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Last updated: April 9, 2019

When you have a PDF Reader on your device, you can perform tasks such as reading, editing, creating, organizing PDF files and much more. It can be frustrating and time wasting to search for software over the internet that serve individual purposes. Your best bet is to get a PDF reader because it is an all in one solution software that lets you multitask.

A paid PDF reader’s full capabilities won’t be available until you buy a license. However, still, it lets you enjoy the basic functions. Going for a PDF reader is still a better option than going for separate software to carry out various tasks related to PDF files.

What can a PDF Reader do?

Diverse Reading Modes: PDF readers are called the best reading software for a reason. They offer many reading modes for users. It is true that different readers like to read in different ways, PDF readers cover them all.

Night Mode: If lighting is an issue and you’re finding it difficult to concentrate on the text on your screen then worry not. PDF readers offer a night mode option that adjusts the light issue and makes it convenient for you to read when lights are low.

Text-To-Speech: Eyes are a blessing therefore they need to be taken care of. Spending too much time while reading on a PDF reader can weaken your eyesight or give you a headache. To solve the problem, PDF readers have the option to read out the text to you while you just lie in your bed, not even looking at your device or on the screen.

For best results, you can use a headphone so that you won’t be disturbed from outside interference of any sort and can thoroughly concentrate on the listening. There’s another benefit to this option. It would improve your pronunciation as you’ll learn how to pronounce difficult words. Some PDF readers even let you switch the narrating voice to male or female, whatever suit your need.

Before getting a PDF reader, make sure that it offers these reading options so that you won’t have any trouble in the reading department.

Advantages of PDF Reader

  1. Formatting The Documents

With PDF readers, you can format documents as you like and the process is extremely easy. You can put in headings, correct typos, adjust the font size as you will.

Moreover, you can even add or remove spaces and entire paragraphs to improve the overall look.

2. Esign Documents

The e-sign option in PDF readers let you sign documents electronically. These signs are authentic and accepted in the corporate world.

3. Convert Files

If your files are in formats like .txt or any other extension, you can always convert them into .PDF with a PDF reader to enjoy handling it as a PDF file.


A PDF reader like soda pdf aims to provide you multiple functionalities in terms of reading, writing, editing, signing and creating files. However, make sure that you look out for a PDF reader that contains all these options before you finally go for one.

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