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Last updated: February 25, 2020

Wellyx is custom-designed business management software for all fitness and wellness businesses. Right from settling payments to scheduling appointments and handling staff duties, it takes care of everything.

Its free mobile app, Point of Sales (POS), lead management, reporting, and automation capabilities makes Wellyx a perfect fit for gyms, salons, spas, clinics, health studios, and more. Moreover, it ensures improving your bottom line while automating your day-to-day tasks; thus, giving you the best of modern fitness.

In Conversation With Azeem, Digital Marketing Head of Wellyx

What inspired you to develop software like Wellyx?

I have been dealing with fitness clients at my gym. There I realized that managing the data of clients was all a hassle and time-consuming. It demands more effort, workforce, time, and energy when the business involves manually updating paperwork and spreadsheets.

Wellyx is a powerful management software tool that can help you manage your staff activities and enable you to achieve the satisfaction of your employees.

This can help you manage all aspects of your business in one place. You can use Wellyx for the small, medium, and large organizations to do your business tasks effectively and in less time.

Wellyx is one of the world’s leading wellness service solutions connecting hundreds of thousands of passionate spa, health, and fitness studio professionals to sell more services, save money on employee management, and increase profits.

It emerged with an idea to enable fitness entrepreneurs to build successful, growing businesses focusing on improving worldwide health and well being.

My biggest motivation behind developing Wellyx is the effective management of the business task at less expense to support fitness studios, gym, salon, and spa owners to sell their services in the wave of digital transformation.

Who are your biggest competitors, and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry. Research has proven that competition is the best source of motivation when it comes to exercising more. Competition is the key to fitness.

Healthy competition can motivate people to exercise more than friendly support, and online social networks play a key role in this process.

Your competitors are the gateway to make progress in your business. We need to look at the competition with the right perspective.

Firstly, on the fitness side, there are competitors like mind-body, wellness living, perfect gym, and glovebox, and on the wellness side, Treadwell, schedule, versus, and booker are on the verge of competition. All these software solutions are helping the customers in one way.

Wellyx is different as it is not only user-friendly but allows you to give control gym members with the best software solutions for self-service – made online booking simple and convenient for your fitness club members.

It allows you to streamline all personal training, class schedules, appointments, and fitness facilities at any device. Members can manage all aspects of their fitness activities, including appointments, schedule classes, payments, renewals, registration, and more.

Do you believe that Wellyx is unique as compared to similar software available on the market?

Wellyx provides you with an all-in-one solution for your fitness and wellness business, creating a complete ecosystem by bringing together the needs of customers, staff, and management.

This powerful software tool helps businesses to be more time-efficient. There is almost no room for errors, and all clients can be in control of their bookings.

What are your goals over the next 6 to 12 months?

After 6-12 months, I can see Wellyx as one of the top leading and renowned software in the eyes of the fitness and wellness entrepreneurs.

To grow the business successfully, people will find Wellyx as one of the most trusted software with almost no errors, economic, and time-efficient.

How do you measure success?

According to my point of view, success can be defined in three phases as implementation, adoption, and benefits. To implement a system effectively, the right understanding of the overall system is important. Right understanding will lead to a successful implementation.

Our software is very easy to understand, and you can transfer your data rightfully from a spreadsheet onto Wellyx that is just simple and easy to understand the process. Adoption may take 1-3 months, depending on the size of the organization. Every organization measures benefits in its own way, depending on the set goal.

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