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Last updated: February 19, 2021

Gone are the days of looking for technology solutions!

Wooqer now enables Business users to create their own web and mobile applications without ANY technical dependence.

Didn’t get it? Just think of e-mail and how it enabled us to communicate directly without dependence on the postal system, how ATMs enabled cash withdrawal without tellers, and travel portals enabled bookings without Travel agents. All of these platforms enabled us to do things ourselves, without having to depend on specialists. The outcome: Speed, Ease and Lower costs.

Let’s look at technology. Today, the minute we need technology we look for solutions or go to specialists like the IT team or IT consultants and vendors. Now imagine having a platform that allows us to create whatever application we need, without having to depend on ANYONE!

We found it unbelievable too, but it’s happening all around, and fast becoming the norm! From Large corporates like the Aditya Birla Group, Tata, Mahindra, SMEs like William Penn, Jashn, Soch, Enrich, MNCs like Marks & Spencer, Levis, Adidas to educational institutes and startups have all adopted Wooqer and the independence it offers.

Platform Scope

Wooqer divides its users in two groups Producers and Consumers. An organizations management which creates application for effective distribution, collection and aggregation of information are called the Producers. The producer has the flexibility to organize and collect in the form they require. The can be developed for platforms like Android and Windows.

The companies’ team or employee who enter the information, in this application are called the Consumers.

Wooqer has a broad scope. The platform seems to embody the spirit of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud Computing), the fast emerging technology trend taking organizations beyond ERPs (now Hygiene).

What needs is the platform addressing?

Wooqer’s current customers have used it for 2800+ applications including: Intranet, Mobile apps, Townhalls, Workflows, Project Management, Learning & Development, Assessments, Enterprise Social, Audits, Checklists, Performance Appraisals, HR Ops, Compliance Management, Document Management, Knowledge Management, eCommerce Management, Sustainability programs and more

Wooqer reports a significant drop in custom development needs at its customers, as self-creation by business user’s takes meets most custom needs. The platform co-exists and integrates with transactional ERP and POS.

Why organizations are choosing Wooqer?

Large companies typically struggle with adoption issues as they build multiple solutions. They are choosing Wooqer to integrate all that their employees and partners need, in a single interface in order to drive adoption.

WooqerSmall and mid-size companies usually have more needs than budgets and implementation bandwidth. They are choosing Wooqer to get a single platform that enables all current needs and ensures future proofing, at a single cost.

With months of development cycles getting replaced by minutes of self-creation, speed, agility and ownership are bound to get impacted positively. The platform is continuously evolving and a mobile app is the latest addition to the suite.

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