a matter of seconds and gather new leads by gathering email addresses and other contact details. People who register for a webinar permit you to contact them. This allows you to send them details about not only the webinar’s subject but also some of your products and services.

Now you have a better understanding of what you want out of life and what constitutes success at the end of the day. That means you’re about to start working on the webinar’s final touches. You can now choose your webinar’s material, sound, and style.  However, how you use webinars can vary based on your target audience and business. This article will go over some tips for using web conferences to warm up your leads and convert them.

Tips to use Web Conferences

1. Determine who your Target Market is

Target Market

It’s impossible to succeed with a webinar if you don’t know who will be watching. The best way to learn about audience interaction.

Webinars aren’t just about producing new leads and prospects; they will also help you find out when the best time to hold a webinar is, what language to use, and even which examples to include in your webinar scripts.

Run a poll/survey, look for trends in questions addressed to customer service, and read their comments and reviews to get a sense of the customers’ knowledge. And, as a result, potential webinars and other material will be tailored to better meet their needs.

2. Leads should be Nurtured and Trained

The primary reason for using webinars is to nurture leads. You must build a webinar brand for yourself if you want your audience to connect with you and remember you.

Ideally, you’ve already raised company consciousness. Now you must convince those leads that you are the ideal solution to their problems. You can persuade on-the-fence leads to take a closer look at your service in as little as 30 minutes of their time.

Here’s a solution: Make webinars a consistent part of your marketing plan rather than a one-time experience. The company decided to name its SaaS webinars and divide them into different series. Although some businesses produce entire seasons of webinars, addressing timely subjects that hold their viewers to come back for more.

SaaS Webinar

For example, during his Advanced Customer Acquisition Webinar, Neil Patel, a popular online marketing specialist, does an excellent job of establishing authority with the audience.

He tells us a little bit about the businesses he’s started and the businesses he’s aided. He also mentions a few numbers-driven achievements, such as attracting 800 million ready-to-buy visitors to client websites and assisting Cheezburger Media in reaching 500 million monthly page views.

He brings the audience back to his youth, telling them about his poor parents and how difficult it was for him to make a little extra money as a teenager. He then goes on to describe his path to becoming a successful online marketer.

The Hero’s Journey guide will help you make your personal story more convincing. These great pointers will assist you in crafting a story that connects with your audience and effectively defines your expertise.

3. After the webinar, follow up Through the Email database

Email Followups

Don’t give up on those who don’t convert right away. Some employees may be unfamiliar with the organization, necessitating more effort on your part. Some people are skeptical for a variety of reasons, like personal convictions or a poor experience in the past.

Hosting a webinar will help here because each new sign-up equals a new email subscriber. You have their permission to advertise to them as long as they are on your email list. This is significant because instead of waiting for them to come to you, you can go to them (via their inbox).

However, it is important not to overwork yourself to maintain a flexible schedule. Even if you send high-quality emails every day with useful content and tips, it will appear as spam, and as a result, your efforts will be devalued. Once a week, you can help them build confidence and progress through the SaaS buying cycle.


Webinars can work magic for the popularity of your SaaS. It helps to gain more connections on LinkedIn and other social media platforms and drive traffic to your website and create your email list. If you’re not using webinars in your SaaS marketing strategy, you’re losing out on one of the most successful ways to demonstrate and sell products.

If you still don’t like presenting a PowerPoint? Do a webinar! Surely, this will assist you in improving your webinar game and expanding your audience of potential buyers.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Please share them in the comment section below.

Ankit Thakor
Ankit Thakor is a marketer by trade and a football player by passion. He is a Saas Marketing Specialist at SoftwareWorld. He specializes in using compelling content to capture consumer dollars for world-class SaaS brands, including Zoho, Freshworks, ClickUp, and more.

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