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Last updated: May 20, 2021

Global gatherings are shutting down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even more concentrated meetings are being forced to shift from physical spaces to a safer and flexible cloud environment. Besides, companies have mandated work from home for their employees. Seeing the work culture norm transitioning at a rapid pace, experts estimate that it would lead to a permanent shift in how people work.

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In the wake of these unprecedented times, companies are moving their business processes, meetings, and almost every possible thing online. Well, as we talk about online meetings, we see a sudden upsurge in demand for video conferencing tools. And, this brings us to the good news for companies that don’t have the budget set aside for a shift to video conferencing tools.

“Zadarma rolls out its new product – Video Conferencing free of charge.”

Yes, you hear it right!

Touted as the new generation of VoIP for businesses, Zadarma is an internet-based phone system provider. Known for its versatile VoIP solutions, it caters virtual phone numbers for 100 countries worldwide and also toll-free numbers. Besides, it comes with a robust set of features, including Call Forwarding, Callback, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Tracking, and more that makes communication and collaboration easier.

A Look Into Zadarma’s Video Conferencing Tool

Today, as millions are working from home, video conferencing tools have become the mainstream. More so, it is predicted that the trend is here to stay! Whether you need to have remote office meetings, take product demos, deal with partner and customer negotiations, participate in online education courses, or have frequent communication with friends and families distance apart, Zadarma video conferencing is here to suffice your every need, and that too at zero investment.

Built with a view to simplifying communication around the world, the Zadarma video conferencing tool provides you an interface that lets you forget those time-consuming, costly, and complicated systems you used earlier. Additionally, it operates seamlessly across devices, be it with your browsers, smartphones, laptops, or tablets. It is just the perfect solution that you would be searching for!

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How can you start a conference using zadarma video conferencing?

Well, it’s pretty simple!

All you need to do is sign into your Zadarma Account from your browser or the Zadarma App from your smartphone. It doesn’t require any separate server or additional utilities.

Steps to Follow

  • If you aren’t a Zadarma user, register yourself first
  • Sign in to Zadarma account
  • Create a Room
  • Copy the link
  • Share the link with all the participants

Thus, Zadarma requires only one participant to register. Rest of instantly gain access to the conference with the click on the link shared.

Notes for Participants

  • If participants are communicating through desktop, all they have to do is click on the link and join
  • If participants are communicating via smartphone or tablet, they need to install the Zadarma Conf iOS or Android App

Now that you have acquired a quick understanding of how Zadarma video conferencing functions, let’s move on and explore its features.

Prominent Features of Zadarma Video Conferencing

Below are a handful of features that you can leverage while using Zadarma video conferencing tool,

  • HD Quality

To ensure that none faces any trouble while hosting or attending a face-to-face conference, Zadarma provides HD quality video capabilities.

While discussing projects, analyzing reports, and making informed business decisions, remote teams need to stay on the same page. Zadarma enables the presenter to share his screen while the conference is going on and discuss crucial aspects effortlessly.

With Zadarma video conferencing, participants can share files seamlessly and collaborate to make decisions.

  • Messaging

Participants can chat internally during the conference and share their opinions via messages while ensuring that the speaker isn’t disturbed.

  • Video and Audio Encryption

Security is of prime importance, while businesses tend to discuss and share pivotal data and information while at a conference. Zadarma makes sure that each of the conversations is encrypted so that you can be at peace while utilizing the platform. 

While there are a multitude of video conferencing tools available on the market, what is it that makes Zadarma video conferencing stand apart? Let’s have a look!

How is zadarma video conferencing different from other such tools?

With Zadarma video conferencing, you can avail the below benefits,

  • It is available free of charge
  • Up to 100 participants can communicate simultaneously in a single video conference
  • Share screens, files, and links
  • Built-in chat for messaging
  • Set video quality for each participant
  • No time constraints for the conference time. Go on for hours and hours without any interruption
  • Immediate access for any device – be it PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Simple to use and easy to join
  • No need for a separate server

Summing Up

While video conferencing tools have become the need of the hour, considering the best that meets your business needs and budget is also essential. So, get started with an absolutely free video conferencing tool from Zadarma and leave your worries aside!

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