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Human Resource forms the backbone of any organization and as such, improving their performance helps organizations grow. Thus, most employers want to find ways to monitor and manage employee performance. However, most employers struggle with finding the correct tools to measure employee productivity and therefore fail to judge their performance.

Typically, employers have used cameras, work logs, and excel sheets to find out how well employees are utilizing their time to do their tasks. However, such outdated systems rarely provide 360-degree visibility of employees’ efficiency. 

Luckily, technology has taken giant strides in the past few decades, and we now have ‘Employee Monitoring Software‘ to help organizations visualize, analyze, and optimize employee efficiency. Employee Management Software can come in cloud-based or on-premise variants and provide you real-time insights into employee activity. 

Today, almost 80% of major companies use software to monitor employee behavior, internet usage, and productivity.  This specialized software help create set parameters for expected employee work patterns; they are also useful in detecting irregularities or deviations. Additionally, they can capture visual evidence from employee systems and provide alerts based on specific activities.

This review will be looking at ‘Workpuls,’ a premium employee monitoring and management software that offers real-time tracking and time mapping solutions, helping organizations improve productivity and optimize workflow.

 This review will cover the following points:

We shall also discuss how Workpuls soars over its competition and how businesses can use it for maximum results.

Workpuls – An overview

Workpuls is a modern-age Employee Monitoring Software that offers actionable insights on how employees perform during their work hours. It features several tools to monitor employee activity and analyze their productivity.

Workpuls was founded in 2015 and has its headquarter in the USA. Since its introduction, the software has gained widespread popularity worldwide, especially in Europe and North America, where it has helped several companies outshine their competition.

Workpuls is incredibly helpful for managers since it ensures that teams are on track with their work. Using this software, managers can track every employee’s computer activities and know which they are using websites and apps. The system also allows automatic capturing of screenshots from employee systems at fixed intervals to improve oversight and productivity. Managers can set the frequency of screenshots themselves and understand how employees are utilizing their work hours.


Workpuls is designed to primarily take care of a distributed workforce and ensure that they make the best use of their time. This application helps users track the time taken for any given task and improve employee focus. It features automatic time mapping that automatically assigns work based on projects, reducing the need for manual inputs. You can map each project’s progress through the application and integrate several applications with it to streamline organizational workflow. The application consists of the following modules:

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Employees
  • Projects
  • Teams
  • Time & Attendance
  • Apps & Websites
  • Email Reports
  • Settings (Admin Panel)

Workpuls features both online and offline time tracking and captures the time spent on the system automatically. Additionally, it features a payroll calculation and task tracking functionality. Using this software, managers can know what their teams are using applications and websites and how frequently they use it. Additionally, managers can label certain apps and websites as ‘productive,’ ‘unproductive,’ or ‘neutral’ based on a given team’s requirements.

Let us now look into the top features of this application and understand how organizations can benefit from it.

Key Features of Workpuls

Workpuls offers several features for employers and managers to quantify productivity, gain oversight, and manage projects. Let’s have a detailed look at the features that make it a popular choice among organizations worldwide.

  • Real-time, 360-degree Employee Tracking

Workpuls features an intelligent work monitoring functionality that helps you monitor your team members and determine their real-time work status. Not only can you track the URLs and apps visited by employees, but you can also find out the frequency of their visits and the amount of time spent on each website or app each day.


Additionally, Workpuls determine if employees are active or idle based on the activity from their keyboard or mouse clicks. This also helps in calculating the effective working hours for each employee.

Apps and Websites dashboard

Besides telling you exactly what an employee is doing right ‘now,’ Workpuls also provides a graphical representation of their productivity through several charts and graphs. You can check both individual usage and team usage through a pie chart, filter them, and also export the data at your convenience.

Apps and Websites view

Additionally, you can set multiple screen-capturing requests based on team requirements and view them at any given time. Workpuls offers multiple ways of tracking, depending on whether employees are using personal or company-owned computers: manual, automatic (based on working hours or the network the computer is connected to), unlimited or only while tracking time on projects and tasks

Screenshots view

All activities, including hourly screenshots, can be tracked automatically in company computers in stealth mode using this application. Workpuls also understands the need for privacy and allows turning off of screenshots for particular apps to secure sensitive data.

  • Team and Project Management

Workpuls helps you create an organizational database where you can group individual employees into teams and label them according to their role in the organization. Teams or specific employees can be given access to certain features according to the organizational hierarchy. 

This software also helps you keep track of project-related tasks and streamline them through time-tracking. Employees can also add manual entries for offline activities and get them approved by their managers. 

Managers can create new projects and tasks and assign them to employees based on their skillset. The priority level and deadline for each task can be set from within the system, ensuring that all tasks within a project are properly taken forward. 

Additionally, each project’s budget can be defined in the system, depending on the time and resources. The exact time spent on a task can also be calculated through a widget.

Using this software, managers can set the frequency of screenshots for teams or groups and receive alerts when productivity falls below a certain level. Workpuls also helps managers find out the most productive employee and create schedules based on their work patterns.

  • Time & Attendance Management

Workpuls makes manual clock-in and out a thing of the past. Instead, it utilizes employees’ computer activities to find out when they logged in to the system and calculate attendance. Employees can also view their present and past timesheets to keep track of their payroll and leaves. Depending on the settings, employees can also use the Workpuls widget to record breaks and clock-ins.

Time and Attendance dashboard

Managers can export all data about employees and create customized reports reflecting team attendance and productivity. The reports can also be sent to select recipients either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis automatically and can greatly minimize the efforts of managers.

  • User Management Settings

Workpuls also lets you maintain and manage organizational hierarchy by assigning special rights to certain users. It allows you to assign admin or manager rights to individual employees according to their name, email, role and features required. You can assign a team to a particular individual who will be responsible for their tasks and output.

Employees within a team can have a shared setting configured for their timings and breaks. Screenshots taken can also be based on employee roles and whether they are using a company computer or a personal one.

The Final Verdict

Workpuls packs a lot of useful features within its application that can help organizations monitor and improve employee performance. This application can help companies during periods like this when most employees are forced to work from home. Additionally, it has a very simple and user-friendly interface that helps you find what you are looking for in no time.

Workpuls single-handedly solves the three biggest problems faced by modern firms: managing a remote workforce, streamlining workflow, and improving productivity. However, considering the features it offers, the pricing is fairly reasonable. It offers per-employee pricing plans instead of price-caps, saving you a great deal of money and maximizing return on investment. 

Only a very few Employee Monitoring Software provides features like real-time visibility, website labeling, and custom email reporting with such affordable pricing, making Workpuls a must-have for any modern organization, be it big or small. It can significantly improve productivity, oversight, and control over your workforce, ensuring that they give their very best, and your business can reap maximum profits.

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