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Last updated: February 15, 2021

Bill Gate’s Microsoft, the software veteran is on the brink of market-boom. Yes! The very gigantic multinational is about to reveal Windows 10.The first big question that sparked the curiosity of many was its name “Windows 10”. What happened to Windows 9? There have been many theories but nothing substantial from Microsoft. The most believable of them was the one where Microsoft wanted to emphasize on the level of improvement over the last version and thus they skipped a level to do that. Although, tech humor sparked and made comments like “seven ate (eight) nine”. Microsoft has already released its Developers preview so we can sneak into their next update. Here are a few significant changes to the platform.

1) User experience& the Start Menu returns

User experience & the Start Menu returns

The much badgered Windows 8 user interface is not expected to be seen in Windows 10. Windows 8 threw users to an unfamiliar territory with the metro UI, many hated it, some loved it, Microsoft wanted to make their OS touchscreen friendly and this was their solution with Windows 8. Now, in Windows 10 they are re-incarnating the old Start Button but with a hint of Metro UI. It’s a blend of the Windows 8 Live Tiles with the familiar Windows 7-style menu. For one thing, it doesn’t support the ability to group tiles that would make the Start Screen easier to navigate. The search box features all the features of Windows 8, inclusive of the results from Bing and the Windows store. A separate Search menu next to the Start button gives you hot-buttons directly from Bing. The search this time is powerful.

2) Virtual Desktops& Snaps

Virtual Desktops & Snaps

If the Start Menu didn’t appeal you much, the arrival of snaps and virtual desktops will, that really marks out how directly Microsoft is trying to please the desktop power users with this release of Windows. Using Alt+Tab button to switch between windows has been prevalent since 1990. The killer difference here is the new Task View button. Third from the left in the Windows Taskbar is the Task View button. Press it – or hit Windows+TAB – and you will see an array of ‘virtual desktops. Talking further about the virtual desktop. It is a breeze to create and switch between Virtual Desktops. A click on the + symbol located at the bottom of the task switcher window and it is done. Snap Assist, another renewed guest to amaze you unlike earlier. And unlike in Windows 8 – where a snapped app takes up half the screen – with Windows 10 up to four apps can be snapped per screen.

3) Charms

Despite the rumors, the Windows 8 charms bar features in windows 10 as well. What’s running in your mind is not the case this time. The much disliked Charm Bar has been made a lot user friendly in Windows 10, especially for the use of a mouse. Having said that, it turns out to be really handy for choosing and changing Wi-Fi options.

4) Early Verdict

Early Verdict

Just an excerpt of Windows 10, for its release is yet a long way. Windows 10 is all about balancing the demands of different users. It’s not just business users with desktop PCs and keyboards, versus tablet users. About to happen and happened, the huge gap between these tenses is a window of opportunity for Microsoft to nurture Windows 10 more. There are several ins and outs to be worked upon before time flips through the calendar to 2015, when Microsoft plans to release Windows 10.

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