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Last updated: September 2, 2020

As we usher into an era of digital dependence, most businesses are adopting an E-commerce model. Selling online gives organizations access to a broad audience base and eliminates the need to maintain a physical storefront.

While bigger organizations can manage the transition smoothly, small to mid-sized firms often face serious difficulties. They do not have the technical expertise, finances, and digital infrastructure to set up virtual operations. Many small businesses do not have the time required to set up digital services and are clueless about maintaining inventory and handling functions such as billing or logistics.

So, what’s the solution? Simple – just invest in an automated platform that can help you set up an online store in a few quick steps! ZapSeller is one such example, as it is a leading scalable E-commerce software for growing businesses. Let’s delve deeper and find out more about this dynamic E-commerce system.

ZapSeller – What It’s All About

An intuitive and robust platform, ZapSeller is the ideal tool for organizations looking to take their business online. It helps businesses launch their virtual store, list products, and diversify operations smoothly. In-built with numerous powerful features such as POS, analytics, shipment tracking, website development, marketing, and SEO management, ZapSeller is indeed a comprehensive and all-inclusive E-commerce solution.

With ZapSeller, companies can build a robust website, add product categories, and start selling to a wide range of customers. It is also useful for businesses that have already established online operations, as it can help them improvise their selling strategy and make changes in the operational structure.

ZapSeller is a step ahead of most E-commerce platforms. It provides an integrated approach and caters to all aspects of setting up an online store or website for businesses. It is user-friendly and can be easily used by people with limited technical knowledge. A smart tool to convert your offline store to online mode, investing in ZapSeller will prove to reap long-term benefits for all kinds of organizations and enhance bottom-line results.

Salient Features of ZapSeller

As you login to ZapSeller, you are greeted with an interactive dashboard that displays all vital metrics at a glance. It enables managers to drill down deep and analyze key performance indicators to understand what’s going on in all major functional areas.

While the dashboard is designed to enhance decision making and keep important information accessible to all stakeholders, ZapSeller also has tons of innovative features that make it stand apart. Here are the significant features that differentiate ZapSeller from the existing E-commerce market variants and boost operational efficiency: 

1. B2B and B2C E-Commerce Shop

One of the best aspects of ZapSeller is that it empowers organizations to set up online B2B E-commerce stores. It supports B2B and B2C models and provides a platform where wholesalers can display their products, directly receive orders from retailers, and ship the consignment to them. This integrates the entire wholesale and retail channel in one interface seamlessly.

ZapSeller supports multiple types of products, such as downloadable products, subscription-based products, and service products. Hence, users can even list tuition classes or gym memberships on the E-commerce platform for widening audience reach.

2. Shopping Cart Management

ZapSeller enables users to simplify shopping cart management to increase sales and revenues. The cart page is a crucial component of any online website, as it is the portal through which customers complete their purchase transactions. With ZapSeller, you can design the cart page in an optimized manner to be navigated easily by users.


ZapSeller aims to reduce abandonment rates by sending automated reminders to customers about pending items in their shopping cart. You can win back customers’ attention who abandoned their carts by sending them personalized emails at frequent intervals. This will significantly boost overall sales targets and also help in better customer engagement.

3. In-Built POS

With ZapSeller, your POS is not confined to just one single spot; rather, organizations can boost sales by capturing financial transactions with ease. It has an in-built point of sales system that processes in-person transactions and accepts payments quickly. The best part about ZapSeller’s POS solution is that it also works in offline mode with auto-sync.


An integrated POS offers vast benefits to users. It enables customers to browse products in-store or online and transfer payments directly to the vendor’s business accounts. It boosts sales and helps to complete orders, even without a barcode scanner.

4. Secure Payment Integration

E-commerce platforms need to integrate with a number of payment gateways to provide a smooth customer experience. ZapSeller doesn’t disappoint and integrates with leading secure payment processors such as RazorPay, PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, and Instamojo.

zapseller payment

Seamless payment integration with so many reputed payment gateways ensures that customers always have an option to choose from the best. This increases the chances of a successful sale, and they rarely leave without completing a transaction!

