Cloud-based Travel ERP Software: A Perfect Tool for the Travel Industry

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Last updated: May 21, 2021

We all agree with the fact that the scope of the travel industry is very vast; it can also be called as limitless. The travel industry is the only service industry whose life is never-ending. As technology evolves and travel companies grow in size, it expands the number of services it offers.

With an increase in a variety of services and facilities, it increases the connection with suppliers, third-party agents and finally, it results in an increased number of the customer base.

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Now as the customer base of any travel agency or travel company increases it poses a question of managing these unlimited inquiries, follow-up with every inquiry, accounting process management, multiple supplier’s management, travel business report generation and analysis, quotation management, itinerary building, business promotion and many more processes that are an integral part of the travel business.

Only increasing the amount of offered services, company size and customer base without proper management of it would not make any sense for any travel company.

As improper management of business processes will result in process delays, inaccuracy, customer dissatisfaction and finally the travel company will have to give up their business and there would be no hope to compete any longer. So travel companies should always give equal importance to travel business process management along with expanding its reach.

Here comes the travel ERP Software into the picture. As we just discussed how rapidly technology evolves and to remain stuck to the increased competition, travel owners need to adopt the latest technology.

Travel ERP software is the combination of multiple integrated applications that helps in systematic execution and automation of multiple travel business processes related to technology, where ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. Thus, we can say that ERP application is meant for entire business management.

Travel agency software is the advanced automated travel technology for the travel industry which automates complicated processes in the travel business, reduces manual work, brings more accuracy to the operations, and makes business processes more efficient. Travel agency software or tour operator software lifts the heavy load of automating monotonous business tasks, entire back office related tasks for travel companies and helps them to focus on other important parameters.

What is a cloud-based travel ERP software? 

As travel ERP software is the latest, on-demand technology, Cloud-based travel ERP software is what makes it even more specific and special. Let’s elaborate on the concept of cloud-based systems here. 

Cloud-based travel ERP software, also called “Software as a Service” (SaaS), is the software that can be accessed anywhere, anytime via the internet by users with authorized login credentials. Cloud itself means that the software is deployed on the remote server of service provider or vendor and access is given to multiple users just by providing them valid login credentials. The only essential factor here is internet connectivity. The difference between cloud ERP and on-premise ERP is the physical location of the software.

Why cloud-based travel ERP software?

  • No Hardware Needed

As the cloud-based ERP software is present on remote servers of a vendor, it allows the Travel Company to use it without the need of any hardware device and sets them free of any software installation procedure. Cloud applications can be easily accessed through remote servers with authenticated login credentials.

  • Low Maintenance & Infrastructure Cost

You can imagine that support cost, maintenance cost & infrastructure cost comes in the picture when we have to maintain things, infrastructure, and hardware but in the cloud-based travel ERP system, we are using it without needing any hardware so there is no question of any maintenance or support cost as opposed to on-premise ERP software where the company’s infrastructure is used to install software and to connect people and processes.

  • 24*7 Data Access

Cloud-based travel ERP systems are accessed over the internet, so you have 24*7 access to your valuable data anywhere, anytime but the only essential factor is you need to have internet connectivity. Cloud-based ERP software thus minimizes the time and place barrier.

  • Real-Time Data Access

Can you imagine that you are getting access to updated information every minute you interact with the system? And if it is possible then how amazing is that? All this becomes possible with cloud-based travel software. Single software gives access to multiple users in terms of multiple roles like customer, supplier, admin etc. So every user can get access to real-time information. Changes made at the admin end are visible to suppliers, customers on a real-time basis so every user is updated about the current information, and thus, it minimizes the communication gap and avoids data misinterpretation.

  • Data Security

Data security is way better in cloud ERP systems than in on-premise ERP. The chances of theft attacks are more in on-premise ERP as the software is installed in its PC which attracts the device-related threats. Cloud-based software offers a multi-layered security strategy; thus, protecting valuable data.

The security software in the cloud system is updated regularly. Vendors of cloud providers are very prompt about monitoring the systems and they provide timely security alerts that might harm the client’s data. The security level is tighter in cloud ERP as here it is easy to implement role-based security, so unauthorized users can not hack the data.

