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If you are looking for the best small business accounting software for your organization – stop your search at Zoho Books. This all-inclusive accounting software will completely handle all your financial accounting, inventory management and filing of GST returns with ease. This dynamic financial software is best-suited for small to medium organizations and is packed with a wide range of utility features.

One of the most popular small business accounting software providers, Zoho Books is extremely user-friendly, and its visual dashboard can give you all the information you require at a glance. The Zoho Books mobile app is also a must-have as it’s sure to give users a seamless experience in every possible manner!

So, what exactly makes Zoho Books the best accounting software available on the market today? Let’s have a detailed look at its beneficial features:


Zoho Books is the perfect solution provider for all your accounting needs. It provides complete round the clock access to your profit & loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. It also can manage your organization’s inventory levels and set the reorder points to replenish stock levels when they drop below a certain point.

The best aspect about this simplistic financial software is that it completely automates all your accounting, hence no more lengthy manual calculations – you can reduce the manpower of your accounts department and witness a sea of positive change in your accounting system!


If you want automated banking on your fingertips; Zoho Books should be the accounting software platform that you choose for your business. You can connect your bank and credit/debit cards for all your routine transactions to get fully automated. It has the ability to keep a record of all financial transactions such as expenses and debts so that they can be accessed at a later time. Zoho Books also makes sure you receive automatic bank feeds, and get the latest alerts/notifications to keep you updated on your banking history. This accounting software surely a great way to handle all your banking needs in a comprehensive way!


Zoho Books is definitely going to make your invoicing a stress-free experience! It provides you with a number of multi-currency templates and they can be completely customized according to your preferences for optimum functioning. The multi-currency invoices are tremendously useful for global selling and simplify the entire process. It’s the ideal way to keep all your invoicing worries at bay – Zoho Books has templates that come with payment reminders and payment thank you notes to make sure your invoicing is streamlined efficiently.


Creating analytical and well-prepared reports is a cumbersome task for any business organization. Zoho Books helps you stay on the top of your reporting game by facilitating the generation of sales and purchase reports, reimbursement tracking and financial statements through the click of a button! Real-time reporting by Zoho Books gives an accurate picture of the current status of accounts and these reports can be accessed from anywhere either through a web or a mobile application. This revolutionary small business accounting software is certainly the ideal choice for making multi-dimensional and detailed reports holistically.

Beyond Accounting

It’s not only all about accounting with Zoho Books – rather there is a host of miscellaneous features that can really be advantageous for your business. It can be used to send quotations, add recurring tasks, billing, and reminders. Zoho Books can also provide role-based access that lets you work securely with diverse work teams like your accountants and colleagues without any additional user fees. It utilizes advanced work-flow management modules to maximize productivity levels of the workforce & streamline company processes. The collaborative client portal by Zoho Books stores all critical client-related information which is easily accessible at all times.

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Let’s now delve deeper into a few aspects about Zoho Books to get a clear understanding of this multi-dimensional software.

small business accounting software

A multi-dimensional cloud-based accounting platform- Zoho Books is accessible from Mac, Windows, and Linux, and its mobile app is available in the playstore and iTunes.

Security is a key issue and Zoho Books ensures that extreme measures are taken to protect sensitive company data. It is secured using TLS 1.2 protocol encryption, 256 bit/128 bit keys and SHA 256 certificates.

Languages Supported:
Zoho Books provides multilingual software that is available in all major international languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Dutch.

Global Presence:
A leader in the market, Zoho has a strong worldwide presence with functional offices in USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, India & Singapore.

Market Reviews and Ratings:
Zoho Books has got very high ratings and good reviews from a number of expert analysts and leading firms, thereby making it a popular choice amongst users. Playstore has given it a high 4.3 out of 5, whereas top ten has given Zoho Books a high 9.6 out of 10, showcasing its dominance in the market.

Zoho Books is an extremely cost-effective financial software that will escalate your business efficacy to unprecedented heights! It also provides a free 14-day trial that allows users to familiarize themselves with the features of the software and implement it in their existing business. It has 3 different packages for US-based organizations and for Indian organizations, it is Rs. 2499 a year inclusive of GST.

Zoho Books Pricing

Zoho Books Add Ons

Bottom Line

Fully customizable – Zoho Books allows you to integrate layers of functionality to support the most unique and diverse business models.

So, if want your GST compliant invoices, financial reports, tax calculations, and tax returns all completed without any hassle, make sure to invest in Zoho Books – the best accounting software that will holistically cater to all your accounting requirements.

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