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Last updated: June 23, 2020

Seamless inventory management is vital to keep your business running smoothly. No organization wants to deal with inventory shortfalls, disruptions in the supply chain, and delays in customer deliveries. This is precisely why companies are leveraging the power of technology to manage their inventory-related tasks.

So, how exactly can businesses look after their inventory chain in the current digitized environment? It’s simple – invest in a reliable inventory management software to automate repetitive tasks and boost operational efficiency.

Now, while this may seem to be simple, it’s quite challenging. The market is flooded with several diverse inventory management tools, and it isn’t easy to choose the perfect platform for your business requirements.

So, to make the decision a bit easier for you, we have reviewed the leading inventory management solutions in the market – ZapERP. It can help your organization control inventory, manage orders, and gain crucial business insights. Check out the detailed review to know more.

Introduction to ZapERP

A multi-channel software, ZapERP, is an all-inclusive inventory management platform. It helps e-commerce organizations manage their order fulfillment, accounting, and inventory through one unified platform.

ZapERP is a real asset as it is a holistic solution that keeps data in sync through a single dashboard. Trusted by more than 2000 customers worldwide, ZapERP ensures that organizations spend less time on tedious inventory-related tasks and more time on strategic business goals. It has a diverse range of innovative features that boost productivity and automate repetitive tasks.

An intuitive and user-friendly system, ZapERP integrates with leading e-commerce portals for secure data sharing and team collaboration. Multi-language support and a super responsive customer service team make ZapERP stand apart from business rivals. Let’s now get a detailed insight into some of its essential business features.

introduction to zaperp

Salient Features of ZapERP

1. Inventory Control

ZapERP has fantastic inventory management features that allow you to manage stock across multiple channels, warehouses, and stores. Your firm can sell on Amazon, eBay or Flipkart, or a personalized website using Woo-Commerce, Shopify, or Magneto – ZapERP will ensure that your inventory and orders remain in sync.

ZapERP makes sure to update the inventory levels for all online channels automatically. Hence, the same inventory level will reflect in your warehouse, POS, offline retail store, or mobile.

Users can set the minimum stock level for each item and create an automatic purchase order from the external vendor. ZapERP can also track batches of items and monitor their expiry dates to minimize loss due to dead stock.

ZapERP reduces the workload by automatically purchasing items based on past historical trends and backorders. Intelligent algorithms that determine accurate purchase orders back the system and help in tackling future requirements and keeping working capital free.

zaperp inventory control

2. Single Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Integrations

ZapERP has a simple in-built Point-of-Sale that can be used to create faster orders in offline stores. It makes it easy to collect cash or process card payments, and generate the invoice instantly. The Barcode scanner can be used to add items directly to the POS. This saves time and enhances operational efficiency.

zaperp single point of sale pos and inventory integrations

Robust inventory integrations ensure the 2-way sync of all products and orders seamlessly in the sales channel and ZapERP system.

  • E-commerce Integrations: Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Magneto, ZapSeller, and BigCommerce.
  • Online Marketplace Integrations: Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and Etsy.

3. Order Management

ZapERP is a useful inventory management software that can monitor and fulfill orders through a centralized platform. It helps users to create sales orders, quotations, purchase orders, bills, and invoices, without any hassle. Users can automatically generate purchase orders, send them to the vendor, and convert them directly to bills.

zaperp order management

ZapERP also allows users to manage custom price lists in multiple currencies for different customer groups (wholesale or retail), product categories, and geographical regions. The custom price lists can be viewed in multiple currencies for faster and smoother transactions. ZapERP enables users to view back-orders and manage pre-orders from a single platform, making it easy to manage all transactions smoothly.

4. Warehouse Management

ZapERP is extremely helpful in managing various inventory items across warehouses. Intuitive barcode scanning system aids in tracking the real-time movement of inventory and enhances visibility.

