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Last updated: May 6, 2021

Though organizations have always wanted to evaluate the performance of their teams better, until the last decade, there was a severe dearth of employee monitoring tools. Although several organizations adopted one or more of such tools in the past, they never became the rage they were designed to be. Since most teams were working in close proximity to each other, managers could physically check on employees and see what they were working on in real-time. However, the scenario quickly changed with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic caused many companies to shut down their offices and adopt a remote-work model. As more and more employees started working from home, evaluating and tracking their tasks became increasingly difficult. Thus organizations started looking for tools to track attendance, monitor progress, and evaluate the productivity of their remote workforce. Thankfully, employee monitoring technology has taken giant strides since the 2010s and now came with a host of features like screenshot capture, employee activity, website usage monitoring, etc.

Many organizations have already started using employee monitoring software to monitor their workforce remotely. However, for most companies, dealing with multiple pricey and complicated tools has been an ordeal. They sure offer features like time and attendance reports, real-time employee monitoring, and task management, but collating all this data and integrating it with your existing systems is a different ball game altogether. Thus organizations in dire need of employee monitoring systems too have shied away from them due to these hassles. 

Each organization is unique, and so are their employee monitoring needs. Similarly, they all have their own timetables and billing conventions. Most solutions available today conveniently ignore the need for manual adjustments and customizations, making them unfit for large and distributed corporations. Thankfully, there is a new breed of integrated staff monitoring systems which combine the above features to deliver a comprehensive employee and time tracking system which integrates with other applications smoothly. Today we will be discussing WebWork Time Tracker, an all-in-one time tracking and staff monitoring solution designed to save organizational time and boost productivity.

What is WebWork Time Tracker?

WebWork Time Tracker is a modern employee monitoring and time tracking solution that tracks the hours put in by staff monitors activity levels and takes screenshots for marking attendance. WebWork is a highly flexible time tracking system that offers employee monitoring through the web, Chrome extension, mobile, and desktop. It calculates the time each employee spends on his systems, tracks applications and websites visited during office hours and offers a wide range of reports to map employee performance.

WebWork supports multiple user types with specific rights, ensuring that project managers, executive management, employees, clients, and owners can gain access to the specific information they need from anywhere. It allows you to add employees in bulk or import their data via Excel files into your system. Once they are onboarded, you can assign employees to project teams and create custom contracts for them. The individuals invited just need to download the tracker software from WebWork’s official website, enter their project and task details, and WebWork can automatically track their work from then on.

WebWork Dashboard

WebWork Time Tracker comes in very handy for CEO/CFOs, executive managers, project managers, staff, and clients. While managers can view and manage the activities and tasks completed by their teams, employees can manage projects, update progress, create deadlines, attach files and prioritize tasks. Employees can also view and edit their records captured and reorder tasks using drag-and-drop functionality.

WebWork allows you to analyze various reports like timesheet, attendance, and productivity reports with filters such as project name or usernames. There are also hourly reports that can be visualized as pie charts, line graphs, and bar graphs, allowing you to check the time invested by an employee on every task. You can also view the applications and websites used by your employees, check their mouse and keyboard clicks, inactive times, and time spent on social media.

Report Analysing

While the WebWork Time  Tracker software can monitor activity and take screenshots besides capturing attendance entry times, its SaaS-based Web Tracker can be used only for tracking time on projects, tasks and activity. Employers can set the work duration, start and end time, and recess for an employee or team and the system automatically calculates their stats. Employees can also make adjustments or manual entries into the system, which need approval by the managers.

WebWork Time Tracker helps your employees switch between projects while their time is being mapped, facilitating more accurate invoicing. You can also set hourly rates for projects and tasks so that bills are automatically generated for the number of hours worked. WebWork integrates seamlessly with multiple applications. You can easily transfer duties and import records from tools like Zoho and Asana. Additionally, for applications that are not yet integrated, WebWork allows you to create zaps (i.e., automated workflows that connect your apps and services) for reducing your workload. The solution also enables you to mark applications and websites as ‘productive,’ ‘unproductive,’ and ‘neutral,’ helping you gauge staff behaviour and determine their productive hours.

Now that we have your curiosity, let’s unpack some of the most impressive features of WebWork Time Tracker and discover how they assist organizations worldwide.

