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Last updated: May 15, 2021

All businesses have a place to work. And then some companies need agents and specialists to go on the field and take care of the work. There are unique ERP solutions available in the market. However, if the nature of business demands that there are more people working on the field and less in-house, you can always switch to software that is more conducive to work requirements. Companies are expanding, and you don’t need the traditional online software either to keep your business on track. Any business management software that is accessible on the go is a blessing for the entire working unit.

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Nowadays, newly founded technology has introduced us to mobile field service software. These tools are a must for places where the businesses have agents and technicians on the field who are doing some specific activity. Not all online software can be available online. Some of the online software has a mobile version. These may have specific limitations because a significant part of their work-update happens on the web app version.

Let us take a look at some of the salient points why it is a good thing to switch over to mobile field service software,

6 Reasons for Switching Over to Mobile Field Service Software

1. Preparing for every assignment optimally

Tasks in businesses are broken down into logical modules. Nowadays, it has become essential to do work allocation. Though most of the online management software might help you with this, there is a slim chance of being better prepared for the task at hand. Information regarding the place to visit, the problems there, the equipment require to fix the problem – all these are essential factors for solving any issue. Technicians / Agents will be able to access the information in their mobile field service software.

All the information at hand gets transferred to the software. And this can be accessed by the field agents when they reach the service-spot.

2. Automation increases efficiency

Most of the mobile field service software has the inept ability to plan and incorporate efficient workflows. It means that the entire work order generation module comes alive via automation. Automation has its benefits. There are very fewer chances of human-made error. Workflow automation keeps every stage of work in a step-by-step process. As soon as the field agent updates the system via his cloud-based platform regarding the work, the next step is triggered automatically.

In doing so, the system updates the information in real-time, and no part of the information or task is lost. Automation ensures that everything is at the right place and updates the system.

3. Crisp planning and easy-change incorporation

Does your business include a lot of runtime planning? Does work come unannounced but you cannot avoid addressing the issue at hand? Luckily, agility is one of the essential features to look forward to when you are going for mobile field service software. One of the common issues that businesses face is their software module’s lack of adaptability to continually changing business requests or an abundant workload.

Mobile field service software can easily include all changes occurring on the go. These changes could be scheduled reworking, agent unavailability, change due to lack of spare parts – all these are unforeseen issues, but the system incorporates them. Planning and scheduling become more comfortable, with less hassle and more analysis.

4. Faster financial processing

Financial processing is essential when it comes to all business software in the market. And businesses where field agents are active most of the time, invoicing and billing has to be quick and worry-free. As soon as you complete the work, and customer approval is received, immediately the invoice can be generated and mailed to the customer. You can also send a copy of that to the ERP software where the system gets updated. Based on the invoices generated regularly, as a business, you will be able to gauge how much work you do weekly or daily.

Besides, all the money that flows into the business, the mobile software will be even able to give information on the expenses. Higher management who are always on the move will be able to access this information efficiently.

5. Customers and Data are available at one glance

For field agents, having a mobile version of the software makes life simpler. They can quickly get rid of paperwork that is expected of them to carry. Also, all the information that they need regarding the place they are visiting or the customer they are attending is available at one click. Since work methods have continuously changed over the years, more and more one-on-one customer service oriented businesses have come up. It has also increased the amount of overhead of information that companies have to maintain in their database.

Essentially, taking reference from historical data makes the entire work experience better – both, for the agent as well as the customer.

6. For the best customer experience

Customer demands are never-ending. If the business couples tightly with customer experiences and feedbacks, you can get direct information from them on the system. The agents speak with customers and update the feedback module or look for better alternatives. It proves beneficial when customers who demand some change, add to the already planned work. The field agent will instantly update the system to reflect the newly incorporated changes and the entire workflow, payment module, etc. get updated.

Field agents can also provide updates and can be as transparent with the customers. The information from the business to the customer and vice-versa is maintained. It helps the company to grow as customers rest their trust in your industry.

Wrapping it up

For businesses that are spreading their wings in multiple directions, customer demands are of primary importance. Having a robust software that keeps the changes intact and maintains the entire work-system balance, makes doing business easier. ERP systems and mobile field service software have become a necessity for businesses to thrive. Mobile field service software has revolutionized the work management.

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