  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based ERP software has always some good provision for data backup and data recovery due to disaster. Data is continuously backed up in cloud-based ERP software. This functionality of robust data backup and data recovery plan is provided by most of the cloud ERP vendors which is performed on a scheduled period.

  • Fast Business Process

Cloud travel ERP software allows fast execution of travel business processes with its advanced automated features. In a cloud-based travel ERP system, security handling for mobile devices is easy which allows users to access the application through mobile phones, which, in turn, increases the speed of operation.

  • Free New Updates & Upgrades

The on-premise travel ERP application is where the application is installed in a house on your own PC. So, whenever a new software version is available in the market, a travel company needs to manually update the system which is a time-consuming process but that is not the case in cloud-based travel ERP application as the software vendor himself provides new updates and upgrades in the software which is a very fast process. The icing on the cake is all these updates & upgrades are available in one-time subscription charges means travel companies need not spend an extra penny for that. 

  • Only Pay for What You Use

This creates another amazing feature of the cloud-based travel ERP applications. Many vendors make this facility available for travel companies to pay only for the resources they use rather than the number of users using the system. This makes reallocation of resources very easy and this is what makes cloud-based travel ERP software scalable.

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How cloud-based travel ERP software drives success for travel companies/Travel agencies/Tour operators/Travel agents?

As discussed earlier, travel agents need to stay updated and adaptable to the latest trends and technologies to stay up in the competition. Cloud-based travel agency software is the leading technology in the market which can trigger travel industry success with its amazing automated quality features. It helps to get rid of monotonous manual tasks that are prone to human errors and makes the entire travel business management job effective.

Introduction to Valuable Features

  • Lead Management

Cloud-based travel ERP software is the ultimate solution to unlimited inquiries management & follow up management. It allows an easy follow-up process of each inquiry received. Follow up feature maintains and tracks the entire communication flow of the Travel Company with a client right from the enquiry is received till the booking confirmation of tour booked.

  • Accounts Management

This feature of travel agency software allows auto-generation of complex accounting processes such as auto-generating proforma invoice, payment receipts, final invoice, tax %, balance sheet entries, Profit & Loss entries, cash book/bank book entries, etc. Thus, it makes the complicated and hectic accounting process very effortless and accurate.

  • Supplier Management (B2B)

This feature allows easy management of multiple third-party agents and suppliers etc. with a single login dashboard provided to them. Every time information gets updated in the software on a real-time basis so suppliers or third-party agents can take necessary actions at their end with a single login feature. Thus, the communication flow is properly maintained in the system.

  • Business Report Auto-generation (MIS)

Imagine if you get all important travel business reports ready for analysis? Yes, travel agency software can auto-generate valuable business reports for travel companies such as tour reports, accounts reports, business reports, HR reports, etc. which forms the key input for analysis and decision-making process for travel companies.

  • Itinerary Building

Travel ERP software comes with a standard list of countries, states, cities, and many more, which makes most of the things ready for travel agents in the itinerary section, and thus, it sets them free from entering minute details.

  • Customized Quotations

The quotation is the best way to create a good impression of a Travel Company in front of the customers at very first sight as the first impression serves the last impression. Cloud-based travel ERP software allows the availability of multiple quotation formats to travel agents which gives them a choice of choosing a perfect one as per the preference and taste of a particular customer.

  • HR Management

A cloud-based travel ERP solution also facilitates easy HR management of the travel company’s employees. HR management involves roles and responsibilities assigning to employees, leave management, employee salary & bonus management, performance management, etc.

  • Business Promotion

After you have everything going well in the Travel Company in terms of performance and growth, promoting special offers, seasonal offers, and discounts going on becomes the important parameter to attract existing as well as new customers. This feature allows travel business promotional activities via SMS, email, or WhatsApp chat.

Summing It Up

Now it’s time to wrap up. When we dream of success we should be aware of the fact that it never comes overnight. You have to do smart work supported with hard work and cloud-based travel ERP software is that smart & advanced technology for Travel Company to achieve a benchmark in the travel industry if properly supported with the talent of employees which together can create wonders for travel business.

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