Key Features of WebWork Time Tracker

Here are the most impressive functionalities that WebWork offers.

1. Project Management & Tracking

WebWork Time Tracker offers users multiple options to manage, monitor, and modify projects. You can assign people to projects, tasks, provide specifications, attach files and create progress reports instantly. All projects under different verticals can be overseen digitally through the application, and a real-time report on the progress of any task can be accessed from anywhere. Owners can also detect fake screens, delete screenshots, and approve/reject requests manually.

Project Management

2. Multiple User Types

As discussed above, WebWork Time Tracking software allows five different user access types, which are,

  • Owner
    Made for top management/CEOs/CFOs, this mode allows viewing of all projects and their financial information. Here, Executive Managers and Project Managers can be added to the system and even their data can be viewed.
  • Executive Manager
    This user can also access all project information, add projects, and choose managers and employees for projects.
  • Project Manager
    This user type can only view their teams’ records, add members, and view the specifications of projects assigned to them.
  • Employees
    Employees have access to their activity records, timesheets and screenshots captured.
  • Clients
    WebWork Time Tracker also allows you to improve project transparency and trustworthiness by enabling clients to view their projects and their progress reports for free. To get a detailed overview of the user rights, click here.

3. Multiple Screenshot Types

WebWork helps you ensure the privacy and safety of your workforce by offering four different types of screenshots for various purposes. While the Screenshot Mode takes random screenshots every 10 minutes with notifications, the Background Mode takes random screenshots without notifications. You can also choose the Blurred Mode to ensure more privacy for your staff or opt for the No Screenshot Mode for the software to only track your time spent on projects and tasks, and activities during work.

Tracking Time

4. Customizable Reports

WebWork offers a host of reports to help you track the performance of teams, employees, and projects on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis. This includes,

  • Activity Level Reports
  • Attendance Reports
  • Apps & Website Usage Reports
  • Task Reports
  • Timesheet & Timeline Reports
  • Productivity Reports
  • Activity Description
  • Statistics Reports

The above reports can be filtered with several criteria to help you discover the exact data you need.

5. Mobile & Web Tracking

WebWork Time Tracker helps you map your service hours even without downloading their software. You can easily access their tracking portal using the internet and your browser/mobile, choose your projects and tasks, get notifications and view records of the hours you have worked. This is ideal for cases where time tracking is more crucial than activity monitoring. The application also has an offline tracking mode for unstable internet connections.

6. Activity Levels

Using WebWork, you can get a detailed overview of the performance and activity of each employee or team. Besides taking screenshots of employees’ screens every ten minutes, their activity level, keyboard actions, mouse clicks, idle time, minutes active, and average actions per minute are made readily available to their superiors.

Performance Monitoring

7. Invoice Generator

WebWork allows you to create invoices by project, users, activities, or a combination of the three. You can instantly create a billable contract with an hourly rate. You can create, and export many invoice types using WebWork.

Despite an impressive array of features, the two best aspects of WebWork are its ‘Satisfaction Warranty’ and its phenomenal customer support. The user satisfaction warranty allows customers to use WebWork Time Tracker for the first month and pay only if they are happy with their services. Thus if you are not satisfied with the solution within the first month, you can opt-out of it for free. WebWork also provides 24×7 customer support via live chat, email, Skype, and their ticket management system, much to the delight of its users.

Our Final Verdict

WebWork Time Tracker is a highly customizable employee monitoring and time-tracking software with several impressive features under its belt. The solution boasts of many intelligent features that improve oversight and productivity. 

We were also thrilled to learn that the WebWork team has a User Requests Program and is always open to user suggestions and feature requests for them to develop. However, the real clincher is the pricing plan it offers. For the phenomenal set of features it provides, WebWork Time Tracker is very reasonably priced at just $2.99 per user per month. It supports unlimited teams and projects for the same pricing and offers a 7-day free trial without using your credit card information.

We discovered no shortfalls for the software so far and are therefore inclined to give WebWork Time Tracker a perfect 10 as our final evaluation score due to its flexibility, features, pricing, extensions available, and the prompt assistance provided to customers. 

What is your favourite feature in WebWork Time Tracker? Tell us in the comments below!

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