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Last updated: April 17, 2020

When it comes to deploying the most efficient and cost-effective telecommunication solutions, any business would have been informed about the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems. In this internet-driven era, it is most beneficial to have an internet telephony system. As it helps to stay productive while keeping costs down, it can trim an organization’s fat and streamlines its processes. 

Zadarma is touted as a new generation of VoIP for businesses. Businesses can leverage it without installing any heavy hardware or bearing wiring expenses. It is built to be set up within a few minutes.

Equipped with a plethora of business phone system features, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Callback, Conditional and Unconditional Call Forwarding, and many more powerful features, Zadarma enables businesses to save up to 90% of their expenditure made on a phone system. Besides, it offers virtual phone numbers for 100 countries; thus, helping businesses spread their wings globally at zero to minimal investment.

So, without a further ado, let’s quickly walk through the Zadarma software and gauge its compatibility for your business telecommunication needs.

A Detailed Overview of Zadarma

1. Dashboard

As soon as you log in to your Zadarma portal, you see a screen as below,


Right from their plan you have opted to a quick overview of your account activities, including the outgoing calls, billing details, virtual phone numbers, statistics, and more, it gives you a quick overview as you sign in into your account.

You can directly drill down to the values of the relative feature by clicking on the given buttons. For instance, clicking on ‘More News’ will redirect you to Zadarma’s news sections, where you can learn about its latest upgrades, new features, integrations, and more.

2. Services

Under this tab, you can access a range of Zadarma business telephony features. This includes,

  • Webphone

It enables you to place calls to your clients or customers right from your desktop or laptop. You can enter the number from the web dialer as shown below or choose from the contacts you have saved.


You can even add new contacts and browse the existing ones. Besides, a comprehensive log of the call records makes it easier for you to consume the data required before placing calls.

  • SMS

You can send SMS as well as view the message log here. It enables you to apply filters (like from/to dates) and determine the SMS log (i.e., the date, message, cost associated with it, etc.) for any specific number.

  • Callback

With Zadarma’s Callback service, you can make cost-effective calls abroad from your mobile phone or landline without having any internet connection. Yes, it connects their server to your phone number and, ultimately, the one to whom you want to call; thus, enabling you to make calls devoid of internet connection.

You can make the following types of Callback with Zadarma,

a. Callback from our site

Here, you need to enter your number and the number you wish to call

b. Initiate Callback request to a mobile phone

This option uses your mobile phone internet connection. All you require doing is entering your phone number and save. You will see a dialog box, where you will find links for the call.

Zadarma also empowers you to create a Callback widget, wherein you can customize settings like your working hours and more.

  • Order a Virtual Number

This service displays a list of countries for which you can buy the virtual numbers. You can view the connection as well as the monthly fees for a particular country. Zadarma even lets you search for a city or country from its search bar, as shown below,


You can also explore exclusive deals that Zadarma offers by scrolling down the page. If you find the best match for your business needs, you couldn’t be luckier.

Clicking on ‘Active Numbers’ enlists all the virtual numbers you have bought to date.

  • User Database Check

It is essential to determine that the client contacts you have are relevant and up-to-date. Making calls to every client turns out to be costly and time-consuming. So, to help businesses overcome this hurdle, Zadarma provides User Database Check that makes the verification process easy-breezy.

You can add up to 500 phone numbers manually under this tab. In addition to this, it also lets you upload your contact sheet in either of the following formats – xls, xlsx, csv, and ods. Besides, the file size must not be greater than 1MB, and it must not contain more than 5000 contacts.

Scrolling down will lead you to the phone number check and the price for it. You can also obtain a wholesale price for the same.

  • Call Tracking

For any business, it is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of its advertising channels. With Zadarma’s Call Tracking functionality, you can analyze the number of incoming calls to different phone numbers, call data, duration of the call, and more. With such data in hand, you can build your marketing strategies as well as make a more informed business decision.

There are two types of call tracking that you can leverage with Zadarma. These are,

a. Static Call Tracking

This enables you to determine where (banner, company card, catalog, etc.) the caller saw the information about your company when he placed the call.

b. Dynamic Call Tracking

It complements your online advertising approach. When a caller places a call, your system will provide you with complete customer behavior like his number of visits to your website, the sources, and much more.

  • ZCRM

ZCRM is a fully functional Customer Relationship Management software that comes integrated with Zadarma cloud PBX. Thus, it facilitates you to make or receive calls right from ZCRM with a single click. Besides, it allows you to create client cards and tasks, track your agents’ performance, get call statistics, and listen to the call recordings.

There are a few more CRM integrations that come along with Zadarma. However, each varies in the functionality it offers. You can choose to integrate either of them or even incorporate your own CRM module.

  • Video Conference

The advancement in tech tools has made physical meetings a thing of the past. Moreover, today, when businesses and clients are separated by cities and even countries, commuting long distances for meetings isn’t feasible. That is why the prominence of video conferencing flourished.

Zadarma is not behind in offering this functionality to its users. Yes, you can create a video conference of up to 100 participants and communicate seamlessly with your remote teams, partners, clients, and offices. The number of members you can add in a room depends on the bundle you have.

3. Settings

As the name suggests, you can manage your account from here. Right from your SIP connection to your virtual phone numbers and more, you can have personalized access to every feature that Zadarma offers.

4. Billing

This is where all your account activities billing details are stored. It supports payment in multiple currencies to make sure that making payments are no longer a hassle.

  • Statistics

You can get an overview of the Outgoing Call Statistics, analyze the costs associated, and create a report of the same. Zadarma even enables you to export the report for future reference.

  • Billing History

Here, you can determine the expenses made with respect to your virtual numbers, PBX services, and other services.

  • Affiliate Program

You can also enroll for Zadarma’s Affiliate Program and receive 10% from all of your referral’s top-ups. You can explore more about it on its website. 

Wrapping Up

With so many business phone system features to make communications flawless and effective, Zadarma helps you take your business to another level. Its ability to connect with different CRM solutions ensures faster connection.

Its freemium model gives you access to a costless base system. Except for your virtual numbers and outgoing calls, you can utilize each of its features for free. Additionally, it supports 5 languages and multiple currencies to make sure you face no troubles.

You can explore more about Zadarma on its website or its SoftwareSuggest Profile Page.

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