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Last updated: March 8, 2021

While the new year often means holidays and vacations for employees, for businesses and enterprises it is a time of introspection, analysis, and planning for the future.

Every year brings changes in culture, advancements in technology, and of course, differences in individual organizations. These factors can affect everything in the new year from wages and hiring to business expansion and development.

So how can businesses make the best possible plans for 2019?

By knowing what to expect of course.

Here are 6 emerging workplace trends to watch out for in 2019

1. A Tech-Savvy Workforce

With every year that passes, more and more tech-savvy employees enter the working world. As companies compete for the talent and abilities of new employees, it will be more important than ever to incorporate modern recruitment, engagement and retention strategies.

Companies need to fully embrace workplace trends and technological advances to better accommodate employees who are used to working in a technology-driven world.

For many companies, this may mean updating old systems or out of date procedures, or rethinking old policies about collaboration, remote work, communication and the use of tech in the office.

When used and adapted effectively, the shift from traditional to technological alternatives will greatly improve a company’s productivity, retention, engagement, and profitability.

2. Reputation Management

Reviews and ratings today exist for everything and employee experience is no exception. Creating a positive culture and work atmosphere will become more important than ever in 2019.

Employees and new hires in 2018 reported being more interested in an effective work/life balance and an engaging environment than a larger salary.

Similarly, companies are also looking for employees with great talent and abilities. To attract and retain the most successful and dedicated employees, organizations need to build an honest and genuine reputation for having a supportive, thriving and engaging work environment.

Part of this, of course, means offering competitive monetary benefits but it also increasingly means providing a better work-life balance, employee perks, and more effective technical support and workplace innovation.

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3. More Remote Work Culture

In 2018, over 80% of the millennial population reported that they prefer to work in a telecommute position and these numbers are only expected to increase in 2019.

As advancements in technology create greater remote work opportunities and workplace trends, positions in customer support, accounting, design and many more will shift into full-time remote positions.

Over the past few years, several of the world’s most attractive employers have used technology solutions like MangoApps to help employees break free from the tradition of 8 to 5 and provide flexible remote options for their workforce. Remote opportunities benefit both employers and employees by improving productivity, autonomy, and creativity.

4. Bot and AI Co-Existence

Over the past decade, automation has led to countless jobs being completely handled by computers.

In 2018, internet giants like Google showcased how AI can make restaurant reservations, order items, and more.

In 2019, and for years to come, the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence will result in even more industries incorporating an automated workforce.

Experts anticipate that AI bots will soon be universally deployed in mainstream customer support and operations environments, reducing human workloads and empowering humans to work faster, smarter and more creatively.

As the work environment continues to adapt to AI and Bot co-existence, cultural norms, work policies, and office guidelines will continue to change and grow.

5. Evolving Friendships

As the work culture changes and traditional office work expands to increased remote opportunities, the way coworkers communicate and create friendships will change too.

Officemates will no longer be able to chat at the water cooler, grab lunch together, or get to know each other in the traditional ways.

Strong relationships and connections with coworkers will always be important though, and businesses will have to find ways to keep employees engaged and interconnected.

Many modern workplaces are turning to communication and collaboration software like MangoApps to promote seamless collaboration and team bonding, regardless of physical location. Project Collaboration software builds an intuitive, social media styled intranet, that is personalized and designed for each company’s specific needs.

6. Increased Employee Input

As powerful digital tools become more widely adopted, employees will have a stronger voice throughout their organization.

Digital communication software makes it easy for companies to communicate effectively and provide organizations with valuable feedback, ideas, and insights.

With the help of anonymous surveys, feedback forms, conversation tools and more, employees can speak up and offer opinions with confidence, allowing them to become more involved and more influential in determining workplace trends, industry decisions, employee policies and all kinds of other business success.

This transition with cause businesses in 2019 to become more engaging and employee-driven than industries in the past.

Bottom Line

As 2019 gets off to a start, set your business goals and plan with confidence. Employees will continue to be the heart of businesses success in 2019 as businesses strive to provide valuable experiences, engaging environments, and quality communication.

Organizations in the new year also need to consider the effects that advancing technology and remote work culture will have on both their employees and their industry. MangoApps helps companies of every size create engaging and rewarding employee experiences with state of the art technology solutions. Learn more about workplace trends or how MangoApps can help your business this year.

Founded in 2008, MangoApps is the leader in cloud-based employee engagement, collaboration, and HR software. MangoApps is privately held and is based out of Seattle, WA with an office in Pune, India. Businesses of all sizes use MangoApps products to modernize, consolidate and streamline many of the siloed applications employees use into one single platform.

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