ZapERP streamlines the process of delivering items to clients and fulfilling orders. Once a sales order is created, it makes sure that the item is dispatched from the nearest warehouse. It largely cuts down on the delivery time, reduces the total cost involved, and saves extra effort.

zaperp warehouse management

5. Purchase Management

ZapERP is the ideal solution that can help businesses know how much stock they have to avoid wrong purchasing. Users can create, edit, and email purchase orders, receivables, and bills. It automatically maps products to the most preferred vendors and auto-generates purchase orders.

zaperp purchase management

ZapERP does not leave any scope for error, as users receive an instant notification if the stock levels dip below the minimum reorder level. It makes it easy to configure item group SKUs (stock-keeping units), to make bulk purchases to maintain required quantity levels. ZapERP is a holistic solution that helps managers in demand forecasting, inventory optimization, reorder level management, and sales predictions.

6. B2B Order Management

ZapERP provides a unified portal for B2B (business-to-business) clients where they can log in and create orders. B2B customers can make bulk orders quickly and use the client portal for streamlined communication.

zaperp b2b order management

Each client or vendor can be assigned a separate portal to track their pricing, transaction history, product stock level, and more. ZapERP helps B2B users to monitor the performance of various performance parameters so that they can take proactive action to boost results.

7. CRM, Payments and Reports

ZapERP has a simple in-built CRM that enables users to store all customer, vendor, and supplier information. It automatically syncs all customer transactions, such as purchases and returns history.

Payment is a breeze with ZapERP as it integrates with various payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, RazorPay, etc. It minimizes delays in payments as users can share invoices with a direct link to make payment.

zaperp crm payments and reports

Reporting is another powerful feature of ZapERP. Managers can get real-time insights into the movement of stock. It is possible to quickly generate a sales report of the best-selling products and drill down to get sales history and order reports by customer, product, channel, location, or more. Users can create inventory -on-hand reports and sales reorder reports to know the current status of stock. Reports help in audit control, and users can also receive instant notifications to alert them about the overall health of the business.

zaperp reports

8. Accounting Integrations

ZapERP easily integrates with many accounting integrations to help businesses manage their finances, taxes, and compliances. Users can streamline cash flows by setting single or recurring invoices and connect with multiple third-party payment gateways. ZapERP integrates with some of the most popular business applications, such as Xero, QuickBooks, Tally, Zapier, and Gmail. These accounting integrations automate accounting processes and boost operational efficiency.

zaperp accounting integrations

9. Invoicing

ZapERP helps users craft functional invoices and bills so that they can receive faster payments from clients. The system contains numerous in-built invoice templates that can be personalized to suit business style. Users can easily integrate with their favorite invoicing application for better functionality. ZapERP also enables tax customization for industry-specific requirements to ensure compliance.

zaperp invoicing

10. Shipping Management

ZapERP ensures seamless shipping management as it integrates with leading shipping providers that include USPS, UPS, Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, and Australia Post. Users can generate customized shipping labels from packing slips, and also calculate the real-time shipping costs before it is sent to the final customer.

ZapERP allows users to track shipments and returns, thus minimizing in-transit losses. ZapERP integrates with 3rd party shipment providers such as ShipStation, EasyPost, ShipRocket, Shyplite, Aftership and VamaShip, thus simplifying the shipping process.

zaperp shipping management

11. Packaging

ZapERP enables users to apply bulk print or use their phone to pick each customer’s order through scanning. It is a smart tool that can help users pinpoint where any item is located in the warehouse. It can seamlessly sort items shelf-wise, according to the warehouse and automatically print the packing slips. ZapERP can set up the shipping rates as per shipping methods based on the region or zone. It enhances visibility by tracking shipments and returns, thus reducing business losses.

zaperp sales order

The Final Verdict

If you are overwhelmed with managing inventory, and unable to deliver results to customers, it is time to consider ZapERP. It is a comprehensive solution to all your inventory management needs. ZapERP enables managers to gain a complete inventory overview in warehouses and helps in tracking stock right from purchase to sale.

ZapERP has excellent functionality, and it has user-friendly features. Users can operate all functions through a powerful mobile app that is available on Android and iOS, thereby enhancing mobility. Seamless integration with leading e-commerce portals, multi-language support, and an easily accessible customer support team make ZapERP a winner in inventory management software.

So, go right ahead and invest in ZapERP. It is a one-stop solution for all your inventory management, order fulfillment, accounting, and shipping needs. Getting ZapERP will surely prove to be an intelligent business decision that will increase all bottom-line results exponentially!

For more information, you may either visit the website of ZapERP or its SoftwareSuggest Profile Page.

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