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Last updated: May 21, 2021

As document generation tools become more prevalent in the workplace, a variety of DocGen solution providers have developed. This means, if you are searching for document automation software, you probably have more options out there than it used to be before.

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Some of the most prominent names in this industry include Windward and Xpertdoc. With a specialization in providing solutions to your unique document automation and document generation challenges, settling down for either of them would be grueling. So, which is better – Windward or Xpertdoc? Scroll down our comparison report, assess their functionalities, and get an overall idea of how Windward and Xpertdoc perform.

Windward vs. Xpertdoc: A Detailed Comparison Report

1. Data Sets

When working with Xpertdoc, data sets refer to the data you want to retrieve from your CRM. Yes, Xpertdoc requires you to create data sets for fetching the data you need. On the contrary, Windward lets you connect with multiple datasources. Moreover, you can drag and drop the required data fields; Windward will retrieve the desired value on the document.

However, one advantage of Xpertdoc is that it helps you create samples that you can preview and test to ensure you face no difficulty in the future document generation processes.

2. Templates

One of the abilities of a DocGen tool that either makes it or break it is template designing. With Windward and Xpertdoc, you can be at ease as both enables you to create templates using MS Word. This is something that all of us are familiar with; hence, learning a new tool would not be difficult.

Xpertdoc’s has got an intuitive template designer. Most of the things that you might want on your document are pre-built. So all you that you need to do is click on it, and Xpertdoc will add it to your template. Furthermore, you can add colored graphs, flow charts, and 3D logos on your template seamlessly. To keep it short, the possibilities of designing a stunning template with Xpertdoc are endless.

In addition to the above, Xpertdoc has also got a pre-designed template library. If you need to create simple documents, you can directly use them while eliminating the hassles of creating a new template. Windward even comes with a lot of capabilities to help you design your templates, but its core advantage remains its drag and drop functionality that makes the process easier.

3. Query Wizards

This being an integral part of creating templates, it is essential to look if the solution provider offers it. If your document generation tool lacks this functionality, creating templates is a developer-only job. And this might slower your developers’ work cycle.

Fortunately, Windward comes with a well-designed Query Wizard; hence, template creation is quicker and easier. You no longer need to depend on your developers to take up the task and accomplish it. You or anyone on your team with little to no technical knowledge can build templates effortlessly. But it’s not the case with Xpertdoc as it has got no query wizard.

4. Datasources

Many times, you require retrieving data from multiple sources on your documents. Thus, your DocGen tool must have the ability to support various datasources and process data simultaneously. With Windward, you don’t need to fear this. But if you are going for Xpertdoc, do consider this as it works only with MS Dynamics. At present, it might not be an issue, but you may need to have data from different sources at a time in the long run. So, make the decision wisely!

Windward vs. Xpertdoc At A Glance

FeaturesWindward StudiosXpertdoc
Applications Word
Validation, Error & Warning HandlingIt validates your template and highlights any errors or warnings when you run the template.You don’t have access to any such functionality. If the document returns an error, you need to find it yourself.
Excel References & Pivot TablesIt has got advanced functionalities for your XLSX templates.As it does not support creating templates in Excel, it lacks this feature.
Supported DatasourcesMS Dynamics Salesforce
MS Dynamics
Template DesignerIt also has an intuitive template designer but might lack a feature or two as compared to Xpertdoc.It supports a range of designs and layouts to make your documents look stunning.
User InterfaceAs it works with MS Office (Word, Excel, PDF), it gives a familiar interface to work with.You might need some time to get used to navigating across the platform.
Pros & Cons
  • You can integrate it with any applications with the code they provide
  • It is great for beginners and people with no computer knowledge
  • It integrates only with MS Office
  • Lacks feature like Digital Signature
  • It integrates with any of your existing software
  • Investing time to get along with the software might be favorable
  • Complex to set up
  • Sometimes the speed slows down too much to hinder your document generation process

Summing Up

While Windward and Xpertdoc provide a tough competition in terms of its functionalities, the above comparison might help you in determining the best as per your business needs.

If you work with MS Dynamics and require fetching data only from it, then Xpertdoc is the right one for you. But if there exists the need to merge data from multiple datasources, Windward proves to be a better alternative. Besides, Windward would be a good fit for the document generation industry if you are a newbie to the document generation industry, as it comes with error and warning detection capabilities, which might be a trouble with Xpertdoc.

However, if you still need some expert opinion on both the products, we have a detailed review for Windward and Xpertdoc at hand to help you make an informed decision.

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