5. Multi-Vendor MarketPlace

Perhaps the most potent feature of ZapSeller, a multi-vendor marketplace, enables businesses to collaborate with other merchants by providing an online platform. Users can customize the market and register other vendors as sellers to list their various products and services. ZapSeller provides vendors a ready-made platform to display their products, engage with audiences, and sell effectively.


With access to a multi-vendor marketplace, ZapSeller users can streamline their product and inventory management. You may choose to charge commissions from vendors based on their product or hierarchy categories or a flat fixed rate. Customers can view all seller prices for a specific product, compare deals, and select the most valuable proposition. It’s a win-win situation for both customers and sellers all the way!

6. Themes and Designs

Aesthetic appeal is a significant component of any online store. Zapseller allows users to create a personalized store that tells a unique story. Users can choose from over 100+ eCommerce template designs and upgrade themes as they grow the store. To kickstart the store design process, ZapSeller provides access to these three themes:

  • Default Theme

zapseller theme

  • Modern Theme

zapseller theme

  • Smart Theme

zapseller theme

All the themes are fully customizable, and users can add new elements to match their online store’s vibe. They can integrate the latest design attributes and responsive technology to provide an exceptional and memorable customer experience.

7. SEO Management

Content is king. Well-framed and concise content is essential for the success of any online store. ZapSeller enables users to enhance search engine optimization to make their store rank higher on Google and other popular search engines. The online store builder has an in-built blogging platform where sellers can release fresh content about their products and engage with online audiences.

Another differentiating factor about ZapSeller is that it empowers sellers to connect with customers through social media channels. Users can set up a Facebook store in a couple of clicks, and manage all their orders, inventory, and payments through the ZapSeller dashboard. It boosts digital presence and improves the visibility of all your products exponentially in the long run.


8. Order Fulfillment and Shipment

With ZapSeller, you can efficiently manage orders from physical stores and websites. It enables users to track the order status, and shipments, right from the dispatch stage to final delivery. ZapSeller streamlines all crucial logistics and helps store owners maintain inventory levels so that there is no disruption in operations. 


ZapSeller allows organizations to turn stores into mini distribution centers and unified orders and inventory across multiple channels. It ensures that shipments are monitored end-to-end and process refunds, returns, and cancellations from a single portal.

9. Reporting and Analytics

Great reporting capabilities is one of the prime reasons that ZapSeller is so popular. It enables users to check out the top-selling products and the performance of their E-commerce store. ZapSeller allows users to create daily, weekly or monthly reports on the number of orders and even help identify the customers who contributed the most to sales.


With ZapSeller, users can easily export reports and reduce manual work. There are many in-built report templates, and users can use filters to drill down deep. These reports and analytical tools empower E-commerce store owners to make better decisions and accelerate growth by providing business insights.


The Final Verdict

ZapSeller is a holistic e-commerce solution that can help businesses sell efficiently. It is a flexible platform that can streamline all aspects of online selling. Here are some smart reasons to give ZapSeller a shot:

  • It’s a cost-effective solution that can be afforded by all kinds of businesses.
  • Highly scalable, ZapSeller is flexible and can accommodate the requirements of a growing business.
  • Quick and easy setup, low maintenance, and zero transaction fee.
  • Customizable store themes and designs for better aesthetics.
  • Round the clock dedicated and responsive support team. 
  • Integrated security features that prevent online frauds.

Don’t miss out on ZapSeller – it’s a must-have asset for E-commerce organizations. It has an intuitively navigable interface that is user-friendly and ideal for even beginners with no prerequisite of technical knowledge. A long-term investment, ZapSeller, can help to channelize sales and boost revenues. So, go ahead and try it out to soar ahead of the competition and increase all key bottom-line parameters!

To know more about ZapSeller, check out its website or its SoftwareSuggest Product profile page.

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