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We all have experienced missing project submission deadline at least once! The reason could be either the lack of resources or poor management and distribution of task among team members or allotted days. Project management solutions are such software that manages and aligns the projects and makes sure the resources are allotted in a way that the work is done by the deadline. Proper allotment of resources not only increase the operational efficiency but also complete the task in the most effective manner with the real-time updates in sync.

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With project management software loaded with all the features and making work efficient, the leaders in the organization seek to fulfill their requirements and expectations from the project management solutions. With the aim to ease the tasks, project managers want to make 2019 a successful year for the business.

Following are few of the demand requirements of project managers in 2019 from project management solutions:

  • All in one Project Management Software

Project management usually requires multiple functions. It should be in sync with the other applications, such as Employee management software, HR Software, CRM, etc.

Instead of using multiple applications for project management, it is most preferable to use agile project management solutions that reduce the complexities and serve all the functions at one place. It eradicates workflow confusion and manages the tasks without any hassle.

  • Task Management functionality

Task management is undoubtedly the most important project management function. It takes care of the management of tasks as a whole, which includes, proper assigning of tasks based on the skills of the workforce, allocation of resources, and collaboration with the other applications to make the best out of the single interface application.

Project managers seek a single application, which serves all the above purpose and allows them to work with smart capabilities and better communication. This helps in the overall increase in the operational efficiency of the organization.

  • Time tracking

The time tracking feature help tracks the total time spent on each task and update the project managers with real-time information. This help evaluate team performance, and time spent on each task, with feedbacks and ideas associated available at one place. The detailed evaluation report increases productivity overall.

  • Google Drive + Dropbox integration

The continuous uploading of large files over the server needs storage as good as to store all the information and also should be flexible enough to let the project manager share the information easily with the team members. The cloud storage of Dropbox and Google drive lets bring all the documents at a single place and make sure sharing and uploading are done without any hassle.

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  • Gantt chart

Gantt charts are a pictorial representation of the tasks in progress. It represents the status of the tasks in the form of charts and graphs in a single timeline. It helps create dependencies between the tasks ensuring each task is well managed and completed on time by keeping the time track and sending reminders for the same.

  • Mobile Compatible software

With the world being on the move, the major requirement for any business is to have software that is flexible and can be accessed even remotely. Since most of the project workforce are on the field, they need to access the information remotely. However, having a laptop or tablet to check the status is not always possible. Hence, project Management Solutions should be flexible and compatible enough with the mobile device.

  • Streamline contribution

Another important feature which the project manager seeks is the capacity to allow the workforce and employees to contribute with their inputs and get information at one place so as to seek the opinion of each and make the overall process better. With a common platform of discussion, inputs, and feedback, data can be accessed by anyone who is authorized and decisions can be made in all the transparency and considering all the facts.

  • Integration with calendar

The project management software should be easy to integrate with the google calendar so as to keep the track of important events, reminders and other dates through a mobile device. Deadlines are easy to track as Google calendar sends notification for each of the tasks on the mentioned dates and hence the work can be done more effectively.

Project Managers seeking software that can bring all the features under one roof and a project management software be as well-equipped that it provides all the information at one place and deliver information beforehand. The features like Gantt chart, task progress bar, velocity chart, etc., are important for the real-time update of the projects and performance evaluation of the team as a whole. With most project management tools being inherently dull, Project managers seek project management software as good to provide a one-stop solution for all the requirements of the business.

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